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Wayfair launches a loyalty program for architects and decorators

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 29, 2014

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Wayfair LLC, the famous home furnishings Retailer has launched a rewards program especially for design professionals. The free program, named as Designer Trade Services, offers discounts on volume purchases on, and only for interior decorators, architects, designers and other industry professionals. It also has other additional benefits including a concierge service.

The new program offers its members a 3% back in Wayfair Rewards on every purchase made. Wayfair has claimed there are more than 7 million products offered on these three sites –, Apart from concierge service, through this program the members will enjoy an access to an unidentified number of products exclusively available to Designer Trade Services members. The concierge service also will be highly beneficial for the designers to start projects as it will extremely helpful to manage budgets. No doubt it will also facilitate delivering materials effectively. Wayfair’s monthly online gallery will also allow the members to display their work to get an instant publicity.

Nancy Go, Wayfair senior director of brand marketing said, the company by initiating this designer trade services is now in a position to expand their reach to design professionals by offering them special facility and exclusive access to the marketing tools and services vitally important to achieve their goals more easily and accurately.

According to Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide, Wayfair, is holding a position of No. 52 in terms of E-commerce sales growth. This indicates about 50% increase in sales turnover than in 2013. Recently Wayfair has hired a new chief financial officer which influenced some analysts and brokers to come to a conclusion that the company is planning to go ahead towards an IPO. The new CFO, Michael Fleisher has a successful career in handling big company finance including public company accounts. Michael Fleisher previously served as vice chairman, strategy and operations, for Warner Music Group. He has a track record of leading an IPO as CEO of consultancy Gartner Inc. This also led analysts to assume like that and pointed to a possibility of IPO in the horizon which can not be denied.

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7 Ways to Earn More with Mobile Commerce this Fourth Quarter

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 29, 2014

Young Mobile Shopper
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It has been forecasted that mobile commerce is going to frame 16% of all e-commerce sales in the last quarter of 2013, toting up more than 42 billion dollars. If you are into online business, make sure you arm your site with mobile integration set ups and optimized in a way to fetch the most out of your mobile traffic.

Bank on these 7 tips doled out by experts to make the most out of M-Commerce this festive season.

1. Track mobile shopping behavior via Google Analytics.

The different requirements and buying behavior needs to be considered when creating M-Commerce campaign. With the help of Google Analytics, you first have to find out how your mobile target-customers look like. Follow the step that will make your task easy:

  • Set a mobile campaign goal.
  • Find out how much mobile traffic is your site getting and what are the miss out factors
  • Segmenting your mobile customers based on how much time they spend on your website
  • Make your website compatible with the most popularly used mobile device

2. Find out mobile user engagement

In order to determine which mobile customers are your existing buyers, use your Analytics insight and try segmenting your traffic to shell out more for those users. Divide the traffic which will not convert and bid low. It will be icing on cake if you can identify groups which are alike to your core changing customers and formulate campaigns depend on that.

3. Look after easy mobile check out

First let us peep into the reasons due to which mobile users abandon the checkout process.

  • Too complicated mobile site design
  • Very expensive products as compared to competitors
  • Probably they prefer shopping in some other device
  • Complex brief of the offerings confuse customers
  • Site security issue
  • Complex payment methods

Try to avoid these checkout errors when planning your mobile campaign.

4. Do some mobile SEO with hummingbird

Have you heard of the latest Algorithm update of Google – Hummingbird? The search results are customized to verbal search. Advance business persons and SEOs are benefiting from the huge traffic that purchases mobiles.

Follow these SEO steps if you are a beginner:

  • Test the performance of your mobile site on some tool like mobitest.
  • Outline keywords in Analytics to customize your mobile Ads.
  • Sketch out mobile keywords that you are not ranking which are related to your services or site.
  • Optimize page content, meta descriptions and titles for meta description
  • Take care of the mobile screen size
  • Customize URLs, contents and responsive designs

5. Take care of mobile bounce rate

Research says that 30% of mobile customers discard transaction if the process is not optimized for mobile. They go half the way, and then find it very difficult, so they bounce back. Mobile customers do not like sites which do not size to their gadget or have complex navigation. Use a flexible grid, images and CSS media files. This will speak of simplicity and user friendliness.

