ChannelSale Multi Channel eCommerce Platform empowers online retailers to sell more with ease and efficiency across 200+ major
online shopping sites globally such as Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping Engines, Social Shopping Sites and Affiliate Networks.

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17 Steps To Get Your Customers ‘Head Over Heels’ When Reviewing Your Products

14/07/2018 by admin | No Comments

Did you know that 92 percent of consumers now read online reviews? Or that 84 percent of them trust such customer generated contents just as much as their friends? These numbers very well outline just how important of a role reviews and ratings come to play in the success of a business today. For online […]

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Comparison Shopping Engines

04/07/2018 by admin | No Comments

Thousands of online vendors are swearing by comparison shopping engines. Many of them even claim that this was the lost piece in their puzzle that they have long been looking for to boost their sales. In fact, even numbers and facts fairly justify their big words, easily establishing that if you are to grow and […]

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Level up your e-commerce game with ChannelSale shopping feed solutions

29/06/2018 by admin | No Comments

It’s an uphill battle for multi-channel vendors. Influenced by unmatched goals to sell big and grow their business to the next level, they also have to face many challenges on the way. Many fail, some survive. Not so surprisingly, the ones that survive are also the smart decision-makers who, not necessarily the most intelligent, knows […]

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A Definite Guide to a Pricing Strategy That Slays Competition and Appeal Customers

04/06/2018 by admin | No Comments

There’s a general misconception among online sellers—customers love cheap-priced products. When looked broadly, this claim might look quite fitting. But ‘broadly looking’ is also a gateway to make big blunders. So, when running a business, you must look at things more scrutinizingly, with the practical application of cause and effect theory. Online shoppers look for […]

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Product Listing on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and More- Practical Tips and Best Practices

11/05/2018 by admin | No Comments

For online vendors, the real battle is won or lost in the product listing. It is at this stage does it becomes evident how effective and fitting would be the selling strategy. Get this wrong and your whole dream of selling big can fall flat—even with thousands poured in marketing. An important part, in the […]

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What Makes Walmart Partner API Irresistible

09/05/2017 by admin | No Comments

The partner API system of has been attracting the attention of sellers mostly those that have been taken for a ride by complex and rather incomprehensive systems offered by many otherwise promising marketplaces. Third party sellers in Walmart online marketplace have in fact, confessed that the entire process of establishing productive presence in the […]

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Otherwise Content Amazon Sellers Usually Complain About These Shortcomings

04/05/2016 by admin | No Comments

Many e commerce sellers and researchers are into believing that seller central users in Amazon are usually the pampered lot. The latter however agree to disagree. It will not be entirely wrong to say that no seller solution per se is complete in itself even if it offers a flood of benefits that other solutions […]

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5 Tips to Become a Top Seller on Amazon

02/03/2016 by admin | No Comments

Amazon is a huge marketplace on the web, and many big as well as individual sellers are finding success with the platform. In only a few years, it has become a trusted name among online shoppers. If you wish to become a top-rated seller on Amazon, the following 5 tips can be assistive for you. […]

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Hello world!

22/08/2013 by admin | 1 Comment

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Top 10 Reasons how Tumblr can help in Ecommerce Blogging

21/08/2013 by admin | No Comments

When it comes to tracing out a social blogging platform and reaching out to the people in the best possible way, Tumblr will have a number of thumbs-up. The popularity of Tumblr made Yahoo to acquire it for a whopping $1.1 billion. It has been six years that Tumblr has been soaring in popularity and […]

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ChannelSale Is Launched!

04/11/2011 by admin | No Comments

For an event that took three years of planning, dedicated work and consistent application, the launch of ChannelSale was a relatively quiet affair. I doubt though the quietness will remain so for some time. With our revolutionary pricing, attractive packages and whole gamut of facilities for online merchants, we are in a position to change […]

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