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Make Your Amazon Feed More Discoverable With These Tips

Thomas Posted On - June 29, 2016

comparison shopping
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Product discoverability in Amazon has always been a challenge. Competition in this top marketplace is always at the highest and just about every seller is engaged in putting their best foot forward using the same set of tools, softwares and strategies. So, with everyone doing their level best, the chance of being discovered by Amazon search engines still remains a ‘chance’ and no more. However, on the brighter side of things, there are a few good ways to get over this situation and make a real difference to gain a functional edge over competition, and mostly, this has got everything to do with improving listing practices.

As of now, improvement in Amazon listing begins and ends with feed optimization. This does not refer to the regular approach but a sort of, customized approach to make the feed uniquely compatible with the search engines as well as the buyers who launch their search for the same. Using the right set of keywords in the title of the products is more than just mandatory. However, to stuff the titles with 50 odd keywords that make no sense when read by buyers can compromise the interest of Amazon and can have the seller removed from the platform. Short titles with bang-on keywords is necessary. If this can be achieved by using softwares, sellers should not hesitate to approach the same. Seeking professionals for customized assistance can also help tremendously.

Secondly, it is necessary to power pack the descriptions with information that buyers will best benefit from. It is alright to get descriptive and even narrative if you have something valuable to add to the resource. Using nonsensical expressions and exclamations compromises the professional outlook of the listing. This may reflect poorly on the genuineness of the listing thereby compromising on the intent of buyers to complete their transaction.

Basically, you can think of the type of feed inputs in comparison shopping management of top sites and frame your listing in Amazon in its lines. This will keep you in track with what buyers want, which will eventually give you the push required to boost your visibility in this mega marketplace. But at any point of time, it is necessary to remember that you will have to stick to the listing rules as stated by Amazon.

Last but never the least; you need to manage your reviews well. Inviting reviews for successful buyer engagements while responding comprehensively to negative reviews can improve believability of listings which can be a blessing for improving discoverability.

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Google Shopping Feed Dos and Don’ts

Robin Smith Posted On - June 29, 2016

Google Shopping Feed
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Platforms of opportunities often come with a range of if-then-else’s navigating through which can claim any odd e commerce seller’s patience. This is especially true in case of top comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping managing performance in which can always be challenging and expensive at the same time. Basically, there are two steps to succeed in Google Shopping; one is to carry out proper integration with respective shopping carts and the other is to focus on the listing.

Integration is usually not an issue considering the fact that there are a number of e commerce solution developers who can carry out the process as smoothly, effortlessly and affordably as Magento Amazon or Shopify eBay integration for that matter. Troubles usually begin when sellers need to make their listing visible and productive in the platform. This too can be achieved if the following guidelines are borne in mind…

To begin with, determine whether the products you are introducing in the platform is market fit / click worthy. Take a rather ridiculous example in this respect. Say you are somehow selling I phone 4s in Google Shopping! Even with the best of listing, you product may not sell. You may get a 100 clicks out of curiosity from buyers (who would want to check if the seller is not playing a joke), but conversions will be a far cry. So, you will be paying out 77$ to Google Shopping for just about ‘nothing at all’!

Secondly, add as much impact in the listing as possibly. Your aim is to ensure that 2 clicks should convert to at least 1 sale. Basically, you should not be paying .77$ for nothing. It can add up to a good lot on unpopular products which can drain a lot from profits that you make on other listed items. Say for example, if you have unpopular products in your Bigcommerce powered store listing, you can choose to pull them out while carrying out Bigcommerce Google Shopping feed import.

Thirdly, stick to the optimization rules i.e. no keyword stuffing. Google Shopping does not like being bluffed. The platform expects the titles to be crisp, to the point, comprehensive and best suited to the product that the merchant is trying to sell. Tricks and hacks are awarded with scrapping of listing.

Fourthly, irrespective of what tricks and hacks may preach, please take care of your descriptions. Product titles, images and descriptions should all match to perfection. Google shopping may flash your products even with mismatched descriptions, but buyers can read and they may get confused. This can eventually compromise conversion of traffic.