6. Compact and precise offers

Just like e commerce visitors, mobile customers also take interest in sales and promotion. So you should feature daily deals, specific time-period discounts. At the same time, do not forget to highlight big sales offers on special days. Try to utilize the festive periods.

7. Embark on social networking

Do you know that above 76% of mobile users’ access social networking sites from their smart phones! You can encourage mobile users to share product info with one touch posting, engaging games and activities in Facebook, Istagram etc.

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Amazon China builds its own network of distribution centers

Daniel Posted On - April 29, 2014

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It has been recently reported that, Inc.’s China subsidiary is building a nationwide network of distribution centers just like its network in the United States. Unlike US, Amazon China is creating a difference by employing its workers who deliver the goods to the consumer.

Outside the United States, it is Amazon’s largest distribution network. Amazon operates 15 fulfillment centers around China, with 800,000 square meters of warehouse space. Here, Amazon also employs drivers who make deliveries using their own vans, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. Fang Quan, vice president in charge of the marketplace platform for Amazon China said, the logistics service in China was immature and far away from what they had expected. That led them to establish a delivery team of their own. He also said, inside Amazon, Amazon China is the first to take delivery in-house, which is ushering hope that in the near future it could be extended to other countries too.

As Amazon had its own delivery network, it could successfully cater to orders during the Chinese New Year holiday period, commonly known as the Spring Festival. Fang observed, the competitors that relied on outside carriers failed to serve the consumers, but, Amazon on the contrary achieved festival distribution from 30 cities and areas to 47 in this holiday season.

Fitness equipment retailer Hangzhou Aigous Trading Co., which sells on the Amazon China marketplace and other shopping portals in China, has announced that it is benefiting from Amazon’s logistics expertise. Chen Huaibei, company director did not forget to mention that Amazon China has a smart logistics system which can help you automatically manage your inventories in different warehouse. He added more by saying that Amazon can predict probable sales in different cities and accordingly put the right amount of products in regional warehouses. Some domestic marketplace providers can not do that, for this he had to hire more people to manage it manually.

It is remarkable that Amazon’s Chinese competitors are also investing in fulfillment. and Alibaba Group are the best examples of this. They are also investing considerably in building a nationwide logistics network while collaborating with several delivery companies.

Amazon China was built around Inc.’s 2004 acquisition of web-only retailer in 2004. It is now No. 4 in the China 500 and No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500. This ranks North American retailers by their online sales which also make them No. 1 in the Europe 500.

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Users fond of Mobile Web and App shop Amazon on their Smartphone

Daniel Posted On - April 29, 2014

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In a recent study conducted by research giant Nielsen it has stated that Amazon ranked on top in the list of mass merchants in mobile commerce among mass merchants for U.S. Smartphone owners accessing the mobile web and mobile apps. The analysis further discloses, 53%, a majority of Smartphone owners whoever accessed the web or apps on their devices during March 2014 actually shopped

According to Nielsen, it points to a 76.1 million unique monthly visitors, which is incredibly high when compared to Amazon’s nearest competitor in the category, Wal-Mart Stores, with a record of reaching only 13% of mobile web/app users. The track record also reveals on average, shoppers spent 38 minutes and one second on the m-commerce site and primary app of

Product Features

The Amazon Mobile App has many advantages. It allows Android users to browse and Shop by Department, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, access Gold Box Deals, and make purchases on Customers can enjoy the facility of signing up to receive a daily notification for Lightning Deals and also stay up to date on status of their orders. Amazon Mobile App also includes other shopping aids that allow users to quickly check prices and availability by scanning a barcode, snapping a photo, or typing a search.


Amazon web service allows you to a wide choice of platform you like. AWS also offers a vast array of services to provide a most flexible and complete set of solutions for your mobile application. Consumers never need to wait for hardware purchasing, delivery, and setup as the service is available within a few clicks away.  Amazon Web Services is also very particular about charging the customers only for the resources they use, with no up-front costs or long-term contracts. The AWS cloud give access to managed server databases taking care of customer’s critical app data with a wide choice of installing any database.

