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Retail Mobile Apps is offering the Boost to Mobile Commerce

Steve Burns Posted On - May 29, 2013

Retail Mobile Apps is offering the Boost to Mobile Commerce
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This is the era of technology where high-end gadgets, plethora of applications keep people occupied. Mobile commerce is moving at a racy speed and it is one of the fastest growing retail segments. Mobile applications have a far reaching appeal among the e-shoppers as buying becomes a much more simplified process. Mobile apps make the online buyers to easily engage in multi-tasking. The market research, analysis and the reports of the recent surveys show how mobile commerce will rise from approx $2 billion in 2013 to $62 billion in the coming five years as the sales figure. Mobile applications will chip in with its role to make mobile commerce grow in leaps and bounds.

E-Shoppers Fond of the Mobile Retail Apps

Now the nature of online shopping has become ubiquitous- kudos, to the high-end smartphones and the mobile devices that are being rolled out. The top-notch application analytics firms report about the popularity of the retail mobile apps among the Android and the iOS users. The online buyers are more prone to using retail shopping apps that provide price comparison assistance ad good support for completing the e-shopping journey.

The Easier creation of the Mobile Retail Apps

The mobile, retail apps are easy to make and the Apache Cordova project, Adobe’s PhoneGap framework and the other technical platforms and features help in offering a pleasant experience to the interested buyers. The platform-specific apps work wonders helping the retailers to achieve their goal of making the buyers to browse through the voluminous inventory of products, select the products and then engaging in the buying spree. Sometimes many retailers pay a developer for creating a custom-made application which becomes higher on their pocket.

Developing Mobile Apps do not need much brain-storming

The designers are not lacking in ideas when it comes to developing a mobile retail application. The idea stirring the minds of the application builders should be simple. The main task that an application should serve is displaying the vast array of products and services along with the exhibition of the apt prices. The purpose that a business owner should serve is utilitarian. For enabling a prospective buyer to turn into a potential one, a mobile app can do a lot. The smart online purchasers indulge in buying online only when they are able to nab the best deal in tune with their preference and choice.

The Unprecedented growth of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is gaining momentum in leaps and bounds and it is going to offer a great boost to the retail segment. The e-sellers are optimizing their sites for smartphone and the all the mobile devices so that they are able to hook more customers and increase their sales figures. The marriage of mobile and the social elements has the power to change the e-commerce experience. Since online shopping is less of a planned effort now as people love to search, browse through the product categories and buy on the go, the apps help them in fulfilling their shopping needs. Tapping the potential of multi-channel marketing is necessary to let a business gain exposure on the global front. As an e-seller, you can bank on ChannelSale to reap the benefits of your marketing campaign.

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Elucidating the Worth of a Facebook Fan

Steve Burns Posted On - May 29, 2013

Elucidating the Worth of a Facebook Fan
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With social media breathing in fresh air to online businesses, the fans are no longer confined to sports or icons; it has hit the business circuit. The loyalists of a brand, who in turn, are social media buffs, spread the buzz about a brand, helping it to grab eyeballs and earn visibility. The Facebook fans can do a lot for a business and it is the count of the fans, which has the potential to make a brand to soar in popularity. This, in turn, will help in increasing the revenue of the businesses and beat the competition in a respective industry. For building up the customer base and for spreading brand loyalty, Facebook fans chip in with their crucial role.

Emphasizing on the Worth

A Facebook fan is worth $174 to a brand, with the figures rising from 28% since 2010, according to the reports of a social media marketing firm of repute.A research was carried out and based on the data collected from more than 2,000 U.S. panelists; some useful insights can be gained about the fans of a brand in one of the top networking sites, Facebook.

The study engaged in making a comparative study based on Facebook fans and non-fans. The emphasis was put on their pre-purchasing and post-purchasing behavior along with other parameters and how it helps in making a brand known more to the people. The areas that was emphasized on was product spending, brand loyalty, inclination to recommend, media value, brand affinity, cost of acquisition- which together enabled in arriving at a figure, which is $174 and it is an average figure. The value is susceptible to change depending on the worth and credibility of different brands.

Why a Brand Fan is so important?

A brand fan is very active on social media than non-fans. It has been observed that two-thirds of fans follow 10 or more brand pages, which is not to be found when checking out the graph of non-fans of a brand and the figures of brand association got as fans got to be less than 10. It is one of the exciting news that 75% of the fans opined that they are going to spread and share their brand experiences with Facebook friends. So, in other words, what social media does is that it empowers people who become the chief instruments in promoting a brand indirectly.

However, the e-businesses should also keep in mind that the fans are also more to openly share their bad brand experience. So the fans have the power to make or break your brand, hold up or plummet down its image. The social media fever catching up with the potential purchasers who are a part of the social networking world in the virtual realm, it is the reviews, ratings and recommendation which have become the watchwords that govern the buying decision of the potential purchasers.

Hooking more Loyalists

There is greater urge among the prospective buyers to be a brand’s fan if they have purchased once. However, the concern for e-businessmen is repeat purchase and social media is the best place to make the customers that a brand has already locked in to be updated with the new arrivals, updated offers and the like. The challenge is to turn a first buyer into a fan and holding on to the buyer for long for boosting up the sales figure. The Facebook fandom can definitely add on more value for the advertisers and the e-sellers if they learn the trick of how to play their cards well.

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Best Buy taking the Initiative to solve the Big Box Puzzle

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Best Buy taking the Initiative to solve the Big Box Puzzle
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The soaring popularity of the online stores where most of the shoppers prefer e-shopping, the traditional stores are feeling the heat. It is the retailers with the physical retail outlets who are adamant in establishing the supremacy of the physical stores. They are of the opinion that the traditional stores can go great guns, harness the attention of more customers, by implementing some of the best marketing strategies. The rise of e-commerce having an impact on the number of sales of the physical stores selling electronics is taken on a positive stride by the big shots like CEO of Best Buy, Hubert Joly.

