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12 smartest ways to win over an online shopper

Steve Burns Posted On - February 15, 2012

12 ways to win over an online shopper
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You spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to attract a customer to your site. Dozens of hours of strategy plans have gone into attracting this potential customer to your site. He/She is now on your site. How will you win over this potential customer and make him/her a paying customer? Here are 12 ways that will contribute to higher conversions on your site – so that the dollars you spend on attracting customers to your site are not wasted.

1. The more you tell, the more you sell

Content is king in the information age. The more you tell about the product you offer, the more are your chances make a sale. Tell more, but tell the facts, not fancy verbiage. Use simple language and structure your communication in an easy manner. Understand your audience and your product and calibrate your communication accordingly.

2. Be aggressive in your pricing

Pricing your product right is one of the key elements in completing the sale. Remember it is the age of the comparison shopping engines – browsers would have researched the price before attempting to purchase online. So keep your prices low and attractive. If it is right, your chances of sale are bright!

3. Use a Bait and then await

Offer something for free – or have a special promotional offer that delivers great value for money. Special promotional offers are a great bait to attract customers to your website. What you lose by way of your margin will be more than made up by the volume you handle.

4. Open the gate, then navigate

Once you have successfully attracted the customer to your website, treat him with easy to use, intuitive navigation that tells him where he is and how to go where he needs to go. Don’t construct a labyrinth. Everything must be accessible at a minimum number of clicks.

5. Easy entry, easier checkouts

A simple, quick checkout process is key to completing the sale and avoiding dropouts at this stage. A convoluted checkout process is a sure way to turning off customers.

6. Choose to pay, anyway

Offer customers a range of payment options – credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal, Google Checkout etc. The more the choice, the more the probability of converting the customer. In countries where credit card usage is low, it will make sense to offer Cash on Delivery.

7. Broadcast the voice of the customer

Customer reviews are a great asset to any e commerce website. A good product or checkout review will definitely encourage other online shoppers. But even a properly addressed critical review will help in building trust, a key element in ensuring continuing online sales.

8. Buyers need to look before they book

A good description will take you half way, but to complete the sale, you need to have great pics of the product. A three dimensional view of the product will be a good convincer. A normal shopper uses his eyes, and his hands to take the buying decision – that is the look and feel. Given the fact that the feel is ruled out in the online experience, emphasize the look.

9. Designs sell – Good designs sell more

A well designed website is a great selling tool. Make sure you have great functionality, easy navigation, and an overall ambience that puts the buyer in the “purchasing mode”. Check out the competition – emulate the approach of top selling websites and improve on them.

10. Know your customer, just enough

Be discreet about the information you collect from the customer and be even more discreet about how you use it. Customers are entitled to some privacy, so collect just the amount of information you require, not the amount you would desire.

11. Be clear about your shipping charges

In a store, the buyer pays his transport before he comes, in online shopping it is charged on purchase as shipping charges. Offer free or discounted shipping where possible and be clear when you state your price that is inclusive/exclusive of shipping charges. High shipping charges spoil the online buying experience, especially if the customer were not aware of this in the first place. If your free shipping is restricted to a certain geographical area, be clear and upfront about it. Be Price Wise.

12. Attract traffic, Sell and then Cross Sell

There is no harm recommending other allied products to buyers when they are in the process of checkout. The famous “People who bought this product also looked at….. “ is a line that helps. But do not bother him with needless and unrelated ads and extraneous information. Those are a sure turn off and the cause of a lot of check out period dropouts, and abandoned shopping carts.

One more tip to complete the bakers dozen…

Be consistent in your sales process improvement process. Keep that endeavor constantly active. Keep a record of what worked and what didn’t and soon you will have your own – workable best practices for online success in e-tailing.

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