Contributing factor

One contributing factor to’s success, mobile commerce experts say, is show-rooming. According to a survey by rewards and incentives company Parago 58% of adult Smartphone owners regularly engage in show-rooming, and the mobile resource most used by these shoppers is,. 46% of shoppers who engage in show-rooming on are members of Amazon Prime, the e-retailer’s free shipping and video streaming program that costs $79 a year.

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How Mobile Point of Sale is Transforming Retail?

Daniel Posted On - April 28, 2014

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The recent trend of mobile point of sale (mPOS) technology gives a clear indication that it will continue to influence the customer’s shopping trend and they will obviously experience a radical change in 2014 and beyond. According to Gartner, mPOS market will reach a value of $617 billion with 448 million users by the end of 2016, representing 42% of annual growth.

Retail is expected to be one amongst various other segments which will be directly boosted from mPOS. And as a result there will be few specific changes in the market scenario. Every retailer needs to be aware of these coming trends in the market.

  • It is speculated within the end of 2014, vendors will launch enterprise-ready mPOS solutions. ROAM is already leading the way by working with several Tier 1 retailers, including a major home improvement chain, in the process of combining services through m-commerce solutions.  This helps multi tasking in a systematic way and also extends capabilities in every respect. This is no doubt an outcome of Integration of back-end inventory and ERP system.
  • There is an increasing trend of Tier 1 retailers gravitate to tablets. This is obviously faster and more powerful than mobile phones. ROAM’s parent company Ingenico has already become one up by working with Apple stores in Europe to equip associates with iPad-based mPOS solutions for line busting and customer service. It will become popular within a short time.
  • In near future may be by late getting 2014 there will be an integrated device commonly in use, which will serve both the purposes of a mobile wallet and a mobile POS. It will be an easy solution securing mobile to mobile transactions. Retailers will accept mobile wallet payments on a mobile POS device. And automatically it will be treated as good as another currency, and should be accepted at both fixed POS stations and mobile POS ones.
  • Apps developer will have a great contribution in 2014 in developing and integrating mobile payment apps and mobile POS. Very often companies require customized solutions in the areas of storefront creation, inventory tracking, mobile payments, delivery tracking and more. Soon this will lead to easy and integrated payment processing capabilities in use. Ogone, a vendor has started working with MasterCard to develop and launch MasterPass, a digital platform that will make online purchases made very easy trhough connected devices including PCs, touchpads and smartphones.

The new trend will start transforming the current payment pattern. iTunes has already become accepted as an alternative form of payment in some countries. Soon there will be more such steps taken by the companies like Google Facebook, PayPAl and Amazon. Bitcoin also is gaining popularity among consumers in making payments for various specific sites. Soon there will be a rising trend in gift-card payments via mobile, including loyalty programs that allow customers to apply points as payment via mobile. All these alternatives will be used as replacement of cash. Hence the retailers immediately need to give it a serious thought on how they will start making transaction this way.

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PriceGrabber vouches for Quality Customer Service- The Key To Ensuring Customer Loyalty

Daniel Posted On - April 28, 2014

Top Price Website Comparison
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A major vouching point for the companies with augmented customer service is the efficiency and value they provide to the end users. It is a major pride for any concern when the customer service team goes out of its way to satiate the needs and demands of the customers. By no unabashed terms companies tout their adherence to the concept of better brand building by virtue of better customer service.

Brand loyalty in eCommerce- some insights

In eCommerce, brand loyalty is a tricky ask as new and unique service providers crop up at almost regular intervals. Being competitive in the domain needs more than just augmenting the products or services, What retailers are effectively looking into is to augment the customer services to meet up to the evolving expectations of the customers. Researches show that a healthy portion of consumers tend to stick to the leading retailers year in and year out! The secret to this repeat business is what all the retailers are after.

Meeting the customer’s query and providing a viable solution only augment brand image, but also acts as a major mark of the responsiveness of the business. Responsiveness is a major parameter of client satisfaction and retention. Providing tailor made solutions to existing clients provides the much needed reliability that brands seek in their brand positioning endeavors.