The Shop-in-shops Plan

The brick-and-mortar stores of Best Buy are going for revamping as their CEO is trying to solve the puzzles of big box retail. In order to give a tougher competition to the online stores, have a voluminous client base, the physical retail outlets are walking that extra mile. The concept of shop-in-shops is what Best Buy is trying to cash in to reshape the landscape of traditional shopping. Best Buy is implementing the plan of rolling out Samsung shops, which have a higher resemblance with Apple stores dominated by minimalist design, with the high-end gadgets and laptops stacked in the shop in an eye-grabbing way.

The Quality Support offered to the Customers

The shops will enable the interested buyers to sell the Samsung phones, laptops, tablets, other high-end gadgets and accessories. The shops will offer a better buying experience to the customers by having Samsung consultants who will enable the customers to take informed buying decisions. The consultants will be working with Best Buy employees to ensure that the number of customers pouring in the traditional stores will leave the store as satisfied buyers. The consultants will also work as a team with Best Buy’s Geek Squad tech support so that the customers coming up with tech- related questions can be satiated to the core.

The Samsung stores are replacing the space occupied by physical media like CDs, DVDs, whose sales count have decreased significantly. Best buy is reallocating the space that it had allotted to physical media by banking on a plan of “floor-space optimization.” The profitable items will find a place in the store and it used to offer 20% space for the CDs and DVDs, which is soon going to change.

Creating the Brand Experience in Stores

Every new marketing strategy or business proposition that gets implemented by a giant retailer or a big shot in the operating industry, it is the customers who are the biggest judge. For offering that matchless brand experience to the prospective customers, this strategy works out big, irrespective of the tactic being condemned by many critics. The Best Buy stores that are in prime location will have these Samsung shops. The Apple-like shops will be the key in making the future of Best Buy a great one and one of the top providers of consumer electronics. The shops will be of various sizes and largest Samsung shop will be around 460 square feet.

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Assessing the Value of Social Traffic

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Assessing the Value of Social Traffic
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E-commerce is revamping itself with the passing of each day. The merging of e-commerce and social media into one, that is social commerce, is becoming one of the hottest trends and it is here to stay! The meteoric rise of social media with social engagement becoming the norm has made the globe a small place to live in. The different social networking sites are acting as the best platforms where the online businesses are clinging to, for letting their businesses to hog the limelight. Facebook and Pinterest are the big players in the realm of social media which are making the investments of the e-commerce merchants to fructify. The value of social traffic cannot be undermined at all as it offers great business juice to the online retailers. The recent surveys conducted reveal that social traffic is indeed valuable scoring over e-mail and search traffic.

Bank on Social Media to create a Buzz about your Brand

Since an insurmountable amount of people are flocking to the social networking sites, it is one of the potent resources to spread a word about your business like wildfire. This is the age of online shopping where referrals, ratings, reviews work a lot in terms of making the interested buyers to take the buying action. Social traffic does not always lead to conversion. The recent studies even show a dampening face of social sales and it is moving at a snail’s pace, but exposure of the online brands via the social sites in increasing manifold.

Converting Social Traffic into Financial Transactions is not a Child’s Play

When engaging in a comparative study between the two social media giants Facebook and Pinterest, some important facts could be figured out.

  • Pinterest, the visual bulletin board seems to have injected the virus to “pin it” to the people who vouch for social sharing. The top brands are resorting to the pin-boards to share some of the visually-stunning pictures, which is making people not only to rummage through the mind-boggling images, video and other content, but making the effort to buy the products that catch their fancy
  • It has been revealed that 70% of the Pinterest lovers get the psychological stimulation or the inspiration to buy when they go through this credible social site
  • It has also been reported that there has been an upsurge in the referral traffic rate from Pinterest, it being 35% in 2012 from 25% year-over-year
  • The most astonishing factor is that Pinterest has been here for three years now, making its entry in March, 2010 and accounted for only 1% in social traffic in 2011. The figures have catapulted to 26% at the end of 2012

When bringing about a comparison with Facebook, it is observed that social sales is not happening at a whopping rate currently. However, it is the credibility of this social networking site where recommendations from people really motivate the purchasing behavior of the interested buyers. Here is where social traffic counts. Like facilitates the process of online buying, Facebook and Pinterest must think on similar lines to solidify their revenue generation graph of social commerce in a bigger way in 2013!

The Role of Social Traffic

It is essential for the e-commerce merchants to realize that it is not only their search marketing efforts or email marketing campaigns that can bring in traffic to an e-shop. Social traffic can be of greater business value if the e-sellers know how to channelize the potential of the social media platform. When peeping into the future of e-commerce, social traffic holds a very crucial position to let the online businesses to flourish.

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Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns
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Rakuten LinkShare Corporation is a name to reckon with, offering its matchless online marketing service and expertise to the online retailers. Its CPA affiliate network, lead generation marketing campaigns, help in increasing its client base and drive new customers. Rakuten LinkShare’s first quarter results in 2013 stands impressive, spelling out in great details the continued growth of performance marketing industry.

