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Expand Visibility Like Never Before With Flawless Americommerce Amazon Integration

Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 23, 2015

Americommerce Amazon
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Amazon can be your gold mine only if your know how to dig right. If you have an Americommerce Store and are aspiring to make it big in this platform of bubbling possibilities, you will have take a minute off and ensure that you make all the right moves to make your store visible in this all inclusive and ever growing marketplace. If you are a beginner, this may be time to toughen up and wake up to the fact that finding visibility among the millions of existing sellers would certainly be a challenge which no spoon feeding or motivational speech can achieve. This is a matter of critically technical approach that has to go right in every way possible.

If you have decided to take on the challenge flying solo armed with a smattering of book bound knowledge, may God be with you. On the other hand, if being smart and being wise sounds more convincing, the idea of having Americommerce Amazon integrated literally professionally would be the next best approach to make. The matter of discover-ability in Amazon has been a well sought subject in the world of e commerce research and development. The results have been such that any enthusiastic vendor whether seasoned or new can make the most of the findings only if they are thorough with the concept.

Here are a few factors that you must be enlightened about from the very onset of pushing your discover-ability:

To begin with, you must know that Amazon is more focused on pushing sales of well selling products that the seller of the concerned product. For this, your sales performance history and relevance of the product will count to the last word. If you have just set your foot in the marketplace and may be waiting for your first sale, (putting it very simply) you will need to ensure that your products are described irresistibly. This should be followed by ensuring that every other listing detail is in point to point harmony with the standards mentioned by Amazon.

Secondly, it will only work in your favor to have an Amazon advisory audit conducted at regular intervals of time. The audit will disclose the areas where you may be lacking and thus improve, suggest possible strategies that drive discover-ability and also suggest a few points to push ‘Buyability’ of the products as well. On achieving proper Americommerce Amazon integration, more than half of the troubles will be well taken care of. For the rest, you need to remain on your toes for the sake of improving performance preferably with professional assistance till the time optimum sale begins to pour in.

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Netsuite Amazon Integration Can Be Surprisingly Profitable Following These Infallible Guidelines

Stephen Posted On - June 22, 2015

Netsuite webstore
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Netsuite has always been a joy to work with all thanks to a truck load of updated and un-compromised features that it offers to its users. This promising business management software has been designed specifically to suit the needs of mid-sized to large businesses that are perpetually in the process of grabbing a profitable portion of eCommerce marketplaces and comparison sites in their favor. However, not everything in the list of possibilities can be accomplished single-handedly by Netsuite. This is especially true when it comes to any Netsuite powered online store to get discovered in Amazon and rule this marketplace giant.

Amazon has a mind of its own and every other shopping cart solution must be in tune with its specifications to ensure getting the best benefits and that too without having to sweat it out every single day. In fact, Netsuite Amazon integration can be surprisingly simple and surprisingly profitable if you follow these few effective guidelines without fail…

Seek right plug-ins and softwares – The matter of perfect integration can be achieved by installing the right softwares and plug-ins that can speed up the entirety of Netsuite powered store operation in Amazon. From having your listing and listing management automated to making the task of receiving orders and kick starting fulfillment a matter of minutes, you can achieve perfection and lightening speed in all critical operational necessities and more.

Try not to get lured with free third party plug-ins – Most softwares and plug-in services are available from third party developers who charge a moderate fee for purchase and installation of the same. Higher the quality and features in these solutions, higher would be the price. However, there are many plug-ins and softwares that are made available for free.

While the deals may sound convincing it is best to stay away from these options. It has been seen in infinite cases that these softwares are if poor quality and can expose the concerned system on which it is uploaded to risks especially hacking and duplication of payment information.

Hire dependable professional eCommerce solution providers – Professional eCommerce solution providers can not just achieve Netsuite Amazon with perfection, but can also sync Netsuite Google Shopping, eBay, Sears, Rakuten, New egg and infinite other platforms as well with assured benefits. This should free you from considerable load especially if you are a newbie.