A PriceGrabber Survey pointed out that almost 70% of U.S consumers align towards the same retailers for the very reason of effective customer service. The PriceGrabber Survey also depicted that a whopping 75% of consumers opt for online retailers. Discount stores also remain a popular option among the respondents of the survey which was samples on 2,887 U.S. consumers who shop online.

The use of efficient customer service as passive marketing

In common parlance, marketing and customer service are deemed way different from each other. The two segments of a company are normally guided by different set of aesthetics and are meant to accomplish varying verticals. What the industry insiders will vouch for is the aggressive diversification and definitions that marketing have. In fact, they don’t define marketing as some specific set of activities, but an amalgamation of a number of disciplines. In reference to this, customer relationship management is also deemed as a way to initiate better recognition among the target audience. Building a positive relationship with the end consumers have always ranked high in the agenda of the retailers. Recently though, it has reached a whole new level with the retailers coming to terms with the positive effects that client communication brings.

Businesses have understood that repeat business is much easier and lucrative than acquiring new customers. Firms are making amendments to their customer relationship strategies by entrusting customer service executives with additional authorities.

To some it all up, it is true to say that business marketing is no longer confined to the periphery of making catchy advertisement or thinking up brand positioning strategies. Rather it now encompasses all the verticals which add some value to the end users in general. This all pervasive design is aggressively followed by almost all market leaders of niche domains.

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Top 5 ways for the Retailers to Boost Customer Relationships

Daniel Posted On - April 15, 2014

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Customers are the blood circulation in a business. Retailers and customers are the two end points of any business which not only survive for each other but it also provides platforms for many more in the middle to survive and prosper as well. The success of business depends a lot on the relationship management with the customers. To boost this relationship, retailers need to concentrate on the following points.

Reduce Shrinkage

You need to overcome simple pricing mistakes which can also cost retailers quite a bit. The average shrink percentage in the retail industry is about two percent of sales. Instead of raising the price learn to identify and reduce sources of shrink.

Increase Sales Opportunities

Whether you’re up-selling to a customer or planning an expansion into a Multi-Channel environment, retailers should learn to notice and take advantage of every possible opportunity to sell. Research and analysis helps a lot in this regard. There are several online research and survey result providers who can offer authentic statistics following PPC methods.

Improve Customer Service

Modern digital marketing techniques benefit retailers and business owners by providing opportunity to instantly cater to their customers several needs. They can improve this service by using a little more innovations. Taking care of complains and issues which needs immediate action through Internet it is becomes much easier to develop a better communication more direct and enjoyable. By embracing these qualities, companies can easily interact with their existing audiences and reach more people in a way that’s more personable than ever before. The success of a company will soon depend on not only their products, also but how they develop this aspect of their business.

Add New Products or Product Lines

One way to keep customers returning to your shop is by offering new and exciting products. When adding new products or expanding product lines, keep in mind that not only should there be a demand for the item, but it must also be profitable and something you enjoy selling.

Take help of Social networking

Internet is the main influencing factors in the modern business and market.  To build your customer relationship stronger you always need to take help of social networking sites like Google and Facebook.   Digital marketing has immense scope without any demographical barrier. The retailers need to fully utilize it. Affiliate marketing, Linked-In and other digital marketing techniques will come to a great help.

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Sears gains Fast Speed after redesigning its M-Commerce Site

Daniel Posted On - April 10, 2014

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A major site redesign completed on April 4 has helped Sears Holdings Corp. to achieve the No. 1 position from No. 11 on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index. The chain retailer’s m-commerce site home page has very high site availability. It loaded completely and successfully 99.74% of the time with an impressive time record of 1.74 seconds. According to Keynote reports, Sears secured an index score of 974 out of 1,000 in respect of load time and success rate in the week ending April 14.

Haroon Chohan, mobile and web performance expert at Keynote said that the major factor in the redesign was that the average bytes downloaded on the home page went from more than 100 kilobytes to just under 13 kilobytes. This was done by using a very simple home page design with just five objects loading on that page.

The home page of Sears’s mobile commerce site shows the logo, account sign-in and Shopping Cart at the very top. There is a site search box under it. This search box is followed by a large box with six navigation bars indicating Deal of the Day, Browse, Find a Store, Local Ad & Deals, Gift Cards, and More. Underneath this big box, which occupies most of the page, there is a bar of buttons showcasing the menu for About, Contact, Terms, Policy and Full Site.