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Beginners’ Best Approach To Multichannel E Commerce

Stephen Posted On - June 28, 2016

Multichannel E Commerce
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When you want to be present in more than one selling platform from the very onset of your e commerce venture, it is extremely necessary that you play your cards flawlessly. Being lenient and having your judgement clouded with whims and wishes can prevent any multichannel endeavor from taking off from ground level. Here are a few very important tips that can help keep overconfidence in check while offering optimum growth, healthy revenues and ample avenues to multichannel ecommerce ventures to expand with time…

Contain greed –

To begin with, it may sound very tempting but it is always wise to limit the number of platforms you wish to spread into. Choosing one or two from among the top performing marketplaces is far better to start with than choosing ten different platforms to sell. The eBay v/s Amazon debate is good to consider deciding which would be more suitable for you than being present in both and being smacked out of your time, patience and investments.

Integrate – integrate –

Secondly, you will have to initiate proper integration between all the platforms you are present in with your shopping cart. Say for example if you are powered by Magento and you are present in Rakuten, Amazon, and Etsy, you will have to carry out Magento Amazon, Magento Rakuten, Magento and Magento Etsy perfectly. The costs can run up to a few good thousand, so it is always wise to start with a tiny handful of marketplaces than stretching presence over 5 or more.

Use fee calculation & fraud protection softwares –

Thirdly, multichannel e commerce can always be profitable when you use fee / profit calculation softwares to determine how much profits your products will fetch at the listed price. This is a great way to prevent revenues from seeping out from where you may not be watching. At the same time, using fraud prevention softwares can protect you from inauthentic transactions that can save hundreds to thousands of hard cash every year.

Be present in comparison shopping engines –

Among all the platforms you may choose to be present in, it is necessary to include comparison shopping engines as well. Comparison shopping engines like Shopzilla, Nextag and of course Google Shopping can be welcome traffic drivers to your store which can improve your visibility and conversion rates by miles. Integrating with your chosen comparison shopping platform is just as necessary as it is to integrate with the marketplaces.

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Easy Tips To Sell Out Your eBay Inventory Faster

Steve Burns Posted On - June 28, 2016

eBay Inventory management
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There is no better way than organic way to sell out your eBay inventory. For those who have been resorting to tricks and hacks and have been facing warnings from the platform, take a clue or two from the following organic tips to ship your inventory the happy way for better profits and higher rankings…

Choose products that buyers are looking for –

There is no harm in doing some research on the types of products that buyers in eBay are interested in. Choosing popular products in the category you are selling in is one of the best ways to sell out inventory faster.

Price them competitively –

People in eBay often come looking for the best rather, the lowest prices in products. If you offer the lowest price in a certain product of interest, you can be rest assured that your products will sell out faster than ever before. However, it has also been observed that offering unbelievably low prices can generate doubts in buyers who may think that there may be something inauthentic about the product which has contributed to bringing down its costs to scratch.

The trick thus, lies in pricing the products competitively than going for drop dead low prices. Using softwares for the purpose is strongly recommended.

List products attractively –

The root of eBay inventory management lies in the process of listing. How you list your products determines how far you will go with generating orders for the same. Inventory will start moving only when buyers are convinced with the listing and start placing orders for the same.

Organic listing in eBay or any other marketplace for that matter refers to improving the basics (like titles, descriptions, images etc) to make them more relevant to buyers without resorting to malpractices like keyword stuffing, watermarking images etc.

Attempt proper warehouse integration –

If your inventory is spread over multiple eBay warehouses, you must ensure proper integration with the same. More often than not, overall integration solutions like Volusion Amazon integration, Bigcommerce eBay integration etc cover warehouse integrations as well. If however, you feel that the features in the inbuilt integration systems are not enough to cater to your needs; it will be wise to go for additional softwares for the purpose.

Push shelved products with offers –

Lastly, shelves items can be a real trouble for eBay sellers especially those who may be paying warehouse fees to have them stocked. Offering attractive deals on these products like affordable combo offers etc. can help move them out at the blink of an eye and that too, profitably.

