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Updating your Amazon Inventory – Ways to Do It

Shrikar Khare Posted On - February 29, 2016

Amazon Listing Software
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It is vital to keep your Amazon inventory updated at all times. This will allow you to make maximum number of sales without jeopardizing anything and ending up selling items that you do not possess in stock. Anyone with the Amazon Seller program can get the chance to post information about items to sell on the Amazon Marketplace. This can run alongside all the product listings of Amazon. By keeping your inventory updated, you can again quickly list the items that went out of stock and skip the procedure of posting about the latest products. Here is how you can update your existing inventory on Amazon.

Log into the Amazon Seller account

First of all, you have to use the Amazon Seller Central and log into the Amazon Seller account that you have opened. Click on the menu option for Inventory and choose the feature “Manage Inventory”. From the sub-menu displayed at the left, choose the filter “All My Inventory”.

Choose your item

Next, you have to spot the product that you wish to update in your listings on Amazon listing software. Choose the field for the product that you wish to update beneath the column entitled “Available”. Type the latest inventory count in for your item. Choose the button named “Save” on the menu at the top to update your posting.

Updating new inventory

Click on the menu option for Inventory and choose the option “Add a Product”. Type in the product name, UPC, ISBN and other relevant details for identification in the field beneath “Find it on Amazon”. Hit the “Search” button. Find the product that you wish to sell from the search results that are displayed. Hit the “Sell Yours” button.

Fill all the details

Follow all the directions displayed and fill the details on the “Offer” tab. You need to submit the fields “Quantity”, “Your Price” and “Condition”. Hit the “Save and Finish” option displayed under the page and update your inventory on Amazon with the listing of the new product that you wish to sell.

By following the above steps, you can easily update your inventory on Amazon with new product listing. Keep in mind that new listings can take a maximum of 15 minutes to show up on the Amazon Marketplace. While updating the present inventory, you will have the option to alter the “Available” inventory simultaneously for more than one item. When you click the “Save” button, all the new products will be saved.

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Rating: 0 (from 0 votes) Integration – Why Should You Rely on Professional Services?

Thomas Posted On - February 29, 2016 api developer
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As a seller, you will need to integrate the Jet platform into your store. You can manage orders, upload items, download orders and control the returns that you get with a proper integration of the platform. Although you can ensure the integration from your own end, it is a good idea to settle for a professional integration service provider and entrust the company with the responsibility. Read on and find out why you should do this.

Proper syncing with appropriate categories

With professional integration service providing companies, you can sync the right items from your store with the right categories. Experts can use good plug-ins and software apps to facilitate the integration and ensure that the syncing is done in a seamless manner. A parent-child relationship is established between your store products and that of

Associated services

With professional companies, the assistance does not begin and end only with integration. You can also get help with management of your stores. Whether automated product listing, granular level product mapping or real-time inventory management, you can get proper assistance with each and everything. You will also get management assistance with shipping and order tracking, which can assist you in managing multiple or single store from your end.

Higher visibility

Other than API integration, you can also have your products promoted on the store across a wide variety of channels. Your items can get optimal visibility online and get marketed to optimal number of users online. Experts can help you with selling items of any shape, type, size and color. Irrespective of whether you would like to sell multi-variation items, kits, group items or bundles, you can get proper assistance.

Marking up of costs

You can also have a differing pricing structure for different online marketplaces, including The costs will also be marked up for various online shopping stores. As a seller, you cannot afford to lose out in the race due to non-flexibility with pricing. The entire cost structure can be automatically marked up and adjusted according to the demands of consumers.

Updates with selling information

With the help of, API developer, you can get product stock updates at regular intervals and be aware of whether your items are selling over or under your expectations. You can change the type of products or pricing structure and other things on the basis of the updates that you get.

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How Can You Ensure Increased Business Profit with Amazon?

Thomas Posted On - February 29, 2016

Amazon seller
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The Amazon online store has been helping many small and big traders make tidy profits with different kinds of products. Even as a person who is only trying to clear out old and extra items from your garage, you can make good sales with the Amazon platform. However, if you are a serious trader who wishes to make a good income with steady sales through the platform, here are some tips to help you ensure better profits with Amazon.

Find the best niches

One of the biggest ways to ensure high sales is to select the right categories and zero in on them. Find out the top-selling niches on Amazon online store, and stock products related to the same niches. With the proper categories, you can be assured of great demands for your products and enjoy a steady stream of customers. Although there would be higher competition to encounter, you can soon be able get your place under the sun. However, before you buy any stock, it is essential to invest a few hours doing research on Amazon and finding the right categories.