The Expansion Plans

Enveloping the market and aiming for higher market penetration is one the cherished goals that Rakuten LinkShare is swearing to achieve. The affiliate network covers the US, Canada, the UK, Japan and Australia. In 2013, it is planning to take the great leap of faith and capture new markets.
The Success Story: At A Glance

  • A rise in the sales volume can be observed by 26 percent YOY, in same store sales in the US
  • The UK is not far behind and observed the steady double digit growth at 29 percent YOY
  • The dependency and reliance on this brand is increasing with the top names getting included in its list. More than hundred new brands got into a business relationship with LinkShare and the top names include Fab in the US, Florsheim in Canada, Tommy Hilfiger in Japan and the like
  • For Rakuten LinkShare, 2013 had a great beginning as it secured the top spot in performance marketing network for two years in a row. The honor was bestowed by a renowned media entity mThink

The Boosting Period of Performance Marketing Industry

For over fifteen years, the performance marketing industry has developed and emerged into a dynamic one, becoming a sales channel. The aces in the industry opine that the sales figure will reach $4.5 billion by 2016. Rakuten LinkShare has its success story eked out as the advertisers and publishers in the network, helped in pumping up its performance level.

Good news for the Google Affiliate Network Advertisers

Rakuten LinkShare has spelt out its big plans by offering Google Affiliate Network advertisers migration assessments. This is one of the best business moves as offering of the supportive arm to the advertisers without any charge is like winning over their confidence. Google had announced that it is shutting down its affiliate network and this has lead to mass client migration.

Dealing with the Voluminous Migrating Clients

The top advertisers are looking for reliable networks. Rakuten LinkShare with its first hand, hard core experience can deal with the migrations with ease. It will enable advertisers and publishers to relish the profits generated from higher sales. The way LinkShare has framed the migration program plan includes:

  • In-depth assessment analysis of an advertiser’s current program on Google Affiliate Network, so that his exact requirements can be figured out
  • Ways to build strategic partnership are discussed in the briefing and brainstorming sessions
  • By dissecting with a critical eye the existing trends, the best suggestions and recommendations for future prosperity can be offered

Rakuten LinkShare has been in the favored books of its clients for satiating the customers and delivering value to consumers. The well-planned and strategic approach that it applies in the account management services and the way it opens the door for the advertisers to indulge in networking opportunities, enable Rakuten LinkShare to be at the top.

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How SWOT Analysis can help Online Businesses to Grow?

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

How SWOT Analysis can help Online Businesses to Grow
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The ever changing map of e-commerce is making the web-only sellers as well as the ones with a physical store and an online outlet, to shape their business in a convincing way. SWOT analysis is one of the very common business models that can help a business to judge its present market position when compared to that of the competitors. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis need to be carried out by the e-commerce merchants with a real-world essence. While strengths and weaknesses can be best traced out by looking into the inner working of a business, opportunities and threats are external, which it needs to figure out by keeping a keen eye on the operating industry.

Figuring out Strengths and Weaknesses

It is essential for the web merchants to carry out the SWOT analysis at least annually, so that they can be infused with a sense of competition and know their worth and standing in the operating domain. The strengths of an e-commerce merchant are its commendable inventory, its customers, the support its offers to the customers post-purchase, the way it frames its pricing strategies and the like. The discounts and sales propositions are framed in such a manner that it pleases the customers without compromising on its profit margin. It helps a web merchant in consolidating the revenue generation graph, with sales count catapulting.

In order to indulge in the right analysis, a web merchant can conduct surveys and its customer base is one of the trusted sources that it can rely on for effective inputs. This way it can work on its weaknesses and offer a greater competition to the rivals in the same niche. The objective of an e-commerce merchant should be to build on its strength and eliminate its weaknesses.

Engaging in a Comparative Study

The SWOT analysis can be carried out by the top managerial leaders along with the team of experts who engage in market research and analysis. You can also hire a professional consultant who has real-time expertise in this field. When indulging in the comparative study, the e-commerce merchants should make a study that takes into account the merchants who only operate online as well as the ones with the brick-and-mortar counterpart. When comparing with only e-retailers and the traditional ones, the study of the scope, opportunities, threats get more complicated as most of the e-sellers have their physical retail outlets. Those who do not have the physical stores are striving hard to have their online business counterpart.

Dynamic Pricing

The urge to buy transforms into a buying action not only by the quality of the products available or the reputation of a merchant, but price plays an important factor in governing the purchasing decision of a buyer. So it is not only the e-sellers who can lure the customers by changing their offerings, their sales pitch and sales propositions from time to time, the retailers are making good use of the pricing data tools. Before finalizing the deal with a particular e-seller, a smart buyer is always keeping an eye on the price changes so that he can have true value of the money that he is investing. So in order to surpass the rivals, a pricing strategy that would hook the attention of the customers in a niche, is required. This, in turn, makes the prospective buyers to turn into potential customers.

Availing the Competitive Advantages

When a web merchant indulges in competition analysis, he gets to know the points that can be regarded as the strength of his business. In order to outdo the rivals in the niche, he needs to figure out how and why the customers should choose him, come to his site, engage in buying and again be back to make repeated purchases.

A web merchant needs to scrutinize the potentiality of his own business and find out:

  • What are the scoring points of his business that separate him from the others in the niche?
  • How vast and versatile is his product inventory?
  • How the best “sales” words like ‘free’ ‘new’ help in hooking more customers is utilized?
  • Is product suggestions offered to the customers?
  • Are you willing to listen to every grievance of the customer in the post-purchase phase?

The Opportunities and Threats

Utilizing opportunities in an operating domain depends on how you are keeping an eye on mergers and acquisitions. It is also about building rock solid plans and implementing strategies for incorporating technologies that would appease your loyalists, invite more customers and help you to outdo your competitors. It is the improvement brought about in the shopping cart software, inclusion of the live chat option and exciting, new features, which can totally make a web merchant to be in the good books of the customers. The ecommerce merchants have Amazon, Ebay as their biggest competitor. These giants in the sphere of ecommerce enable small businesses to learn a lot, helping them to frame the best policies.

