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Consumer Search Behaviors- A Key Pointer in Practical e Commerce

Daniel Posted On - November 5, 2013

Consumers Shopping Online
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e-Commerce has been a boon for people with fast paced lifestyle who don’t have much time to go product hunting in retail stores. The bandwagon of online retail presence has made it easier for the shoppers to look for their choicest wares online. Making an informed choice has become easier than before and the consumers are making full use of the same. They are keener on comparing similar choices on parameters like quality, price, features and more.

With the advancement of eCommerce, key analytical approach to online conversion is becoming increasingly important. Getting to understand the consumer search behaviors is a key facet to augment consumer engagement in the eCommerce sites.  In fact this very analysis is the keyword to developing more consumer attuned website designs and make key branding decisions.

There have been plenty of studies to identify the online consumer search behaviors. Online merchants will find the insights much in line with their needs. Insights data can be effective in making strategic augmentation- right from the website Information architecture (IA) to product placement. In online retail market, there are some dominant consumer search behaviors which can be observed. Some basic types include the concepts of locate, monitor, verify, compare and explore.

In common parlance the “locate” part deals with the finding of a new product or service. This is arguably one of the most basic and commonly used forms of consumer search. Looking for a regular use object for instance might lead one to the online stores to locate the right product- even though they might not know the exact specification needed. The consumers very likely indulge in precise queries in search engines to zero in on their products. Optimization efforts can very well revolve around the relevant and core information.

The nest step that an online purchaser indulges in is to verify their purchase. In many scenarios the purchaser is well aware of the various specifications needed for the purchase, but wants to make extra sure that the intended purchase meets the specifications. The verification part can even be optimized by merchant shops by providing additional information about the products.

The more advanced online purchasers visit more than one site to gauge the viability of the purchase. They in practice “monitor” their option before making a buying decision. It is to be noted that these buyers don’t fall in the spontaneous consumer bracket. They normally indulge in comparing the various specifications of a product. The next consumer behavior that has a healthy presence in the online space is to “explore”. Consumers often switch on to discovery mode to find new products and services.

Getting to gauge the consumer behavior of the incoming traffic will provide the merchant with valuable insights to make their endeavors more user attuned.

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