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Top Reasons To Reboot Your Amazon eBay Inventory Management System NOW!

Steve Burns Posted On - June 22, 2015

Amazon Ebay Inventory Management
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Amazon and eBay are becoming more voluminous by the day and any time is a good time to make your present felt in these marketplaces. However, the first hurdle you will get to experience on setting foot in these platforms is a sudden surge of bulk traffic that is sure to flow in the direction of your store. This will usher certain inevitable effects in your inventory management process that will call for critically urgent attention. Whether you are a newbie with 60 products to speak for your store or a large establishment with thousands of products under your wing, choosing the manual way of Amazon or eBay inventory management will lead to your eventual extinction.

The fact that your store will receive bloated traffic will effect greater conversions and faster depletion of products. This will call for staying aware about the depletion followed by reintroduction of the popular products back into the inventory, listing the same and making it visible and available to the customers once again. On failing to do so, you will miss out on massive revenue opportunities that could be all yours, while at the same time causing a significant clog in your inventory management procedures. If you wish to stay ahead in Amazon or eBay or any top marketplace for that matter, this is an error you cannot afford to make.

The simplest solution to eBay or Amazon inventory management is to opt for automation softwares which can be availed from trusted third party sources. These softwares are attributed with qualities of instant automation of the entire process of inventory management that is specific to the requirements mentioned particularly by the concerned platforms.

Availability of these softwares and plug-ins ranges in types and varieties. You can choose the ‘Amazon or eBay only’ software types that allow management of inventory only in these individual platforms. You can also choose the multi-channel inventory management systems that tend to connect tens to hundreds of different platforms in one single user interface. Your usage will depend upon the number of platforms you are spread across.

If you feel a little overwhelmed as far as understanding these softwares is concerned, you can seek help from professional e commerce solution providers. The latter can help you in matters like comprehending the involved technicalities, how to choose, how to upload and of course, how to use the same for the best benefits.

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Keeping Pace With Amazon Product Feed Can Be This Easy

Thomas Posted On - June 11, 2015

Amazon product feed
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The hullabaloo about product feed is all for the right reasons especially when it is for giant eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Whether you like it or not, these two names have extremely stringent guidelines especially as far as product listing is concerned. If you are a new online store owner trying to commence your efforts in any of the two or both, be amply warned that the initial process of listing and management of the same will tend to claim not just a massive chunk of your time but your peace and sleep as well.

The golden words are, please don’t try and attempt the process manually. If you do, be assured that you will not just be taken over by a list of errors and eventual restrictions from Amazon and eBay, but will also be far behind when it comes to keep pace with the speed of these sites. These are not just word… sadly enough, many store owners have learnt the hard way. If all this is pulling your spirit down, this may be time to say hello to a range of softwares and tools that are designed to assist with Amazon and eBay product feed and that too, specifically.

Here is a small list of benefits that you can avail from these simple yet super effective solutions…

Instant automation – The main function of these solutions is to flawlessly automate the process of product listing in the concerned sites. As a store owner, you are sure to have a home product list. All that the software does is take the list, convert it to suit of Amazon or eBay listing specifications, and have the details transferred to the latter without you having to do anything more than tap at a button.

Relisting, updating features – If this sounds easy enough, be prepared to enjoy the nest slice of cake. Most high quality eBay and Amazon data feed softwares come complete with impeccable side features that allow relisting of the present product list while also allowing easy updates on special activities like announcements of offers and discounts etc.

Receive reports – This is an integral part of feed management softwares today. Sellers need to know how their products are doing especially to find out which to push in the platform and which to pull out. Regular reports allowed by these softwares offer comprehensive information to the sellers to act wisely in this respect.

More often than not, sellers tend to use product feed and management softwares offered by these platforms. However, there are a few handpicked third party products that have can offer a wealth of all inclusive benefits that the others cannot. Choosing them can help you stay in tune with the feed management requirements Amazon and eBay with surprising results.

To know more, call a Client Services Executive with ChannelSale now on +1 866 709 9495 or email to get prompt and accurate replies, helping you grow your online business. ChannelSale, your platform for growth!