The traditional retailers need to find out how they can improve the buying experience of the customers by revamping the modes of web-based shopping. Customer-friendly shopping experience depends on offering of newer customer services. When it comes to identifying the threats in the field, it is about crossing the barriers in the legal arena and keeping an eye on the various legislations.

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Taking a Look at the Newly Branded eBay Commerce Network

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Taking a Look at the Newly Branded eBay Commerce Network
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In order to survive in the business domain for long and for reaching out to more customers, the comparison shopping engines are going for rebranding, bringing about changes in their way of operation, coming up with schemes, programs and the like., which was purchased by eBay back in 2005 for a whopping $620 million, is having a new name, eBay Commerce Network.

The Focus is building on a Robust Commerce Ad Network has the potential to grow and become a resourceful ad platform that the e-sellers can make a good use of, thus shifting the focus from a comparison shopping site to that of an ad platform. This network is focused to connect the e-sellers and the buyers in a better way in eBay, CNET and Bing.

The Merchants are pouring in to create a Strong Network

Ebay has already come up with facts like 4,000 merchants have formed the queue to cash in the potential of the eBay Commerce Network. They want to build on to their customer base, add new ones via advertising with eBay Commerce Network as their dependable partner, helping them to connect. as an Advertising Platform

Ebay is more hopeful with as an advertising platform. As a comparison shopping engine, it has definitely played its role, but it is not the ultimate destination that people bank on for engaging in a comparative study of the prices. With the level of competition soaring high, the online retailers want to reach out to the global customers in their niche in a broader way and multi-channel marketing is becoming the norm. If you are in need of effective multi-channel marketing program, you can choose ChannelSale as your trusted partner. So eBay Commerce Network which is going great guns has the potential to flourish as the advertising platform, nabbing the attention of the online sellers and purchasers.

Innovative Advertising Solutions

The nature of competition in the online business arena has become so severe that the e-merchants are thinking of strategies that would help them to move ahead of their rivals. Ebay Commerce Network is planning up to act as the best guiding force for the e-sellers, helping them to revamp their business and increase the online revenue generation graph.

The loyalists of has no need to worry

The sellers, who are already in a contract or associated in some way with, should not go through anxiety pangs as the rebranding will not affect such contracts. With the mission to connect consumers to the world’s advertisers and the well-sketched Merchant Program, Publisher Program and many more to come from eBay Commerce Network, it is surely to reshape the revenue graph of the web-based merchants.

The Premier Publishers

Ebay Commerce Network is growing in leaps and bounds with the number of premier publishers resorting to this network, to satisfy their advertising and networking needs. The host of premier publishers can range from shopping portals, different sites, search engines and the like.

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5 Retail Website Design Mistakes that E-Sellers Cannot Commit in 2013

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

5 Retail Website Design Mistakes that E-Sellers Cannot Commit in 2013
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For the e-commerce merchants, a well-designed website is one of the powerful tools. A website that is designed in a simple yet catchy way, offering enhanced user experience can help the users to spend more time on a site. It, in turn, cuts down on the bounce rate and the exit rate of a business site, which is good news for the webmaster. Though liking a site’s design is somewhat subjective in nature as, for instance, a color might appeal to one of the users while the same color can be considered as a source of botheration for another. The rule of thumb for the e-commerce merchants is to play safe and have a neat and intuitive website design.

When an interested buyer amidst his hunt for the best products and services land up on a website, its design should be aesthetically pleasant, building trust and credibility. It is the rich and informative content, product information in crisp details that make a customer to be an informed buyer, when he decides to seal the business deal.

Go Mobile

With evolving time, trends have changed and it is no longer static website design that the webmasters crave for. In 2013, the surveys show that the smartphones and the mobile devices are pulling steady traffic and the e-retailers cannot afford to go wrong in this sphere. Optimizing their business site for the mobile devices is pivotal as this trend is catching up in frenzied proportion. This is because of the convenience offered to the customers to check out the products, rummage through the exciting offers and indulge in a buying spree when they are on the go.

Boost up the Checkout System

Shopping to heart’s content is not always an easy job for many buyers as most of them tend to be fussy while picking things up. It is not only the preference of the buyers, but the budget, brand, category of products- all has to fall in place. In the emotional e-shopping journey, when a customer makes a journey till the checkout process, an e-seller must not put off a buyer by keeping the checkout system a tedious or a very elaborate one. The checkout system should be simple, secure and fast enough with the minimum fields mentioned that the customers need to fill up. Ensure that you do not claim for the personal details or other required customer information repeatedly. It is always wiser to offer to the customers a number of payment options, instead of keeping one or two.

Offer the Visually-Stunning effect with Quality Images

When you are trying to attract the buyers on the virtual realm, ensure that your website is sparingly decked up with top-quality images. A site without the visual appeal will not be potent enough to pull steady traffic and will fail to deliver also in terms of having higher conversion rate. Populate your product page with high-end images. A word of caution is the excessive use of flash and graphics can have an adverse effect on the users coming to site, making the buyer to flock away. Do not use chunkier images that will involve higher loading time of a web page. It is the right use of the high-quality images in a website that can make a site for attractive, nabbing the attention of the interested customers.

Swear by Keeping Things Simple

A minimalist web design that is devoid of obstructions with fly-outs, pop-ups and excessive use of Flash, will work wonders for a retail website design to hook customers. In a bid to be unique if your site reflects a complex structural pattern leading to navigational confusion, then it can drive away the potential customers. So as an e-seller be judicious in the way you choose your site design. Do not verge on being very clumsy or elaborate.

Play with the Fonts Aptly

Fonts should be selected in such a way that the interested online buyers do not have any problem whatsoever in going through the business propositions, product information and the like. Do not compromise on legibility or the simple factor while trying to add a more artistic touch to your website. Your website is your key sales pitch where you need to directly approach and connect to the target audience via your appealing design and high-quality content.

