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Importing Tracking in Magento Application – Steps to Do It

Thomas Posted On - January 29, 2016 API integration
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One of the most well-recognized e-commerce platforms available today, Magento allows building online stores and maintaining the same. The Application Programming Interface (API) of Magento also lets you do revisions to the source code of your online store. However, for people who are not experts in computer programming or who lack the time for creating codes for stores can get add-on support from Magento to enhance the functionality of their Magento app. Here are the steps that you have to use in order to import tracking info into the database of your Magento online store.

Sign into Magento

First of all, you have to sign into the admin panel of your Magento account. Go to your Magento dashboard and click on the heading named “System”. Click to highlight the option named “Magento Connect” in your context menu which arises under the heading “System”. Click on the sub-option “Magento Connect Manager”.

Complete the setup process

Sign into your Magento Connect website by using all the details that you have been provided. Paste the extension key of your tracking module into the field named “Paste Extension Key to Install”. Click on the button named “Install” in order to set up the module for your online store. Go back to your dashboard on Magento once the installation procedure has come to a finish.

Get the tracking module

Click on the heading named “Sales”. Choose the option named “Import Tracking” from your context menu which shows up under the heading in order to get the tracking module. If you wish to import tracking details to the database of your store, you can try using any of the modules of Magento in order to import tracking information from a XML (Extensible Markup Language) or CSV (comma separated values) file. You may seek assistance in this regard from any of the companies that offer multi-channel promotional services on and other channels.

Upload the file

Click on the “Choose File” or “Upload” option from the “Upload File Manually” or “Upload File” heading of the module. Browse to the XML or CSV file which comprises of the tracking information that you wish to import. Click on the option named “Store Settings” or “Save Config” in the toolbar of the module. This will set the Magento platform in a proper manner and allow you to upload tracking data from the XML or CSV file that you are using.

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4 Things You Should Learn About Google Product Feed

Stephen Posted On - January 29, 2016

google product feed
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Google, just like lots of popular online marketplaces, such as Etsy, Amazon and ebay, has now also turned into a viable marketplace. Google Shopping is a unique marketplace which keeps on stocking new kinds of items. You will be able to upload and sell various items on Google Shopping, just like in numerous other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Read on and know all about Google product feed, and learn 4 things about it.

You have to create feed

Before you submit a feed, you need to create a Google feed. Google Shopping comes with a few limitations as of now, and it accepts feeds in formats like zip, xml and txt. The fields or columns in the product feed will be based on the type of data that you have to upload. However, there are a few basic fields that must be there such as availability, price, image, category, description, title and product ID.

Get expert assistance

Submitting or uploading feed on a Google account is similar to uploading items on any ecommerce store. The submission of a Google feed will not be difficult in case you have entered data into Magento Google shopping platform with the use of a CSV file. However, if you have not handled any ecommerce platform, you will like to get help from someone who is experienced.

Check the status

Once you upload Google merchant data feed to your merchant account on Google Shopping, you will be given a status for every item that you have submitted information about. With this status, you can easily understand whether or not a specific item is eligible. You can also understand whether there has been any mistake during the uploading of the items. Once you have uploaded the items in a successful manner, you will be able to track the product performance and make alterations in the product details and pricing at any time that you need.

Look for problems in verification

If you encounter any issues in product feed, check whether there have been any problems in the verification process itself. There are specific regulations and rules that you have to satisfy in order to upload items on Google Shopping. You will have to set up a Google merchant account, submit necessary details like personal info, customer service no and business information. Following verification, you can upload feed on your merchant account on Google Shopping platform.

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How Can You Add Products to Your eBay Store?

Steve Burns Posted On - January 29, 2016

eBay selling software
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If you are interested in entering making sales online through ecommerce stores, you have possibly already started with eBay among others. New sellers on this popular store often like to know how they can add items to their eBay store. If you wish to handle bulk orders on the store, first of all you need to add products to the same. The following steps are what you need to follow in order to add products to your eBay online store.

Create a store

First of all, you need to check the official eBay website. Choose the products that you would wish to add to it. Enter the site and visit the seller’s section to create the store. Click on the option named “Open eBay store”. With this option, you can create the store easily.

