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3 important guidelines for getting higher result on Google Shopping.

Daniel Posted On - January 15, 2014

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Every e-retailer tries to get the best out of Google Shopping as this is the most popular and effective platform to enhance commercial performance. But if you really want to utilize it at the optimum level, you must be careful about 3 important things which are overlooked quite often.

First you will have to understand product information matters a lot. On the basis of your submitted description Google place your product on search. Product information also influences the search type. That is why to get your targeted audience you need to well define your product categories.

Next comes the point of product visibility. Try to learn to data feed which is extremely important for optimizing your Google shopping campaign. If your product is not discovered by a large number of people your chance of getting business will also become less. To make it easily visible you need to understand the importance and technique of search engine optimization.

For a better result you also need to revise and update your data on a regular basis which you can always edit according to your performance analysis. A constant updating will increase your product’s seller relevancy and it will also allow you to get more SERP space. Not only that, it will also popularize your brand.

If your ad has higher relevance and better visibility, automatically more people will be clicking on your ad. No doubt this will draw attention of your targeted audience which will result in higher conversations too.

Pay special attention for improved product titles. This greatly affects visibility on Google Search. It is the most popular and effective search engine widely used by the consumers all over the world. The system is extremely structured and dependent on keywords. So that whenever someone is conducting a search the relevant results only come up.

Therefore, whether your ad will become visible or not, that actually depends on mainly two factors. 1. What is being searched for and no. 2, how much information about your product is available with Google.

A detailed product title tells a lot about your product. And this information can be better used by Google during your ad placement. This makes your ad more relevant. So do not forget to carefully optimize your product titles, and also refine them well for better results.


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Apple’s domination continues- at least in the U.S market

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2014

High-end Tablet
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Apple has been on the forefront of the digital domination for quite some time now and continues to innovate their way through. There are some markets though where the reception for Apple devices have been more prominent than the others. The U.S for instance has proved to be a better market than many other countries where Apple devices have good penetration. The reasons for the aggressive penetration of Apple devices in the U.S market are quite straightforward to say the least.

Mobile Commerce in the US

Mobile commerce transaction has erupted in the U.S with a number of vertical coming into play. Statistically speaking almost 57% of the total Mcommerce activities in the U.S are attributed to the likes of Smartphone and tablets which runs on Apple’s iOS platform. The closest contender Google’s Android OS clock in a usage ration of 43% in the same web population. A more startling factor in this context is that only a mere 2% of mobile commerce transactions are conducted from Windows or Blackberry platforms. It is imperative to say that, Apple’s domination in the niche market is quite palpable from these statistics.

Popularity of the Apple Devices

Among U.S, the more technology-friendly states are more open to transactions using the iOS platforms. The upscale region of California and patches of the Northeast provinces are more impressive in online conversion and the number for Apple device usage is also favorable in these places. The middle sector though shows a bit different picture. Android fares better in these regions in comparison to its counterparts. A major reason for this phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that the population here is more aligned to value than brand recognition. A sharp contrast can be seen between New York and Iowa where the Android usage percentage is 32% and 65% respectively.

Take Your Conversion Rate Higher

Assumptions are ripe that conversion rate from Apple devices are much higher than Android counterparts and the statistics justify the claim. What Apple has been successful in doing is to condition their consumers to spend online by virtue of the Appstore and integrated iTunes. The other players like Windows and Blackberry are facing tough times in the U.S mainland and that has prompted them to buck up their promotional endeavors in the region. The recent spurt of updates in both the Windows and Blackberry camps are indication enough that the digital players are trying to capture chunks of Apple’s territory. It is important to notice that the dominating presence of Apple in the U.S is not the estimate of the overall picture worldwide.

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Unearth what Customers are Bagging this Festive Season

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2014

Holiday Season Online Shopping
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During the Holiday shopping season, shoppers become more enthusiastic to fill in their wardrobe with the best apparels. And in the quest of stuffing the best, garment seller and apparel merchants are going to benefit a lot. Especially, online sellers are going to score more who provide swift and free door step delivery.

Research says that nearly 69% of the buyers prefer sticking to the same store from where they purchased last year.