Create proper listings

It is important to create proper listings on Amazon seller central, and ensure that the product descriptions do not have any grammatical errors. Use high quality images for each item that you upload for sale, and keep your pricing flexible. Also make sure that the shipping charges information is accurate and to the point.

Manage the listings

It is not enough to simply create the listings. You also need to manage them, which can become a problem if you upload multiple listings. With professional Amazon listing software providing companies you can manage listings more easily.

Integrate listings with keywords

If you thought SEO is only for websites, think again. Most sellers on Amazon have experienced higher sales with the integration of keywords into their product listings. Websites like Google Adwords and Keyword Tool can provide you with keywords related to your products that are searched the most. You can integrate these into your product listings in an organic way, so that they are easily found out when potential customers search for them on Amazon. These will even get prominence on Google search results pages.

Go for a professional service provider

Make sure that you hire the services of a professional company. Good companies are always ready to assist new traders with every type of service related to Amazon, whether integration, real time inventory management, automated product listing, marking up of pricing and more.

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How Can You Sell On Amazon Store With Minimal Headaches?

Thomas Posted On - February 29, 2016

Amazon seller central software
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Life as a seller on Amazon store can be pretty rewarding, although there are lots of things to consider. You have to take care of your inventories and manage them properly, create and update your product listings, synchronize your items on Amazon with the appropriate categories, find out about the over-performing and under-performing products and so on. Keeping track of each and everything can give you some real headaches, and you have to know how you can avoid the hassles to make your journey as a seller easier and more enjoyable.

Integrate Amazon platform into your store

With Amazon platform integration into your store, you can sync your store items easily with the Amazon web store and establish a parent-kid relationship with it. The Amazon seller software is a highly profitable tool and its integration can spell higher profitability for you as a product seller. You can integrate this type of software on your own, or trust any of the reliable integration service providers in the market to do the job for you. For seller Amazon has various features and tools.

Opt for automated feed software

With Amazon seller’s software, you can get automated feed regarding the products that you showcase on Amazon and find out status regarding the same. You can lower your marketing expenses once you are able to understand which of the products are selling more or selling less than your expectations. There are various apps and tools that you can use towards fulfilling this end. With Amazon selling tool, you can access data feed associated to Comparison Shopping Engines in order to supervise your performance.

Check your inventory status

It is essential to keep track of your product inventory at all times, and remove the expensive items out of your stock which are not received well enough. When you sell on Amazon, it is not enough to be content with stocking products from the top-selling niches. Periodically checking your inventories is necessary in order to curb wastage, and stock only those items which are selling well for you.

Monitor pricing of your items

Even after you publish the pricing of the products on Amazon seller central, you will have to monitor the costs and adjust them according to the platform that you promote them on. With automated pricing adjustment Amazon selling tools, you can markup costs for different channels and ensure that customers can always find your items worthwhile and more affordable to buy.

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eBay Listing Pros That Other Marketplaces May Not Offer

Stephen Posted On - February 29, 2016

eBay listing software
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eBay is one of the most promising e commerce marketplaces that any seller can choose to have their presence in. This is not just for the voluminous traffic that this platform invites but also for the ways in which the very process of selling is aided in the platform. It all begins with the nature of listing that is allowed by the platform which at any time is more descriptive than what may be allowed in other marketplaces at this very moment. In fact, many sellers may also find that the listing process is way too lenient than many other platforms of sale.

The superior and flexible scope of eBay listing is followed by the fact that the number and nature of products that can be listed in this marketplace is unmatched in diversity. Unlike in other marketplaces, sellers in eBay can list products like real estate, vehicles, pre used products and many more which may not be allowed in others. This in turn facilitates the necessity of describing the products aptly so that the buyers have a very clear understanding of what they are spending their money on. With clear and un-convoluted description of the products, the risks of returns and refunds also diminish to a bare minimum.

Besides super descriptive listing advantage, eBay also allows the benefit of free listing of products to a certain limit in a month. While it is also true that the rules in eBay surrounding listing and other basic processes is always on a flux, sellers can still enjoy the spirit of free listing with slight adjustments brought in periodically. This has been of massive assistance to smaller sellers who may have a thing or two in excess to sell for profits. Commission to the marketplace for items listed for free still applies, but then it is only a very small price to pay.