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Google Belts out the Wide View Tool for Online Marketing

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Google Belts out the Wide View Tool for Online Marketing
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It can be aptly said that if you are hankering to know more about the web world, Google hardly misses to be on the spotlight as it is always up to something. The recent buzz that is going on is that Google has come up with a wide view tool for internet marketing. The source of data comes from the every step that an online customer takes till the completion of the online buying journey.

The findings have their base on the collected online marketing data from over 36,000 Google clients. The samples taken for the findings used Google’s analytical tools which paved the way for millions of purchases across various industries spread throughout 7 countries. Google Analytics is a potent tool that has been used by the e-sellers as the parameter helping them to keep a tab on the e-commerce performance, gauging the flow of traffic, conversions, bounce rate and the like.

How the New Tool works?

The wide view tool acts as the catalyst in influencing their marketing dollars in a planned way. So the softer nuances or the not-so-important yet crucial behaviour of the prospective buyers can be gauged before completing the e-journey. It can help the e-sellers to exactly know what is making the e-shoppers to increase their basket size or to go away from a site, increasing its bounce rate. All the interactions play a huge role for sealing the final online business transaction. The pre-purchasing behaviour of a shopper like clicking a link recommended by a friend, his searching behaviour or a buyer’s reaction while checking out the ad displays tell a lot about his nature.

The Importance for the E-Sellers to understand the Online Purchase Journey

The nature of fierce competition in the online business domain has made the online retailers to try their best and frame the emergent marketing strategies in tune with the prevailing trends. An online business owner with the help of the tool gets to know about the wider picture about the emotional e-journey of an online shopper. It helps in reshaping his marketing strategies for his greater business development.

Strengthening the Marketing Campaigns

The dim global economic climate has made e-sellers to think twice while spending the advertising dollars while promoting their business. Multi-channel marketing is in vogue as it is exposure across the global markets which a business is striving to achieve. So in order to make the marketing campaigns edgy, it is the inclusion of the right ingredients and a strategic plan in the marketing campaign after studying the map of your target audience, which pays off in a big way. If you want a trusted partner giving vent to your multi-channel marketing programs, then you can rely on ChannelSale.

It is not only the retail that can avail greater benefits by using this tool, the automotive, consumer packaged goods, technology and the like which can benefit a lot. How the application of the various online marketing methods impact an e-seller’s revenue generation graph can be well traced out via the deft use of this new tool, rolled out by Google.

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Can Digital Catalogs affect Sales for an E-Seller?

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Can Digital Catalogs affect Sales for an E-Seller
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It is the vast array of products that the merchants offer which keeps the customers hooked. The traditional catalogs in printed form are favored by the customers because of the flexibility to glance through them in the leisurely hours, be it on bed, couch or any place. This mode of offline browsing was in vogue for quite a long span of time, but it is going into oblivion now. This is because the cost factor looms large in the minds of the e-commerce merchants and the process of updating, distributing the traditional catalogs is definitely an arduous task.

With the web emerging as a resourceful business platform, the e-merchants are thinking of ways of how to keep their customer base occupied. Nowadays, the catalogs are sent online to the interested buyers via mail. Such a mode of marketing has received an amazing response from the potential buyers as they have not only showed their inclination to buy, but made repeated purchases. So do not be amazed if your online catalog that you send to the potential buyer proved to be one of the best conversion tips!

Digital Catalogs: At a Glance

In the sphere of catalog business, it is the digital catalog applications which are doing the rounds. It is the group catalog application which is gaining momentum as it facilitates the process of including products from various merchants. This paves the way for pulling quality traffic who are interested to shop from the wide variety of products that the different merchants offer. Since the use of tablets and other mobile devices are also on the rise, accessing one’s own favorite catalog on the go via the digital catalog application is not a very difficult task. It is not only rummaging through the catalogs, the interested buyers can also like, pin, compare the product catalog of the other merchants so that they can land up in the site of the e-commerce merchant that they choose for sealing an online business deal.

Can Digital Catalogs affect Sales?

For driving higher conversion, the e-commerce merchants can make a good use of the digital catalogs. In order to make the customers to come to the point of purchase, the digital catalogs work wonders. Some of the top merchants opine that their association with the catalog-application providers have made them to observe not only steady traffic, but higher e-commerce sales. When the digital catalog came into existence, the e-sellers instantly observed a good increase in terms of traffic and it has sustained also, making the e-sellers to have higher sales. If as on online merchant you are in need of product feed optimization and management services, bank on ChannelSale.

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Top 12 Twitter Engagement Tips for E-Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Top 12 Twitter Engagement Tips for the E-Sellers
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Is your focus on social media more inclined towards Facebook, Pinterest? Do not override the potentiality that Twitter has. Many web-based merchants understand the importance of all the social channels that they can use to connect with customers, for nurturing personal relationships and pave the way for striking conversations so that they can fulfill their business goals and drive sales. Twitter can be one of the potential tools that the e-sellers use to promote their business, offering higher level of customer satisfaction. The top 12 tips to put to use the potentiality of this social media platform are catalogued under:

1.Reflecting your Brand Personality in your Profile

The way you hold up your business in a popular social media platform like Twitter, counts a lot. It is the relevance in creating a brand profile which puts an e-commerce business merchant ahead of his competitors. The bio, the business logo, eye-grabbing background images should be connected thematically with your business, so that the right image of the brand can be projected, seamlessly.

2.Being a Patient and Receptive Listener pays off

Do not go out of track or tweet at your will. It will not fetch you followers, influencers, depriving you from getting the required business juice. As a business merchant, you need to study the psychological pattern of your target audience.

