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PriceGrabber appoints a new President

Daniel Posted On - February 20, 2014

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Price Grabber, the Comparison shopping has had appointed Jeff Goldstein as their president, in the month of April which they have announced very recently.  It is claimed that Jeff Goldstein was already advising them for the last 10 months. Presently Goldstein has shouldered responsibilities in respect to formulating plans in developing new social, local and mobile products for He will also take care of enhancement of the targeted display advertising packages for the advertisers on behalf of PriceGrabber.

Jeff Goldstein has declared that since last year, PriceGrabber has all through aimed to enhance their value to their partners by expanding the product catalog to over 100 million offers which has also multiplied the value of their consumer traffic referred to the merchants to a large extent. In June, e-retail sales from comparison Shopping sites grew 10% year-over-year.  Currently, at Price Grabber, shoppers can find and compare over 80 million products and services across 27 categories with more than 11,000 merchants and sellers, as per the company statistics.

Goldstein’s LinkedIn profile reflects, previously he was a managing partner at investment and advisory firm BGT Capital from 2010 to April 2013. He acted as an adviser with CPL Holdings LLC, Price Grabber’s parent company since the last 10 months. Before that, Goldstein held the position of chief financial officer and chief digital officer for magazine publisher Modern Luxury Media from 2008 to 2010. He also worked in investment banking and corporate law at several firms, including Experian Interactive/LowerMyBills, IAC, Lehman Brothers and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher according to PriceGrabber. LowerMyBills, and ClassesUSA, are sister companies to PriceGrabber. All the three sites spun out of Experian PLC in a management-led buyout in the year 2013.

Steve Krenzer, CEO of CPL Holdings and a close acquaintance of Jeff Goldstein for about an decade has praised Jeff as a proven leader and applauded him for his remarkable knowledge, expertise and contribution in the growth of digital media and ecommerce businesses. He also did not forget to mention about his valued experience of working closely with Jeff.

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Personalized e-mails drive shoppers to buy more — in stores and online

Daniel Posted On - February 8, 2014

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Have you ever found it easy to ignore a personalized marketing e-mail like any other regular marketing mailer? A common sense tells us it is not so easy. We usually have a higher inclination to go through a personalized e-mail as it informs us about some relevant products we are interested to know about.

In a recent study done by Harris Interactive, it has been revealed that 77% of online shoppers who have signed up to receive promotional e-mails from at Retailer has admitted they are more likely to purchase from that merchant on the web or in stores if the messages are customized regarding products and services as per their shopping habits and preferences. Not only that, another 82% of shoppers also agreed that they’d be comfortable to purchase more total items from that merchant if the e-mails they received were more personalized.

The Survey: Listrak, the digital marketing technology and services provider enlisted Harris Interactive to conduct the online survey. This survey was done within December 11th to December 13th which generated 2,019 responses from U.S. adults. The result is absolutely thrilling for the online retailers. It clearly indicates the great influence of personalized e-mails and recommendations on online shoppers. Not only it drives them in conversations, but it also indulges them to actually purchase more.

The result: In addition to this positive effect of personalized e-mails making the consumers more inclined to spend more with a merchant, it is also tracked that 81% of the respondents are interested to receive more e-mails from that merchant each week if the contents were customized according to their past purchases. 90% of total online shoppers who have signed up for a retailer’s e-mails also added they would like to receive messages regarding discounts and sales of the products in their regular buying list. Another fact found – about 72% shoppers would prefer to receive e-mails showcasing weekly sales or new products, which will in-turn make shopping easier.

More possibilities: Shoppers, forming 69% of the survey respondents are also willing to help retailers in order to receive more personalized e-mails by sharing additional details about their personal preferences at regular intervals.

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