Whatever little complexities that may appear on the way for sellers who have bulk items to list can be very easily taken care of by the eBay listing softwares that are available through a number of trusted e commerce solution providers. All that sellers need to do is approach the providers, sign up for the services, install the software, have it activated and witness the entire process of listing being take care of within minutes and that too with minimum or no manual involvement. Happy and profitable listing is thus, always possible with eBay.

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Using eBay Amazon Listing Softwares Directly Contribute To Yielding Performance – Here’s How

Stephen Posted On - February 29, 2016

eBay Amazon listing softwares
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Listing is the first step to a brighter future in top performing marketplaces, and this has been amply proven with tangible experiences of sellers. How you list your products determines how attractive the same would appear to your target buyers while staying in tune with the often stringent requirements mentioned by the concerned platforms of sale. Amazon and eBay are two of the top performing marketplaces that are known for their dedication towards perfect listing. As many unfortunate sellers have already come face to face with, there have been times when delinquents have been shown the door without a second consideration following outrageous listing follies.

While this may be a rare case (yet true) scenario, more often than not, it is the list of advantages of perfect listing that motivates sellers to put in better effort towards this direction. Here it is very necessary to note that listing requirements, irrespective of how stringent, difficult or unfair it may seem, are not designed to torment the sellers but to ensure that their product list is compatible with their search systems. When you list in tune with the requirements of the platform, your products directly get thumbs-up from the concerned marketplaces.

Being in tune with the stated requirements, the products feature somewhere in the top as and when any search for related items are conducted by purchase motivated buyers. This again, contributes directly to the discoverability of the sellers in these top performing marketplaces while enhancing traffic flow towards their stores and increasing conversions at the same time. It has been seen through tangible experience that sellers who list well, remain at the top of search results at all times.

Most sellers who have understood the cause have been seen to invest in very high quality and suitable eBay Amazon listing softwares that tend to handle the bulk of the process through effortless and error free automation. Usage of these super solutions ensures minimizing listing hassles in the part of the sellers that arise through manual handling of the same. Staying at a safe distance from errors and bottlenecks ensures sellers to remain in the good books of Amazon and eBay by allowing better shopping experience to the buyers.

Basically, usage of eBay Amazon listing tools spells a win-win situation for the sellers. Considering the fact that come at affordable prices through reasonable developers of the same, sellers at all levels, whether new or established, small scale or large can approach the same very confidently.

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Myths Surrounding eBay Amazon Softwares

Daniel Posted On - February 25, 2016

eBay Amazon softwares
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When it comes to selling in eBay and Amazon, flying solo and that too completely unassisted by selling support can be just as good as digging one’s own grave. This applies for all sellers who run small, midsized to large businesses through these top performing marketplaces. While it has been observed that sellers with very large establishments happen to be well enlightened about seller support these days, sellers who own small or midsized ventures are still seen to be in two minds about whether or not to use eBay Amazon softwares to further the cause of their businesses.

Apprehensions about these otherwise fruitful solutions arise from a set of misconceptions that have been surrounding the concept since the time they came into existence.

The first myth that surrounds eBay Amazon selling solutions is that they are unnecessary inputs designed to extract money from sellers without offering any real benefits. This is the most saddening of all myths that have circulated so far. The truth is functioning without seller support these days especially in these two top performing marketplaces can directly contribute towards losing in the face of cut throat competition while inviting errors and bottlenecks in critical processes like inventory control, order completion, listing management and many more.

Neither Amazon nor eBay nor any other quality marketplace would entertain mistakes as such in the part of the sellers. This makes it imperative for all to relax their faith on all things manual and avail eBay Amazon tools and softwares before commencing their ventures.

The second most annoying myth about selling solutions (tools, softwares and plug-ins) is that they are way too expensive and are not wallet friendly especially for smaller and more budget constrained sellers. The truth is, at this very moment, there are a good number of third party developers who offer very affordable yet very applicable software solutions for supporting sale and operations in top performing marketplaces. Approaching these developers is very easy and using the solutions is just as simple as well.

This brings us to the third myth that surrounds third party developers of Amazon eBay software solutions. Till date, there are sellers who are apprehensive about the authenticity of the developers with many having firm faith in their misconception that all such solution providers are scammers. In very simple words, this is just not true. Well chosen third party providers can be your ticket to a successful eBay Amazon venture. Conducting a little research before hiring the same can remove doubts that could be restricting progress.