3. Tweet with a Hint of Informality

When you are tweeting , do not be too formal. In the top social networking channels and in the popular micro-blogging site like Twitter make your posts sans the coat of formality.

4. Interaction is the Key

You need to amplify your presence in the social networks. Interact and respond via tweets and retweets, to create a vibrant image. You can retweet the post that you like and this way a chain is build, where your brand gets popular.

5. If you are Dedicated, Plan out Strategically

If you calculate and manage your tweets by maintaining a strategy, then you are going to get best results. You can select on the hours, certain days and plan up on how you are going to position your posts. The first couple of days in the week can be on promotions, the next two can focus on recent topics, the next day on ‘how-to-tips’ and the like.

6. Step into your Customers’ Shoes

In order to grab the attention of your target audience, peep into their thought patterns and then you will get to know the level of appreciation of your posts. Think for a couple of seconds before posting your tweet or the 140-character powerful weapon, would you like it, if you were the customer? You are sure to get the answer for yourself.

7. The Unique Touch in the Content

Uniqueness can be in the way you present old wine in a new bottle or how you walk that extra mile and post the behind-the scenes photos, some exclusive content related to your niche that has not gone viral or has not been commonplace.

8 .Use Hashtags

In order to make a deft use of the keywords, use hashtags on your posts, so that the keywords get the required emphasis.

9. Share the Deals and Discounts

The users who keep an eye on the different brands in Twitter love to be updated with the deals and discounts. This way you can grab their attention for long.

10. Play with Tweets

There is no magical wand or trick that can make your tweets to pull in followers. You can play with different timing, tones and pattern and the positioning of your posts.

11. Twitter Advertising can help

The online businesses, especially, if you are a start up or have small marketing dollars; you can make a good use of Twitter’s Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets.

12. Measure your Twitter Engagement

In order to ensure the level of effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaign, you need to measure the follower growth, follower engagement, your reach, traffic and the conversion rate. When you evaluate the different aspects of Twitter engagement, you get to know the areas that you need to work on to reach out to your target audience in a broader way via Twitter. When your posts are engaging, hooking the interests of your followers, it got to increase the count.

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How the Return Policies can Convert Shoppers into Loyalists

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

How the Return Policy can Convert Shoppers into Loyalists
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The website of an e-commerce merchant is equipped with a sell-through rate. It is not only the SEO-friendly wed design of a site, its higher navigational qualities, informative content which can lower down the bounce rate and exit rate of a site, online business ethics also play an important role. Like, as an e-seller, you are more than willing to help a customer to complete his e-shopping journey till the checking out process, offering cent percent satisfaction is absolutely crucial even in the post-purchase phase. As an e-commerce merchant you will not love the idea of having one-time buyers only. If you are looking for repeated sales or want to hold on to your customers, how you frame your return policy and behave with the customers post the e-shopping experience determines whether a shopper would convert into a loyal customer or not.

How a Return Policy can affect an Online Business?

A return policy has the potential to make or break your business. You need to send a warm message that puts the customers in a comfort zone when they are thinking of product exchange, return and the like after buying a product. If you are amiable with your customers not only when they buy but also after the product-purchasing spree, it helps in building credibility and reputation. It is the impulse of the buyers which differentiate whether a shopper will act hastily while shopping or if he is of the nature who goes through the terms and conditions before deciding whether to spend his money or not. Do not let arrogance to spoil your sales count and do not riddle your return policy with threats.

Key Points to Remember while Drafting the Return Policy

  • Place your customers in a safe zone so that they do not have doubts as to whether they would get the active support when they want to exchange an item. Do not be too harsh or outright threatening by using words that can unnerve the customers like “We will not be responsible,” “ we will deduct a restock fee as it’s your fault” and the like.
  • Have your code of business ethics in proper shape. If, as an e-seller, you accept a package before it has been opened, then you accept a return. When the package is tagged with a RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization), then the whole process gets more simplified. However, as an e-commerce merchant you should be more tolerant to accept packages that are without an RMA and should not refuse
  • Everyone is vulnerable to committing mistakes. If as an e-commerce merchant you realize that the mistake was on your part, for instance, you shipped a wrong product or there was some discrepancies while packing, then do not crib about it, but accept it
  • Stick to the words that you proclaim in your return policy as this inspires trust
  • Do not commit the sin of completely emulating the terms and policies of another e-commerce merchant in your niche or from other niche. There is a general inclination among the online stores to copy paste the terms and conditions penned down in the return policy. It harms the image of an e-shop badly
  • The team of customer care executives that you have must be informed and educated so that they can convey the right information to the potential customers
  • Do not resort too much to using the legal terms or jargon. Elucidate your return policy in simplistic terms so that it is transparent to every shopper.
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Enjoy Same-Day Delivery Service with Google Shopping Express

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

Enjoy Same-Day Delivery Service with Google Shopping Express
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Google is not only taking the web world by storm, it is walking that extra mile to satiate its online shoppers, also. The online buyers are very particular about the way they get the products they buy in the desired destination and within the stipulated span of time. Google’s new service called Google Shopping Express is in a testing stage as it will take time to envelop a wider market segment.

The Plan kicking off

Google engaged in the testing mode in San Francisco and its suburbs. It wants to evaluate the efficiency level of offering their service as well as gauge the appreciation quotient of the customers. The giant in the realm of the web wants to find out how this new, same-day delivery service can make a mark in the local market and gradually move further in achieving its goals by providing higher level of customer satisfaction.

A Way of pumping up its Ad Revenue

Google wants to cash on its stellar reputation and this new service by offering a wide range of advertisements, which is a definitive source of revenue generation. Whether an user spend greater time on the notable search engine, You Tube, Gmail or any if its services, the Google ads get greater exposure. With the wider spreading of online ads, people would be more inclined to shop online.