Chohan also claimed that there is significant feature in Sears’ site, two of the five page objects are images that use the base64/data URI scheme to convert them into base64 strings that are then encoded into the HTML or Cascading Style Sheets. The advantages of using the base64/data URI scheme is that it helps to reduce the number of HTTP requests made for images and style sheets. Chohan explained this to be very beneficial for mobile sites given that HTTP requests over wireless networks can have higher latency issues. It also reduces the overall number of HTTP requests made which in turn greatly improves a site’s performance.

Imran Jooma, executive vice president and president of marketing, online and financial services at Sears Holdings said it is Sears’ goal for the m-commerce site to deliver a quick, seamless, integrated retail experience for the Shop Your Way rewards members and other customers. Jooma also mentioned the company has redesigned the site with not only performance in mind but they also wanted to cater to their members and customers integrated retail needs as a main priority. Not only the page load and availability were critical metrics but all aspects of the shopping experience were also kept in mind for customers and members benefit.

Sears gains Fast Speed after redesigning its M-Commerce Site

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E-retail’s future is about branding – CSN Stores became Wayfair

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 9, 2014

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If you are running a business quite successfully and reaping the desired fruits usually you will not be bothered to make a new move which demands changes. This was common for all e-Retailers even till few years back. But as the market grew more complex with tougher competitions, the retailers also started concentrating on evolving innovative measures to establish their brands to sustain in the challenging market scenario. A similar situation motivated Wayfair, then doing business as CSN Stores LLC, to begin on a major branding and design effort to consolidate its many sites under the banner.

The background

The modern trend of consumerism has a special feature. Consumers are more inclined towards the brands that the products. Wayfair could also assess that shoppers were increasingly searching by retailer name, rather than by product. This created the background for the change in strategy.

During the keynote address at the IRCE Focus: Web Design + Mobile Commerce event in Orlando, FL., Mike O’Hara, vice president of engineering at said that  change is a lot more easier task to make when the situation is forcing to make it, but it is not that easy when the situation is not actually forcing you.  He also added that Wayfair realized that in near future, brand will play a major role in online retailing and consequently took the decision of making the change.

New challenge

O’Hara also observed that this brand-focused redesigning and consolidation was implemented by engineers who had also focused on the technical aspects and this was a special challenge for the e-retailer.

Hence, to put a roundup effort in establishing the brand the company took special drive by hiring a creative director followed by a team of marketers, copywriters, product managers, and other professionals. The decision to consolidation the sites under the Wayfair banner also demanded the groups to reorganize under a centralized system. It was quite difficult to conceptualize for the present day multidisciplinary teams and give up to a central authority.

New benefits

The consolidated site under the banner was officially launched in September 2011 after lot of researching and experiments.  O’Hara said, Google initially dinged for all the site redirects from its former URLs, which took about 18 months for the e-retailer to regain its ranking in organic search. He also  emphasized  that with the current all inclusive and unique content Wayfair has become, much better in search than before the change. Consumers online are increasingly looking for Wayfair as a brand while searching for home goods.

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A Check on The Social Quotient of Amazon

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 3, 2014

Top US Online Market
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The conversation or “engagement” quotient of a Facebook page is deemed as a core parameter to gauge the effectiveness of the brand in online space. Gauging by that parameter, Amazon is by far one of the most “engaged” brand in the social space. Third party posts make up a healthy percentage of the posts on’s Facebook wall. Retailers often post about relevant news and even ask industry oriented question to spark a conversation. What this effectively means that third party sources are choosing the medium as a promotional network. What that effectively means is Amazon is playing the role of a intermediary between the brands and their target audience.

Going beyond Facebook

Not only in Facebook, but the Twitter feeds of Amazon are also laced with promotional content. Amazon being a market leader is eCommerce, has provided the third party retailers and stake holders a righteous medium to garner some much needed exposure. A look at the Pinterest presence of Amazon makes the scenario even clearer. Showcasing a mere 17 boards and generic themes, the retail giant has by far kept a low profile as against its more active counterparts.

