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Marketplace strategies: Best practices in “e shop keeping”

Steve Burns Posted On - April 27, 2012

Market place strategies: Best practices in “e shop keeping”
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E- tailing is as old as Amazon. And Amazon is a 17 year old teenager. Yet, unlike most teenagers, it is comparatively easy to deal with Amazon and other shopping marketplaces Ebay, Sears,, Newegg and more. But, it does require you to learn how to deal with them through technology. E tailing requires radically different practices as compared to any other means of selling. It uses the same old principles of selling – visibility, variety, special offers, competitive pricing and short queues and fast checkouts. But the means of achieving each of these are radically different. These are technology based means of visibility, special offers, pricing, and fast check outs.

What are the best practices in e tailing? How do you ensure that you get maximum sale for the buck you spend on promotion across different market places?

Here are some answers that are general in nature and specifically available in one platform to access multiple market places – ChannelSale.

Pre Sale Clarification – While it is still possible to set up your product feeds in each channel separately and manage it at your end, it is time consuming and cumbersome.
It is the equivalent of sending individual mails to your potential customers, when there is a mass mailer platform available. So this blog considers that you will be using a multi-channel platform to manage and monitor your campaigns across different market places.

Best practices to enhance the ROI of your marketing across market places Amazon, Ebay, Sears,, Newegg and more

Stock before you sell – Inventory management in modern e-tailing

ChannelSale platform allow you to manage your inventory across different market places from one interface- This is much easier than individually going to each market place and placing your inventory data on them. ChannelSale platform also allows you to define the product options – color, size, model and variant etc. You can customize the requirements of inventory across different channels depending on the past history of sales in each, and you can at will change these to meet dynamic surges in sales. You can also share inventory across multiple channels so that a customer will never get turned away due to a stock out.

Stock your store shelves – Visibility in modern e tailing

Multi-Channel Platform ChannelSale offer you a one screen interface to place your product feeds in multiple channels. Manage aspects like listing duration, frequency and type of listing- fixed price or auction (for example). You can create a single schedule that can be applied to a batch of market place listings.
You can also block your feed on stock outs or when you have exhausted your inventory- so as to ensure that the display is always relevant and does not waste the time of the shopper. You can also custom design your offerings in market place listings.
You will also get displays of a batch of errors that occur and understand the cause in simple and easy to understand manner.

Rapid Checkouts – Payment in the modern e-tailing business

A good checkout experience wherein the online customer is able to manage his shipping and payment with minimal fuss is the key to have him become a repeat customer. ChannelSale offers you flexible shipping options such as weight, quantity or the order subtotal or market place orders. The platform also allows you to communicate with the buyer regularly thus keeping them engaged and loyal.
Calculus Reports – Post sale Analytics – per store, per product per time frame
Be on top of your marketing campaigns across market places with ChannelSale Calculus Reports. These reports are well presented with graphical renditions that help you analyze performance across channels at one shot. It will deliver insights on consumer behavior and enable you to tweak your campaigns to maximize the returns. Compare the percentage wise conversion and traction across different marketplaces and discover which channel is contributing what to your revenue kitty. You can also view performance across different time frames and across different marketplaces.

Benefit from managed services

Why do it yourself when you have a ready platform that will improve your efficiency, improve your knowledge with actionable information? The ChannelSale Managed Service offers you a one stop shop that will efficiently manage your campaign across multiple market places and ensure high profitability without charging you an arm and a leg.

Market places often change their data feed algorithm and this has an immediate impact on your visibility and conversions. We keep track of these changes and ensure that you benefit from the latest merchandising opportunities thrown up by different channels. We keep up with trends and ensure consistent visibility of your products.

These are some of the success strategies you need to deploy when conducting your marketing and promotional campaign across different market places.

To know more or explore the possibilities that ChannelSale offers you, do call us for a demo. 
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