Same-day Delivery Service offering an Impetus to buy more

Since the nature of e-shopping is going for a revamp, it is the impulse to shop anytime and anywhere facilitated by the mobile devices is gaining ground. The same-day delivery service can be an icing on the cake as the shoppers will be delighted to receive their purchased goods in quick time. Sometimes, people have to wait for days or a week before they could actually lay their hands on the products that they buy. Google Shopping Express is sure to fly with the kind of benefit it is planning to offer to the e-shoppers. The top names in the sphere like Amazon and eBay has given it a thought, with Walmart providing this same-day delivery service in five markets.

Will the Courier Service prove to be greater help?

Merchants have started to form a queue for enlisting in Google Shopping Express. Some of the renowned names include Target, Walgreen and the like. Google has gone for the option of hiring courier services so that the orders can be picked up from the merchant stores seamlessly and then delivered to the place that the customers want. The couriers will be operating on a contract basis. Google-branded vehicles will be used along with the staffs wearing company branded uniforms, paving the way for effective branding.

The Profit Margin

Google has not yet come up with the fee structure. Google is still undecided as to what it would charge to the customers for offering this new, same-day delivery service. Some interested buyers will not entertain the idea of their shopping bill getting increased, but they would love to enjoy the convenience of the purchased goods reaching their destination at the shortest possible time. During the testing period of six months in the San Francisco area, the customers will not have to pay a surcharge. The way Google will be boosting up its revenue graph is via receiving commissions from the merchants participating in this whole new program. With the kind of profit generation sources that the unabated King in the web world has, there is no denying the fact that such tests will not make it to suffer huge losses. If this plan is a huge success, then it can not only drive sales from San Francisco, but the whole service can spread in broader market segment.

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Online Retailers are living up to the Expectations of the Customers

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

Online Retailers are living up to the Expectations of the Customers
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Customer satisfaction is an intangible asset, which the merchants crave to offer and accomplish. In this age of fierce competition among the online marketplaces, it is crucial for the big shots in the business domain as well as the small businesses to revamp their inventory, their sales pitch, marketing efforts to taste business success. It is about hooking the customers for long so that the loyalists are able to enjoy the pampering of the webmasters, while on the other hand, the e-sellers can boost their online revenue generation graph. The e-sellers are going about with this job of managing customer satisfaction and with full acuity.

Amazon is Perched at the Top

It takes a lot of effort, innovative thinking, the urge to be proactive and to be constantly on a roll when an online marketplace attains and holds on to its reigning position for long in the online marketplace. It is the vast array of products, speedy delivery process and innovation in business thinking, which makes the e-buyers more inclined to Amazon to satiate their buying needs. Amazon has its own set of products as well as the ones that the e-sellers list in the marketplace for greater exposure and to attract customers. It pampers the customers to the core, offering a pleasurable shopping experience. The one-click payment method of Amazon has simplified the process of making an online purchase, which has gained favor among the online buyers.

Doing away with the Bane of forced Registration

Some of the e-sellers often walk on the wrong track by making the potential customers to go for a forced registration, which is not going to work out. When an e-customer lands up on a site, he should be guided seamlessly for the completion of the e-shopping journey and not forced to sign up.

The Virtual in-Store Experience can be planned

Charting out the route of offering client satisfaction in the virtual realm is easier as there is no chances of fighting the bad weather, or to deal with the huge crowd or handle the kids, which can very well happen in a physical retail outlet. The multi-channel retailers improvise on their sales strategy so that they can offer a seamless and persistent service to the customers. The retailers offering a speedier delivery service than its competitors are at an advantageous point.

Going Mobile

The high-five is for those online retailers who are successfully integrating in-store, web and mobile experience into their business operation. Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace, with the e-buyers using their smartphones, mobile devices on the go to purchase online. The online purchasing behavior of the people shows that online shopping nowadays depends on recommendations, word-of-mouth promotion than a static approach. With the high-end mobile devices at the fingertips of the buyers packed with the high-speed net connection, the retailers are optimizing their sites for the customers to drive more sales.

Don’t Promise what you can’t Deliver

Nothing can harm the reputation of an e-seller more when he makes tall claims, but fails to live up to it. Managing customer satisfaction involves a lot of things, ranging from understanding the buying needs of the customers, supporting them till the checkout system and even maintaining a harmonious relationship with the customer post purchase. It can be via emails, updating them with the new arrivals in the inventory, offering of promo codes, discounts and the like. When the online retailers are hoping for repeat purchase, they should ensure that there is greater transparency in their business propositions, in the return policies, shipping services, discounts offered and the like. Managing customer expectation is a tough job as the customers only want the best with the urge to save. Winning over the customers via attractive deals, discount codes on top-quality products, offering of free shipping services and the like, help in nurturing a long-lasting bond between a retailer and the customers.

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The Benefits E-Sellers can Avail from Listing Products on

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

The Benefits E-Sellers can Avail from Listing Products on
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The online marketplace is buzzing with news. In order to offer the most satiating shopping experience to the e-shoppers and letting the online retailers to gain exposure, is one of the best choices! Tagged as the revolutionary online comparison search engine provider which was acquired by Market America in 2010, is a resourceful platform that the online retailers must make a good use of to let their products hog the limelight. There is undoubtedly stiff competition among the retailers to reach out to the target audience segments. Magnifying the presence of the e-commerce merchants in cyberspace, showcasing their wide variety of products that they offer can pull in quality traffic and higher conversion when they choose a credible CSE like

The Significance of Online Product Listing

There is difference in the mode of selling in a brick-and-mortar store and in the virtual realm. It is about reading up the psychology, the behavioural pattern of the e-shoppers which can help the retailers to reach out to the customers in a better way. The e-sellers must realize that the interested buyers cannot physically check out the products, so specific and accurate product information is the key. It helps the buyers to take an informed buying action. Today’s tech savvy online shoppers are smart and want to be educated shoppers in the way they use their spending power. The interested buyers do not want to settle for anything but the best when indulging in the buying spree.