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Tips To Make A Sparkling eBay Store

Robin Smith Posted On - February 25, 2016

eBay Selling
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If you are a serious eBay seller who desires to pursue eBay selling as a full time career, it may make some sense to kick start a store. Building an eBay store is the first and the most important step that a seller can take to showcase their positive and progressive interests to prospective buyers as well as the platform in itself. However, unlike what it may have been a few years ago, owning a store in itself is never enough to march towards the direction of profits and growth. It takes much more to push a store towards a brighter and productive future than its mere existence.

It all starts with placing proper focus on designing the store. In fact, this is the most important factor that all eBay sellers should take into urgent notice. The focus should rest on making the store so attractive that buyers get entranced with it as they cast their very first look. Designing a proper captivating logo is extremely important. For stark beginners, looking into already established stores can be of massive help in gaining an idea about how to go about the process. When it comes to creating the perfect design, enthusiasts will have to chart out the A to Z of the essentials and figure out the best possible ways of putting the pieces together.

Say for example, making use of promotion boxes, pictures, logos, templates, titles etc. just about everything matters in bringing the best out of your store. It is always wise to start the process with some solid research on the subject. If you need to spend a week or two while researching the perfect store building strategies, it is advisable to do so with confidence. However, it is necessary to know that eBay as a platform is always changing. Improvements and enhancements thus, need to be taken into notice while introducing changes in the store accordingly.

The next most important thing to note when it comes to improving your eBay store presence like never before, is to have it integrated perfectly. Initiating integration would enable all operations associated with your store to get reasonably automated while eliminating scope for errors and bottlenecks. Considering the fact that eBay is very cautious about how sellers contribute to the purchase experience of buyers, proper store integration would directly contribute to making an impactful association with the platform. Using a range of well chosen eBay selling softwares is also advised.

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How eBay Amazon Integration Services Can Help You?

Shrikar Khare Posted On - February 18, 2016

Amazon eBay Integration
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Amazon and eBay are two of the biggest online marketplaces at the moment. Millions of online sellers are making brisk sales with various types of products on the stores and making tidy profits from the same. The promise of high profitability is making many sellers look to these platforms for more sales. With eBay Amazon integration, you can get a number of benefits as a seller.

Proper synchronization

With the help of integration apps and software tools, you can synchronize the items from your store with those of Amazon and eBay online stores. It is essential to sync your products with the most appropriate categories from the online stores, so that the synchronization is effective.

Shipping and order tracking

You can also get constant updates about shipping and order tracking, and manage your orders more effectively. It is important to provide customers with accurate information about product shipping charges, as international sellers can face annoying issues without proper guidance and prior information. You can update your Amazon and eBay online stores with tracking numbers as well as shipment details.

Round the clock management

As a seller, you need to be able to manage your product list. However, it is also important to make sure that you do not end up losing precious business time only in the management aspect. With integrations apps and plug-ins, you can make sure that this does not happen. 24/7 management of your store and inventories is essential, if you wish to make high sales.

Granular level item category mappings

This allows you to synchronize the products of your store with the most suitable item categories. You can get complete support regarding the sales of products of any color, shape, type or size. Whether the products are simple ones, kits, bundles, varied or multi-variational in nature, you can get complete assistance.

Easy order generation

You can establish a parent-child relationship with Amazon, eBay and other big online marketplaces. With the help of integration service providers, you can get native orders created on your online store for every order that is generated over the parent stores.

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How Can You Improve Your Sales Rankings on Amazon?

Daniel Posted On - February 18, 2016

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Selling on Amazon has major advantages, and has helped millions of people around the world to sell a wide range of items very easily. Through product marketing via Amazon, you will be able to get lots of customers who have never ever heard about you. For entrepreneurs and small businesses without a large advertising budget, it can work as a very worthwhile sales strategy. But you will also have to compete with scopes of retailers. In case you wish to sell more than your competitors, you need to change your Amazon seller central sales pages and improve your sales rankings.

Know the Amazon Sales Rank

Every hour, sales ranks – also known by the name Best Sellers List – are updated by Amazon. An evaluation of the sales ranks reflect whether a product is selling better than other items listed on the website. Over time, your Amazon sales ranks will change and the reductions and increases in sales will be reflected. The recent sales will only be reflected, and there will not be any indication on how quickly a product will sell. You have to understand the sales rank.

