2013 Sales Strategies for Online Retailers

Steve Burns Posted On - January 1, 2013

2013 Sales Strategies for Online Retailers
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The dawn of the new year for the online retailers infuses them with the spirit to satiate their existing customer base year long and add new valuable customers. The sales strategies to win over the customers need to be framed with strategical thinking in tune with the prevailing and emerging marketing trends.

Popularity of Mobile Devices to Soar High 

Mobile devices enable the users to access web anytime, at any place. For ensuring a satisfying browsing experience, retailers must optimize their site for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and the like. A simple, intuitive navigation will pave way for higher conversion rate, sales volume and increased e-commerce revenue. You must cash in the trend of increasing use of mobile devices by the customers to shop online. Tap the potential of tablets, iPads and smartphones to the fullest in 2013 and observe substantial sales growth.

Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns 

As a retailer, you need to take care every aspect of your business. Marketing campaigns need proper automated data feed optimization, submission, and effective management of your wide array of products. Leveraging your category management capabilities is essential for ensuring increase in consumer shopping basket size. The expertise of ChannelSale platform will help you to optimize your products across several marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks and CSEs.

Peeping into the Social Media Trends in 2013 

Social media is one of the resourceful platforms for the retailers to exploit. The current parameters of measuring user engagement in the social media platforms- ‘Fans’, ‘Followers’, ‘Likes’ need to be revamped in more meaningful metrics. It can be tracking the number of positive comments received about a business, coming up with new modes of making people to participate and other effective strategies. It, in turn, will help in adding more value to your business.

  • Share attention-grabbing content to stand out from brands hit by the storm of ‘un-liking,’ ‘un-follow.’
  • Create a buzz about your online presence so that social media influence buying decisions of the customers leading to increase in social sales
  • Make strategical plans for effective social profiling for enhanced communication and customer interaction

Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations 

Focus on the 3 R’s; Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations as these will have greater purchasing impact in 2013. The conversion rate is likely to increase as global consumers will bank more on the online customer reviews and ratings. Recommendations and opinions of family, friends in social media helps the interested buyers to trust a brand.

Retailers must build on Behavioral Science of Consumers 

You must have valuable insights about the thought pattern and purchasing demands of your target mass. Assessing rightly the attitude, buying patterns and the factors inducing customers to take the prompt buying action can help in catapulting your sales number. Reading the psychology of the customers in a niche is crucial to maximize your reach and attract a new base of customers.

Effective Video Marketing 

Maximize the use of high-definition video to market your products and services more convincingly. Editing the video so that it streams smoothly both on the mobile devices, desktops and laptops is crucial. Sharing it in social media will let your brand to hog the limelight, create brand awareness.

Discounts and Free Samples are always Fetching 

Online shoppers compare products pricing, specifications, check out product reviews and the hot deals in different comparison shopping engines to make the best buy. Handsome discounts, free products and money-saving deals always entice the customers to take the buying initiative and this traditional way of luring customers is here to stay!


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