Promotional content Vs informative content

It is a common notion in the social media space that the promotional posts fail to garners as much engagement as compared to their more informative counterparts. Even the promotional posts in Amazon’s feeds are able to secure an average of 417 comments/ post. With an astounding average of 2916 likes per Facebook post, Amazon is surely at the top of the chart when it comes to social media presence. The re-tweet number stands at 48- quite impressive given the fact that many direct tweets are also in the mix.

Online conversion quotient of Amazon

The most important aspect of the whole phenomenon is that Amazon is able to drive considerable sales via social networks. In fact, about 3.67% of Amazon’s site traffic is originated from clicks on social networks. The scale of Amazon also plays a part in the whole affair. The online retail giant attracts over 89.9 million visitors/ month in an average. With over 3.6 million visits from social networks, the playground for Amazon is pretty vast when it comes to online conversions. With an estimated conversion rate of 4% from social media, Amazon still ropes in $336 million in sales proceeds. The sales figure from social media alone can place Amazon in a favorable ranking among the online retailers. The network website from Amazon also ropes in favorable returns from social media. It is not a one-way traffic from social network to Amazon site. Rather Amazon also integrates social interaction elements in their website. This makes sharing products with friends and family really easy in a real time environment.

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Most E-Retailers do not Optimize Holiday E-Mails for Smartphones

Daniel Posted On - April 2, 2014

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Email marketing has become a common tool for retailers these days in targeting consumers to compete against what competitors are offering. Particularly during the holiday season, consumers receive all kinds of messages on their smartphones, including e-mails, text messages, app push notifications and mobile wallet messages. It is a common practice for the department store retailers to link mobile-optimized e-mails to its mobile commerce web sites.

Retailers are missing out

In spite of this, one recent study reveals most top e-retailers are not paying enough attention to optimize their marketing e-mails for the recent holiday weekend, which is affecting their potential sales, in a negative way. The analysis also reveals, the retailers who are focusing on mobile-specific messages such as push notifications and text messages that are relevant to customers are in a better position to utilize a growing source of revenue.

According to a Lightning Buy study of 60 of the top 100 e-retailers in the 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, it has been found that 65% of top e-Retailers did not optimize their Black Friday (Nov. 29) or Cyber Monday (Dec. 2) marketing e-mails for reading on smartphones, It also adds only 35% optimized their e-mails for smartphones and 25% linked their mobile e-mails to mobile commerce web sites. Another 10% linked those e-mails to full desktop sites. This statistics is quite discouraging from the point of view of fulfilling the purpose of e-mail optimization.

Some statistics

A vendor of mobile checkout technology said, four of the retailers that optimized their e-mails for mobile did not bother to link it to a mobile site though they have their mobile sites. Recently, BlueHornet, an e-mail marketing services provider has provided an alarming fact that although 76% of smartphone owners access e-mail on their devices, 80% of non-optimized e-mails accessed on smartphones get deleted.

Optimizing e-mails for mobile devices is quintessential

In this current situation, the retailers need to understand the importance of optimizing emails for smartphones especially during holiday season. A positive step towards taking a necessary action will boost their marketing strategy.

Carissa Ganelli, founder and CEO of LightningBuy also stressed on a possibility that retailers that do not optimize e-mail for mobile run the risk of having their e-mails deleted or having customers unsubscribe. She also mentioned as shoppers are ready to buy gifts during the holiday, it is absolutely vital for them to see an e-mail on their phone or to be able to purchase from a mobile web site otherwise they will obviously go to a competitor that makes things easy for them on their phones. Not only that it will be a huge loss for the retailers in respect of time as well as money spend on total efforts by building e-mail lists and marketing to their e-mail subscribers since this will allow competitors utilize the opportunity to gain a better result.

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Retailers must keep an Eye on Hybrid Consumers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 2, 2014

young woman online shopper
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A marked change has been found in the market trend since the time of economic set beck in the recent past. Researchers at Rabobank’s Food and Agribusiness research unit have identified it as “rise of hybrid consumers”. Previously retailers could easily mark the status of their customers by the type of their products bought. But currently a new category of shoppers have emerged who shops at both ends of the spectrum. In groceries they have enlisted Aldi as their regular buy at the same time they are also buying premium brands like Waitrose as it is socially or emotionally important to them. Same trend persist in traveling also. People are often spending the weekend in a luxury hotel but flying by a budget airline.