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Multichannel Ecommerce Rules You Must Never Overlook

Robin Smith Posted On - June 27, 2016

multichannel inventory management
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Multichannel ecommerce is the best route to winning maximum traffic for your online store. Almost all successful online merchants owe their growth and profits to this one of a kind way to reach millions of prospective buyers at one single shot. However, there are yet another lot of sellers that have not been able to harness as much benefit from multichannel selling as they thought they would. Basically, failure to grab opportunities while performing in multiple platforms of sale can be blamed on missing out or not being too careful about certain spoken and unspoken rules that govern this mode of commerce.

Ignoring integration:

Integration is the first rule that not-so-successful sellers seem to ignore first. Say for example, if you are Shopify powered seller performing in eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping at the same time, you will have to carry out proper integration with all of these platforms irrespective of how much it ends up costing. If you choose to integrate with eBay and while leaving Shopify Google Shopping syncing to chance, your future of multichannel e commerce is sure to be gloomy in the near future.

Forgetting multichannel inventory management includes the entirety of supply chain:

Secondly, inventory management in multichannel ventures is not only about managing in flow and outflow of your products from respective warehouses. It involves the entirety of supply chain involving getting your stock from the wholesalers and keeping in touch with the matter of ‘availability’ in their side. Predicting your sale and stocking up accordingly without taking into account issues that may be arising in the part of your wholesalers will contribute equally to issues like over and underselling, order cancellations and many more.

Using advanced multichannel inventory management softwares that cover the entire spread in comparison with those that cover only a part of the process is highly recommended in this respect.

Listing parity maintenance:

Thirdly, keeping in mind that price is the King, you must at all times list competitively in all platforms of presence. However, there are platforms that guarantee the lowest prices or best deals to its buyers. If however, your list price is higher in some other platform, you may face risk of being suspended or banned for committing the folly of driving traffic outside the platform. This situation is best when avoided. Using high quality price management softwares can help ease the issue to a large extent.

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Understanding Supply Chain Management To Improve eBay Amazon Inventory Control

Stephen Posted On - June 24, 2016

Amazon eBay inventory management
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Inventory management process of an average e commerce seller often seems to begin and end with the movement of their stock through single or multiple warehouses. It has often been seen that any kind of poor performance in the part of the seller like delay in completing orders, order cancellation, over and under selling etc has been linked with the failure to keep in touch with the basics. However, taking a closer look, it can be seen that the issues may lie in the web of supply chain management which any and every seller is a part of.

Say for example, a certain retailer that houses a list of products gets his / her stock from some wholesaler or a few wholesalers. These wholesalers again get their stock from the respective brands that manufacture the products. Again, sellers who manufacture their own products get their raw materials from some other provider / providers. It can so happen that the delays may arise in order completion because of unavailability of products with the wholesalers or some other slip in their part.

So, as far as improving overall inventory management process is concerned, it is important for e commerce sellers to not just integrate with the immediate factors, but also the peripheral necessities. Most Amazon eBay inventory management softwares as of today are incomplete in this respect and the sellers may be required to fall back on other means of integration with their source providers. This can often get a little burdensome for those who may not have been planning and predicting their stock and sale from weeks before hand.

Basically, there are a few simple yet effective ways to maintain harmonious supply chain management in midsized to large business ventures and planning and predicting sale from weeks ahead is only the beginning of it all. Establishing end to end automation and tallying it perfectly with the listing (especially those that display the number of items left in stock) is more than just imperative. Many eBay Amazon listing softwares are equipped to integrate seamlessly with the inventory management system, keeping buyers updated about the sock limits without the sellers having to put manual efforts into the same.

Pre planning and unclogged communication (seller to wholesaler and seller to buyers) is required at all times. Serious sellers who aim to make their businesses blossom can also seek professional assistance on this critical matter.

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eBay Amazon Seller Secrets No One Wants To Share

Thomas Posted On - June 23, 2016

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We have all come across the phrase ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and there are ample reasons why this phrase holds relevance as well. E commerce sellers who are performing in the top marketplaces of eBay and Amazon would also say the same. Basically, when you are selling in these no nonsense marketplaces, you are required to abide by the rules to the last word. Hacks and tricks and bending the rules are often awarded with suspensions.