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Technical issues are bothering eBay sellers in U.K. and U.S.

Steve Burns Posted On - June 10, 2015

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Recently an eBay spokesman has revealed that some eBay sellers of UK as well as U.S. were facing a typical technical problem which did not allow them to create or modify new listings.

The spokesman further added that though the problem still remained undetected, they were trying to tackle the issue as fast as possible as it was badly affecting the consumers residing in different regions including the two countries, U.K. and U.S. He also mentioned about their sincere wish to provide regular updates on their systems board.

However the spokesman remained silent about any further information regarding this. But after this declaration, eBay U.K made an announcement about the same problem. On their site they have mentioned about this technical malfunctioning and apologized to their customers by saying that if they face a problem in the key area of their site and fail to complete their purchase, they need to try later at some time. It was also declared the retailer is trying to resolve the issue at their earliest.

No doubt this has affected many consumers and they have clearly expressed their frustrations in, a special blog designed and meant for eBay sellers of U.K. There are several complaints from readers who faced this problem and were unable to post new listings.

Although the blog said only a few people are experiencing this difficulty, not all but still the negative impact is not being less any way. People who are affected by this technical issue will naturally react quite seriously as it is creating lot of inconvenience for them.

Some comments on the blog saying, “Can’t list anything,” or expressing despair by writing “Great fun watching the busy uploading arrow spinning round for hours at a time lol,” are more than enough to make the retailer feel seriously annoyed.

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Amazon on an ‘agency model’ pact with Macmillan

Daniel Posted On - June 9, 2015

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Amazon recently reached a pact with Macmillan regarding the sale of print and e-books. The development comes around when this high-notch U.S marketplace has been broiled in controversies with a major publishing house over sharing of e-book profits.

The agreement

John Sargent, the Macmillan CEO, had posted a letter on the company’s website declaring that the agreement with Amazon got struck early December and shall be implied from January 5. According to the agreement, the e-books shall be under an ‘agency model’ with the consumer prices of all digital books set by the publisher and retailers taking a cut of the sale.

Addressing the Macmillan’s authors, Sargent said that the net percentage of the proceeds would remain unhindered under this deal. He further added that the authors would be affected as they always have been, by the changes in prices. Yet the books would continue to be featured in Amazon promotions and deals. Sargent also expressed his fears of his concern about Amazon’s dominance in the e-book market and suggested broader channels to reach readers.

Amazon ‘content’ with deal: Spokesperson

Whereas the spokesperson at Amazon, Sarah Gelman, said that they are happy and content with the agreement. In an e-mailed statement, she said that it would allow Amazon to grow business with Macmillan. Gelman highlighted that the pact shall create a financial incentive for the publishing house in order to deliver lower prices for customers.

Tiff with publishers

The pact follows another one month between Amazon and the Hachette Book Group that had put an end to a rancorous half-a-year tiff. This tiff had cut off supplies of several of the publisher’s titles. Claiming that sales would zoom up resulting in much higher all-round revenue, Amazon had sought discounts upon e-books. Hachette had resisted this move, with the support of many authors; who said that such tactics were causing them to incur huge losses. Amazon had also signed a multi-year deal with publisher Simon and Schuster last October.

E-books crushing the print space

The publishing industry, of late, had been wrestling with the shifting business models as consumers have been adhering to digital books more rather than their print versions. According to Forester Research, Amazon dominates e-books sale occupying 60 per cent of the market. It also pioneered the e-book industry with induction of the Kindle device in the year 2007.

Macmillan to test “pay per read” model

CEO Sargent had also revealed in his letter that the publishing house is on a demo stage of a new subscription model in which consumers would need to ‘pay per read’. Macmillan intends to test this model for titles which are not well-stocked at retail outlets or with backlist books.

As Sargent wrote, “Our job, as always, has been to provide you with the best possible distribution. Given the current financial and strategic incentives being offered, we believe it is the right time to try the test.”