Improve your sales presentation

If you wish to enhance your sales ranking on Amazon, make the items more enticing so that buyers are eager to purchase from you. By including a video, 4 – 5 photos in high quality and lots of visual aids, you can score over your competition. You have to detail your product descriptions as much as possible as well as add in keywords that buyers are likely to use when they search the items. For instance, if you are selling eco-friendly clothing for newborns, you will possibly like to incorporate keywords like “organic baby clothing” or “eco newborn outfits” or “organic baby outfits”. There are CS Cart Amazon extensions from companies that offer multi-channel marketing services, which can allow you to enhance you sales and improve your sales presentation very easily.

Encourage more reviews

Buyers often try to know about the experiences and feedback of other people when they make decisions about who they should buy from. Naturally, you have to make your reviews section stronger. Encourage satisfied buyers to feel free to leave their reviews. Through your accounts on social media, you may also put out requests. With more and more positive reviews, you can easily get more customers assured of buying from you. You can sell more products sold from your end.

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How to Manage Amazon Store with a Professional Multi-Channel Marketing Plan?

Stephen Posted On - February 17, 2016

Amazon seller account
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As an Amazon seller, you will always attempt to sell your products to a large group of consumers. However, this is impossible with a narrow selling approach. Multi-Channel Marketing Plan is key to the survival of businesses, especially small businesses and sellers. This not only involves websites, blogs, social pages and forums, but other online stores as well. Managing an Amazon store with multiple-channel promotional plan can be effective, but difficult. Read on and know how the process can be made easier.

Research your customers

Try to conduct research regarding your customers, their demographic, the devices they use, the platforms they shop from, the social networking websites they access etc. The use of Amazon Analytics Tool and other similar software apps can be useful for this purpose. With proper research about customers, you can find out which of the channels are best to tap into in order to reach out to your consumers.

Create the right campaigns

You need to create the right marketing campaigns for the right channels, so that customers are easily interested with what you have to offer to them. A sound marketing plan is necessary when you are dealing with multiple channels, and all the campaigns should be a part of the same plan.

Test the campaigns

It is not enough to create suitable campaigns as an Amazon seller. You will also have to test how effective your campaigns are. Keep in mind that testing a campaign for every individual channel varies a lot from testing the complete multi-channel campaign in totality. You should define success metrics beforehand in order to get a complete idea about the results all through the campaign.

Opt for a professional service

Handling and managing multiple channels can be highly difficult, especially if you are a small seller. For a small fee, you can hire a professional marketing service provider to handle the management affairs. You will be able to have the entire process handled by experts, and leave the worries of devising proper marketing strategies as well as conducting research about the platforms to promote your products on.

Manage your inventory

It is important to manage your inventory at all stages of the process. While selling, you will need to be updated constantly about the status of your inventories and which of the channels are working the best for your needs. With expert services, you can understand the channels and manage your inventories accordingly.

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Amazon Listing Software Services

Stephen Posted On - February 17, 2016

Amazon listing software services
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The Amazon online store is responsible for selling a wide variety of items, used as well as new, through small and big merchants. The Amazon system works in a different manner on the basis of the products that are sold and also the amount of inventory possessed by a seller for that product. Many traders find it difficult to list their products, especially when their inventory stock is a huge one. Check out the top 5 reasons why you should hire Amazon listing software services.

Ease of listing

Although listing just one product on the Amazon is easy, you can encounter difficulties as a seller when you have to list a number of different items on the store. You have to upload images for each product, write down product descriptions, manually enter shipping details and costs for each item among other things. A listing software service provider can make the job easier for you.

Perfect syncing across all marketplaces

With good companies, you can also synchronize all your items with various top marketplaces online as well as affiliate networks and comparison shopping engines. The process is automatic and you do not have to labor manually to ensure the same. All your orders and tracking information can be synced with platforms like Amazon very easily.

Automatic product data feed integration

You can also ensure automatic integration of data feed for your products to the Amazon online marketplace. Irrespective of the type of online store that you have, such as Pinnacle cart, 3D Cart, NetSuite, AmeriCommerce, Yahoo store, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce or Magento. You can get all your orders synced properly with the different platforms available, like Fulfilled by Amazon.

Real time inventory updates

You can also get updates for your inventories in real time. For every item that sells over Amazon and other online marketplace, you will find the rest of the amount updated in your own trading account as well as on Amazon. With proper inventory management in real time, you can judge how well your items are performing. You can determine whether your items are selling less or more than expected.

Automated listing of items

With qualified service providers, you can automate the listings of your products on Amazon. The entire process can be streamlined so that the items are properly listed. Good companies make use of proper granular level product category at the time of integrating information for products in specific categories.

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