When asked, almost all sellers raise their hands and say they are the infallible rule abiding lot. However, taking a closer look a number of secrets have been discovered that no one wants to share. Here are four of the hush-hush methods that sellers often use when no one’s watching…

Long titles:

This is a classic black hat feed optimization technique that most eBay Amazon listing softwares with optimization benefits don’t support. Here, the sellers are tempted to pack in as many keywords in their product titles as possible so as to enhance discoverability of the same in the search engines of the respective marketplaces. This is way against the will of the platforms which rests at titles that are about 80 characters long. Very long titles are usually confusing for the buyers to read and understand making them less attractive to the same thereby diminishing their chances of being purchased. Neither eBay nor Amazon takes this slip casually but sellers still give their best shot at it!

False scarcity:

Not many Amazon seller softwares would offer the advantage of showing false scarcity, but then there are those that do. False scarcity basically refers to showing false deficiency in the listing which creates a sense of urgency among the prospective buyers to leap at the offers before it gets sold out. So, even if you have 100 items left in the stock, your listing will display only 3 left or only 2 left if not 1. This is one of the easiest ways to get prospective buyers to complete their orders at an instant than stocking things up in their carts.

A made up review or two:

It’s a shame but many sellers often do it to improve their sale history. This happens especially when the sellers receive a handful of poor reviews on their products or their order completion methods. If discovered, such stunts are usually awarded with strict warnings if not instant suspension of account.

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Why Should You Sell On Sears At All?

Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 16, 2016

sell on sears
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Sellers from the world over are in complete awe of Amazon and often don’t feel the need to venture out to other promising e commerce marketplaces. When you have billions of searches happening every year and increasing by the day; when you have FBA taking care of all your order fulfillment necessities with maximum assurance of buyer satisfaction; when you have the seller central to address your basic operational issues; when you can experience the best of growth and profits in this very platform; then why at all would you wish to set presence anywhere else? Sellers who are present in Amazon and Sears at the same time though, have a very different story to tell.

When placed in comparison with Amazon, Sears as in e commerce marketplace (not the retail giant that it is) does appear a little too miniscule to seem attractive in any way whatsoever to sellers. However, when you sell on Sears, an instant access to thousands of unique buyers who have sworn their loyalty to this platform and are seldom seen to shop anywhere else can turn the tables around for the better. When you add these unique buyers with that of Amazon, you will discover that your scope as an e commerce seller has already increased many times over.

Secondly, operating in Sears can cost you as little as 40$ per month. With this, you can receive and fulfill as many orders as you wish with all the support you require for the purpose. Additional assistance like FBS (fulfilled by Sears) may cost a little more but nothing that cannot be handled with ease. Similarly, using features like Advertise with Sears can also be very beneficial as far as driving traffic to your Sears store is concerned. Considering the fact that Sears already has a massive following in the world of retail, there is ample possibility that buyers who click on the products would actually go ahead and make the purchase.

Thirdly, integrating with Sears is easy irrespective of which shopping cart you may be powered with. Say for example, initiating Volusion Sears integration can be just as productive, promising and affordable as Volusion Amazon integration. Carrying out both at the same time cannot be very difficult for sellers who wish to be present in both of these e commerce marketplaces with equal impact. Choosing the right e commerce solution providers can make the deal even more budget friendly.

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What’s in Your Hand When Buyers Scam You In Amazon

Stephen Posted On - June 15, 2016

Amazon seller forums
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Let’s face it… there are times (rare though) when top e commerce marketplaces treat their member sellers like step children. Amazon can be held as a classic example. At this very moment, there are infinite sad stories being narrated in Amazon seller forums about how this mega marketplace sided with scamming buyers than with authentic sellers. Each of these stories is filled with inconsolable grief and sense of repentance as to why no shields were raised as protection against buyer fraud in the first place. While it is true that the eBay book sellers’ forum has more horrifying stories to narrate, seeing Amazon catching up with the record seems even scarier. Identifying fraud buyers can be very difficult for obvious reasons. Unless you can read minds online, there is no way fraud buyers can be prevented from making their purchases. Understanding the psychology of Scammers can help to a limited extent.

So, why do scammers scam anyway?