The Essentials of Product Data Template

The Compulsory Fields that an E-Seller must Fill up:

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Line Item Code
  • Line Item Name
  • Line Item Price
  • Image URL
  • Department A (Chief Department)
  • Attribute

Optional but Recommended Fields

  • Keywords
  • Line Item Sale Price
  • UPC Code
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • ISBN
  • Brand
  • Alternate Image Reference 1
  • Alternate Image Link Text2
  • Cross Sell

Why – The Best Platform for Online Retailers?

  • If as an e-shop merchant you are hankering for apt business positioning that would lead to optimum level of exposure, is the place to be to display your wares online. It is the wide variety of categories of like clothes, beauty, electronics, home store, office supplies, healthcare & nutrition and the like which makes one of the resourceful platforms for the online retailers to engage in product listing
  • Soaking in the business juice of a new stream of loyal customers becomes easier for the e-sellers. The different target audience segments placed all across the globe can easily lay their hands on the products of their choice, engage in weighing the prices and can check out the hot sales news, coupons and lucrative deals. This, in turn, helps the e-commerce merchants to observe a higher sales volume
  • The specialized and expert Account Manager, the Marketplace Business Center tools of help in offering the business of the retailers the needed turbo-boost
  • Make your business to peep into the global front, gain exposure, expand, observe higher sales growth while you enjoy higher ROI

A Resourceful Guide for The E-Retailers on: Product Information

What’s there in a Product Name?

It is the chief thing that grabs the eyeballs of the potential buyers!

  • Give a specific product name, inclusive of the brand name and keyword. Keep it short, use a maximum of 80 characters
  • Avoid using quotation marks. Do not put the product name all in capital letter. It will not have a hammering effect on your customers, but will make you a pushy marketeer
  • It is better not use abbreviations if they are not popular
  • If opting for using HTML, double check with the partner about its acceptance in the product feed
  • Product name gets a greater preference in the search results and it must be specific. It is crucial to include what is being sold, product type, brand name and the gender that you are targeting at

Key Points for the Web Merchants to Remember on: Product Description

  • It is of great importance to supply product information following the inverted pyramid style. As an e-seller you should prioritize the arrangement of information in the way that your customers get the top-quality information in crisp details while checking out product description
  • It is crucial to place the highly important information within the first 150-300 characters. For optimizing your product listing, front load information must satisfy the search users
  • Inclusion of brand names is essential in product descriptions as many e-shoppers are brand loyalists who love to shop by brand
  • In order to clear the confusion whether a product is meant for men or women, which happens in cases of shoes, fragrances, apparel and the like, the e-commerce merchants should mention the gender in the description
  • When it is the wide range of baby products, clothing, accessories and the like, as a retailer you have different gifts to offer that purchasers can pick up. Mentioning of the age range helps in easy selection of products on the part of the buyers.
  • Making a keyword that describes your product must find a place in the product name. Do not stuff too much of keywords hoping for better search engine ranking. Adversely, excessive use of keywords will be considered as spamming. So be judicial in the way you use keywords in your product description
  • Use of common and standard abbreviations is still fine, but do not go overboard with abbreviations of unpopular terms and expect the buyers to understand it!
  • Your top-quality products must be capped with visually-stunning images. When you are selling online, high-resolution images are quintessential to hook the attention of the customers, paving the way for higher conversion
  • The seasonal and holiday products that of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the like must be separated into groups. These products which are offered special treatments like handsome deals, discounts should be grouped in such a way that people find it easily

Product Price and Promotion: Strategic Planning for the E-Commerce Merchants

The swirl of surveys and research have come up repeatedly with the fact that price is one of the chief factors that dominate the buying decision of the purchasers. When the e-commerce merchants dish out the retail and the sale prices, it helps the customers to engage in some budget shopping as they get to know how much they will spend and how much they can save.

When you manage your product data feed, populate and keep on updating the feed with accurate details and specifications. As an online retailer, you will be able attract steady traffic and have higher conversion rate. The use of the price data tools by the retailers is becoming more popular so that they can successfully influence the buying decision of the people by luring them with attractive product prices from time to time.

The recent hot sales news that the site of is crowned with is that the buyers can save 5% with authorship and avail the bumper free shipping service when they purchase products of a considerably larger amount.

When you engage in product listing, update your product feed by including offers in product specifications that would make the interested buyers to browse through your products over other sellers’ listing. The catchy sales words like “free” “new” in the product feed template can successfully create an impact on the minds of the buyers.

Dealing with the Media Products in the Listing Process

It is essential to effectively use the standard media terms for the electronics goods and the media products. Offering of the correct media differentiators is crucial for effective product listing. For instance, if it is the books, then ISBN is vital. Then specifications like the author, identifying its as hardcover, paperback , audio book, etc is also important. In case of consumer audios and videos, consumer electronics and game system filling up the UPC field must be provided. The other required details ranging from the brand name, system/format, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and other fields must be filled up by the retailers so that specifications offered in the product feed enhance the effectiveness of apt product listing. with its credibility and stellar reputation has thrown in greater opportunity to the online retailers who are eying for visibility in the different market zones, via effective product listing. Ensuring that a retailer gets voluminous traffic and is able to convert them to potential clientele, effective product feed automation, optimization and management is pivotal. Tap in the potential of today and let your online business to scale heights!

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