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Amazon & eBay Listing Features You Will Never Want Your Competitors To Experience

Thomas Posted On - June 8, 2015

Ebay Amazon Integration
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If some eCommerce genius tells you that everything lies in listing, trust these golden words with your eyes wide shut. Let’s get real. The first thing that is visible to your potential buyers in favour of your store is the range of products you have put forth and how you have described it. As a matter of fact, if you have not listed your products in tune with the requirement of the concerned eCommerce marketplace or comparison shopping sites, you may not be allowed visibility in these platforms in the very first place.

In this respect, eBay Amazon listing can be mentioned, which is not just the toughest to upload but to manage as well. If you are not watching up close, you may get swept behind by a team of competitors as far as gaining visibility before target buyers. Here are a few listing features though that can help you beat the obstacles and achieve desired results. These are also the features that you will wish your competitors don’t discover, however, sadly though, this is very unlikely to happen because of the rampant spread of enlightenment about Amazon and eBay listing upgrades.

Error free bulk listing with softwares – Bulk listing rules in these two top marketplaces. We are not taking about tens of odd products but hundreds and thousands of it. Doing it manually may have been an option before but is obsolete now. Introduction of a few unchallenged and innovative eBay Amazon softwares for listing and management can accomplish this herculean task in a matter of minutes and that too in perfect tune with the specifications of these platforms.

In fact, there are many trusted multichannel product feed and inventory management softwares that can help you upload your product list both in Amazon and in eBay or in hundreds of other platforms with no more than one single click of a button. For a task that could have claimed days will now take just a few odd seconds.

Softwares / plug-ins help determine competitive prices – Certain well chosen softwares and plug-ins are attributed with the feature of helping user vendors determine competitive prices for their products in the platforms by scanning and reporting the price patterns of the competitors. Taking about staying ahead, this is a weapon you must possess.

Good ones can be availed for free – There is an ongoing belief that every free plug in and software has down-pulling features. This may range from the software / plug-in to weigh down on the speed of the site or make it vulnerable to external risks. The truth is, if you look closely, there are a handful of free softwares that are actually effective and functional. Using them will not just save you money but will gain you an edge over the rest as well.

ChannelSale is one of those platforms who can single-handedly manage your eCommerce business. Visit us on or speak to a Client Services Executive on +1 866 709 9495. You can also email the team on ChannelSale, your platform for growth!

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In-store shopping is being replaced by m-commerce in an amazing percentage!

Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 1, 2015

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Analysts anticipated the year 2014 to come to an end with special advantage for the retailers supported by mobile commerce websites and apps. It is already a fact that the current year was quite significant in terms of many mobile milestones. And it will lead to more advancement in this area in the coming year.

A study conducted by an application performance management firm, Dynatrace, formerly known as Compuware APM, has revealed that 37% of total U.S. consumers using smartphones and tablets, are already determined to shop heavily from their mobile devices instead of visiting the retail stores during this holiday season,

The research report further revealed that in this season, 42% of mobile users have made up their minds that they will opt more for mobile shopping than last year’s holiday season. In the month of October, Harris Poll conducted the survey on 1,353 U.S. consumers using smartphones or tablets or both the devices. Most interestingly, 25% of mobile users disclosed a strange fact they quite often they purchase various items using their mobile devices even if they are standing in front of the retail stores.

So it is well understood that the present condition is creating a great pressure on the retailers. Unless otherwise they prepare themselves for mobile shopping trends, it will become really tough for them to survive in this market situation as their rivals will beat them in competition by incorporating mobile friendly retailing systems. The director of omnichannel strategy at Dynatrace, Erwan Paccard, has highlighted the same fact.

If you look around you will also easily realize the continuously increasing importance of mobile, smartphones and tablets in retailing as more and more people prefer and depend on these devices for their shopping requirement than going to a physical store. Even standing close to a retail shop also is not attracting them to go and visit it once.

At this outset retailers should immediately upgrade their systems and imbibe the new mobile retailing culture which can only save them from being perished.

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