Choose the products to add

Once you have created the store, you have to add products of your choice to it. Go to your profile page as a user and choose the link “Add Item”. You need to do it once you have set up an account or have just logged into your seller’s account.

Offer the necessary information

Offer all the details to eBay about the product that you wish to add. You can also choose the sale parameters and any specs associated to your own store. A proper knowledge of eBay selling software can be useful, but you can do well even without the same. Click on the button named “List or Sell Item” after you have submitted all the necessary details. It will help you to add products relatively conveniently to your eBay store.

Find worthwhile info

Check your store page on eBay in order to gather worthwhile information as well as practicable tools that can assist you in the management of your store. Managing the store is not too easy unless you are well-equipped with knowledge. You can enlist the services of a professional agency specializing in real-time inventory management, integration services, feed management etc to help you out in this regard.

Note the products you are selling

Open another document and note down the items that you are offering for sale as well as the ways that you are using for the management of your store. Keep these in your own records for personal use. When you select a password, choose one that you will not forget. It should be something that will not easily be guessed by other individuals.

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How to Increase Your Profitability from Sales on eBay?

Thomas Posted On - January 29, 2016

eBay selling
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Today, online shopping is a big trend and eBay is one of the most famous marketplaces online. Many online shoppers choose to buy a wide variety of items from eBay, and some of these can be availed at low costs. Many people are making brisk money with sales of various products on this store. Some sellers who are new to the process get overwhelmed with eBay selling, but things are not so tough when these tips are followed.

Check the basic rules

Virtually anything can be sold on eBay, and you will first need to complete the basic steps such as opening a seller account, getting your items listed, uploading images and more. You need to complete all the essential steps in a proper manner in order to enjoy good sales and make money.

Do proper research

In order to do proper research, you have to browse through the eBay store. There is no need to pay fees. All that you need to do is search a product that you wish to sell and get an idea about its cost structure. You can also determine the interest of buyers for that specific item. There is possibly no demand and no bids for some item despite being listed multiple times. By browsing the website, you can also find out how products are promoted by sellers and make your listing description accordingly.

Choose proper categories

While preparing a list, you need to select the most suitable category for your item. There are apparently some rules in eBay for the listings. While adding an extra category, keep in mind that your picture fees, upgrade fee, insertion fee and the like will be increased. Companies providing eBay Amazon software and integration services can enlighten you about these procedures.

Know about image pricing

You will not have to pay anything for the first image that you upload. However, the additional pictures will need you to pay up for them. You will be able to save money with images from your own stock. By hosting images of your own, you will be able to regulate the images that would be displayed in a specific listing.

Do not spend much on listing

You will have to pay final value fee and insertion fee for every auction listing on eBay. Bold font texts, additional images and other things incorporated into your listing and put on Public Mode will come with additional charges. Do not spend much on a listing, as you will have to pay eBay irrespective of whether or not you are able to make sales from the same.

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How can you manage your eBay Inventory?

Daniel Posted On - January 29, 2016

eBay Inventory
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Irrespective of the products that you want to put on sale on eBay, you have to keep your inventory properly managed and isolated from your home items. At any time you set up a home business, it can be quite possible for you to get your personal products mixed up with your business products. This is truer if you live in a small space. Even if you are an eBay seller with some amount of experience, you can end up losing some products you have listed on the website. This can spell doom for your enterprise and you can end up with negative feedback. You can try managing your inventory in the following ways.

Use Inventory software

One can get numerous kinds of inventory software apps for use. If you are using an accounting software system such as Quickbooks for handling your eBay inventory, you need to know how you should use their inventory. It is a good idea to get an inventory buying software which can analyze the type of inventory you have and inform whether your stock is filled or whether you have to reorder. In case you have an inventory app in modules, you should only buy the modules that you require. It is essential to consider your necessities and then acting in an according manner.

Hire an inventory management agency

There are lots of eBay Amazon Inventory Management service providing agencies and you have to choose a good one. Other than assistance with organizing eBay inventory, you can also get help with automated product listing, real-time inventory management and shipping and order tracking management services. Whether you have one or more ecommerce stores, and would like to have your items synced with suitable product categories from eBay, these agencies can help you.