Reason behind customer loyalty

  • 70% say toast to good customer service. They like it when they are given top most priority. The traders, who are always available via forums or social networking sites to their customers, build solid customer base. Under promise- over deliver, immediate complain resolving, a free gift or small coupon with the purchase and these type of features play a big part in loyalty-meter.
  • Free shipping service has been able to attract 62% of the shoppers. The cost for convenience has been bothering customers the most. When they are charged hug shipping cost, they develop apathy toward the store and prefer collect their items from the physical outlet. If the shipping service is free of cost, it allures customers the most.
  • Good sales and discount has pulled 58% of shoppers. When interviewed, buyers said, they like to buy from this shop (a particular shop) because they always get attractive discounts and gifts.
  • 55% decide upon the online store convenience. If the shopping process is too complex, they will avoid shopping from there. Interestingly, 50% customers are loyal to their brand since childhood and hence want to stick to it for life time unless they experience something bad.
  • 40% of the buyers stick to their old store because it is closer to their home. Another 23% and 9% slice shows loyalty due to reward points on purchase and layaway availability respectively.

Days of attractive offers

Shoppers believe that winter holiday gives special product and service discounts on special dates. Although, those who are shopaholic have a tendency to buy all throughout the year, but 28% purchases think of strolling around the stores on Black Friday to get best deals. 33% customers bank on shopping on After Thanksgiving. 15% think that Cyber Monday is the best day to shop. And a large 24% does shopping all through the month of December.

Budget allocation on gifts

Giving gifts to your near and dear one during the festive zest is an age old custom. From the survey it has been found out how much dollars do customers plan to spend on buying gifts.

  • $500 to $999 – 25%
  • $250 to $499 – 19%
  • $1000 to $1499 – 15%
  • No budget – 12%
  • $100 to $249 – 11%
  • $1500 to $1999 – 7%
  • Below $100 – 4%
  • $2000 to $2999 – 4%
  • Above $3000 – 3%

Popular retailers’ tactics

More than 75% of the renowned retailers/online retailers follow these tricks to attract customers.

  • Free shipping for limited period
  • 50% price cuts
  • Free gift coupons
  • ‘Only 1 left’ scheme

Whatever the percentage says, experiments and innovations always have rooms during this festival and customers are always ready to welcome better choices.

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A New Lease of Life in Ebay’s Web Design

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2014

Giant Online Marketplace
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As a pioneering eCommerce vertical, eBay has already carved a distinct niche for itself in the online space. It is imperative to say that the best mediums in any vertical does not rest on past laurels, rather tries to make amends for better. eBay being in an interactive industry is no different. In line with their constant upheaval in Information Architecture and interactivity, eBay has now set their eyes on giving a comprehensive makeover to the web designs.

A brand new design advisory board in the pipeline

In their bid to augment the designing aspect of the mother site as well as network sites, eBay has officially hired John Maeda as the Chairperson of the advisory board. John Maeda is a veteran in the discipline of graphic design and formerly served as the president of Rhodes Island School of design. Maeda’s assignments will entail him closely working with the product development as well as designing teams at eBay. To aid clear communication, he will be reporting to the CEO John Donahoe personally.

What to expect from the new development

If one looks into the pedigree that Maeda hold under his belt, one can expect some fireworks straightaway.  He has been a teacher of media arts and science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a long 12 years. Thereafter he changed his allegiance to Rhodes island School of design. During his professional tenure he has penned down five books on a variety of subjects. Excerpts from his professional collage showcase his leadership quality and his ability to induce art and design to augment business. Major plans for upheaval of the inventory structure and consumer interactivity is envisaged by the top executives of eBay. What it is necessarily aiming at is augmenting the user experience of the online platform. E-retailers are waking up to the effectiveness of web design and that is reflecting in the recent spurt of design overhaul in part of eBay. A major trend in contemporary web design is fluid responsive designs which augment user experience in multiple platforms- mobile and computer.

An intersection of business aesthetics and web technology

In modern business the business aesthetics needs to be finely synced with the technology it uses to reach the target audience. eBay is set to get a makeover for this very reason. Though eBay enjoys a great percentage of organic visits, there is a great bit of work that still can be done. For a start the integration of social friendly features is something that can be manipulated. Sharing of favorite wares on the social platform plays a key role in sparking conversation and sharing reviews. In turn they help in sales conversion via social media. Here too, the impact of effective web design will be felt effectively.

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