In clothes also all types of brands mix and match and live happily together in a single wardrobe. As if there is not much difference between Primark and Top Shop with Armani and Dolce and Gabbana.

Financial instability and crisis definitely has created the platform which has given birth of a constant cost curtailing attitude. Apart from this, there is another reason also. The rise of Internet accessibility has influenced many people to try out many brands which they otherwise would have never opted for. The retailers are largely responsible for this. The Retailers have unknowingly incorporated the trend by offering hard discounts and sometimes by introducing growth of private labels, originally started as a tactic to attract value shoppers.

But, whatever may be the reasons behind according to Rabo, the rise of these hybrid consumers has badly influenced the mid-market. The products in this segment are perceived to offer lacks both in quality and value and virtually has no demand to today’s hybrid consumer”.

According to The Dutch bank the extreme ends of the market will grow by high single-digit numbers, in near future but the mid-market segment will actually decline by 1% to 2% per year through to 2017.

This will not spare some of the world’s biggest retailing brands, such as Tesco, Carrefour, Delhaize and Safeway, which have made their fortunes totally banging in the mid-market.

Rabobank, has perhaps rightly commented that the strategic implications of this market duplication will also affect food processors, food retailers and foodservice companies in the same way unless otherwise they adapt something new and profitable form of business.

The internet on the other hand will become more important for both distribution and marketing. Brands will have to fight a harder competition with almost zero customer loyalty.

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Know about Shopzilla and its programs

Daniel Posted On - April 2, 2014

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Shopzilla with it’s headquarter in West Los Angeles, CA operates a portfolio of Shopping web sites, serving consumers and retailers in the U.S., UK, French and German markets with greatest experience as a price comparison service. Farhad Mohit and Henri Asseily founded it in June 1996 with a mission is to empower the consumers to find, compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere.

Shopzilla offers two types of solutions. One is Shopzilla Insight and the other one is Shopzilla Marketplace. Shopzilla Insight helps a consumer to avail a higher level of website’s experience through verified customer feedback. Shopzilla Marketplace presents the sale-able products in front of millions of customers which is otherwise impossible for a retailer.

Benefit of Shopzilla Insight

  • Collect verified customer insights

Shopzilla’s Consumer Insights program analyzes the data and provides accurate assessment about positive or negative traffic driving quotients to a particular site This benefits the retailers in mapping their new perspectives and formulating strategies for their current and potential customers.

  • Verified Google Seller Ratings on display

 All the seller ratings collected by Shopzilla are verified purchases and syndicated to Google’s Seller Ratings service. As a result, the store rating for a retailer is displayed next to its website Google listing, this helps with search engine optimization and drive more traffic to that site.

  • Collect ratings on Shopzilla

 The same way all the seller ratings collected on Shopzilla merchant page are displayed next to the search listings, which helps to attract more traffic to a particular site.

  • Powerful reporting

Shopzilla Insight provides daily email reports helping a retailer to reach out to the customers. It also offer other valuable information which offers additional help in evaluating the performance metric.

Benefits Shopzilla marketplace

  • Connect with over 40 million global unique visitors

Shopzilla offers the most powerful and easy-to-use comparison shopping search technology on the web. The networks of sites assist millions of visitors to quickly find exactly the product they are looking for. In this ways the chances of converting that visitor into a sale are much higher as the potential are customers are channelized to the site through Pay-Per-Click method.

  • Simple and easy operation

It is extremely easy to join the Shopzilla market just by signing up for FREE Shopzilla account.  Great support is offered in managing the inventory.

  • No budget constraints

All budgets are catered with equal attention. There are no set-up fees or hidden costs.

  • Quick results

It helps a retailer to get new customers and boost the volume of traffic quickly.

  • Analytical support

Detail information coupled with online support drives your business to have an upswing. This also helps to attain the ROI objectives.

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