Do not spend a lot on inventory

You will end up wasting a lot of cash if you spend a lot of inventory. Check whether you can return obsolete or old products. If you cannot find the same, find out a way by which you can sell them quickly. You may also check with other retailers like yourself and find out whether they are ready to get some of your inventory.

As the owner of an enterprise dealing with shopping stores like eBay and Amazon, you need to know how you should control your inventory without breaking your bank. The tips mentioned above will assist you in managing your inventory in a smart way.

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Extending an eBay Listing – How to Do It?

Stephen Posted On - January 29, 2016

eBay listing
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One of the biggest and most well-known marketplaces online, eBay is used for the sale and purchase of new and used products of various types. An eBay listing is able to be active for 1 day or even as much time as 30 days. The listing might not be eligible for an extension in other cases. In case the listing was created in the last couple of hours, it can be revised in the rest of time. This can mean the charging of an extra fee in some cases. In case the listing is nothing but an auction which is being extended more than a week, for an additional fee it can be extended to a span of 10 days. Here is how you can extend the listing.

Revise the listing

Check the listing out and revise the same. You can do this by using “My eBay”. Use the drop-down menu that is displayed at the right hand side of the listing name. Choose the option to revise the listing. You can also do this by going straightaway to the My eBay listing or via the mail search option and making a click on the link “revise your item” located at the upper left corner of the listing.

Edit the listing

Scroll down and move to the edit page in the section dedicated to duration, which is just under the listing price. In case the product is eligible to have its listing time increased, you will find a drop-down menu which lists the times you can change it to. In case your listing is of a fixed-price type, you can extend it to a 30-day period. In case it is of an auction type, 10 days is the maximum time for listing. This is not very different from the Amazon seller software.

Make the changes

Click on the link “continue” placed at the bottom section of the page. It will allow you to go to the final page for editing. You can make any changes to the picture package or subtitle on this page. Go to the bottom of your page in case there are no additional changes to be made. Any additional fee to be charged can be seen at the page bottom.

Finalize the changes

Find out the link “Submit revisions” placed at the page bottom. Click on it to finalize the changes and extend the listing to your specified amount.

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How Can You Set Up an Amazon Affiliate Store?

Steve Burns Posted On - January 28, 2016

Amazon Affiliate Store
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A reputed online store, Amazon aStore is used by Amazon affiliates in order to market their own products. The aStore is incorporated by affiliates into a blog or website. It can also be utilized as an individual site. The store may consist of an item that can be sold on Amazon. For every sale that affiliates make via their own store, they receive a payment. You may seek assistance from any of the eBay FBA service providers that help with Amazon integration and other processes. But if you want to do everything on your own, find out how you can set up an a Store.

Be an affiliate first

Visit at first. Join the Amazon Associates Program by following all the instructions given therein. This will allow you to register yourself as an affiliate. You will be sent a verification email from You have to open the email in your inbox and click on the verification link in order to complete the registration and become a verified Amazon Associate.

Log into your account

Once you have signed into the affiliate account, go to the menu toolbar located at the upper part of the page and choose the option “aStore”. Choose the items that you wish to sell in your own store. You may use keywords to conduct searches and get recommendations or include particular items. Choose as many products as you wish.

Categorize your products

Separate your store products into different categories. By the use of categories, you can provide buyers with greater confidence in finding the items that they wish to find. There can be categories like “Organic” and “frocks” in an aStore that sells eco-friendly clothing for babies. An aStore which sells gardening tools can include categories such as “spade” and “pest remover”. If you choose any of the Shopify Amazon integration service providers, this can easily be facilitated.

Dress your store up

Once you are done with the basics, choose a theme and customize it. Choose the color of the text as well as background of your page. Determine the font that you should use. You can also optionally give your aStore a name as well as upload a logo image in the header section.

Complete the process

Once you are satisfied with your aStore, click on “Finish and get link”. Make use of the link in order to embed your aStore into your website or blog.

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