More often than not, scam buyers happen to fall into the group of people that wants to use new stuff and not pay for it. It could be dresses, books or even accessories like shoes, jackets, sunglasses, watches etc that can be used for an occasion and then returned to receive full refund. The second group of scammers usually bears the intent to exchange their used or broken products for new ones. Electronics (like cameras, mobile phones, home appliances etc) often fall into this category.

The third group of buyers can be categorized as the clueless lot who make purchases without thinking and then push a return. Most seller forums mention excuses as blatant as ‘it does not quite match the image’ when the image is a no nonsense match’, ‘I thought it would look good on me, but it doesn’t’ etc. that turn their worlds upside down.

In all cases, sellers can be assured that Amazon will maintain ‘customers are always right policy’.

So, what exactly is in your hand?

Basically, the best thing that any seller can do is pray that they don’t get scammed. Sending out a general message in seller forums Amazon like ‘Sellers know which buyers are scamming’ can put small time scammers in place. Besides this, it is also very necessary to be careful about the products that are stocked and shipped along with crisp details of the product at the time of shipping including pictures. If the seller has earned relatively good rating, Amazon may consider valuing the argument from the seller’s side. This again can happen only once in a blue moon.

The next step may be a little difficult, but not impossible either. Basically, it involves verifying if the same buyer has returned products before and posted multiple negative feedbacks against multiple sellers. Many Amazon seller’s forums have stories as such put up for reference. Poor experience in Amazon in the part of the buyers may happen once, it may happen twice as well, but not every time. If this buyer has a history of returning, it is a possibility that he / she is scamming. Installing anti-fraud systems can also be a reasonable protection against transaction fraud and associated damages caused to sellers.

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eBay Amazon Softwares Cannot Solve These Issues For Sellers

Thomas Posted On - June 14, 2016

eBay Amazon Softwares
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There are certain things that e commerce softwares can do for you and there are certain things that they cannot. This goes out mainly to the new sellers in eBay and Amazon who somehow nurture the belief that using softwares means embracing profits overnight. Basically, if you still have to press the button to have a task accomplished, you can be rest assured that your individual manual efforts count equally with the efforts of high quality softwares that you may have installed to boost your venture.

More often than not, eBay Amazon softwares are designed to automate certain critical operational processes in these top performing marketplaces while offering additional value to the business in terms of pricing repricing assistance, enhancing performance metrics etc. However, it is imperative to know that irrespective of how amazing the chosen software solutions may be, they cannot cater to these wishes of the sellers…

No softwares guarantee profits:

To begin with, it is always good to approach softwares knowing that they can never guarantee profits to any sellers. These are the days when even the best of home appliances and tools come with ‘warrantees’ and not ‘guarantees’, so, thinking that any software can assure bringing profits to your doorsteps would be a little too much to expect. Softwares can help is automating certain critical process and offer valuable assistance at times, but never ever guarantee profits.

Thus, if you have ever wanted to badmouth a certain software in some review forum about it doing nothing to your business in terms of gains, you may want to read the fine lines carefully at first.

Softwares cannot identify fake buyers:

Sellers in eBay often wish that they could avail some sort of magic software that would start beeping when a fake / inauthentic buyer places an order. Till date, thousands of dollars have been lost to returns made by scam buyers who wish to use the products but not pay for it. Sadly, softwares with telepathic intelligence are yet to make its way to the world of e commerce. On a brighter note, there are softwares that can identify fake transactions and stop the order from processing almost instantly.

Softwares cannot guarantee first page search ranking:

Thirdly, it is always good to know that softwares can improve listing and even optimize it for the better but can never guarantee first page ranking or maximum conversions. Many sellers also believe that initiating integration process whether eBay Amazon or Magento Google Shopping or anything else for that matter, can guarantee first page ranking for their products. Basically, if there are other sellers who are making their listing / overall business strategies more interesting using the same softwares, their products may feature way ahead in comparison with yours.

Using softwares with realistic understanding of what it can do and what it cannot can help sellers improve selling strategies while enabling more intelligent usage of the same.

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Locating Your Inventory Management Soul-mate Need Not Be Difficult – Answer These 3 Questions

Robin Smith Posted On - June 13, 2016

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The process of Inventory control is one of the most time consuming and complicated processes in e commerce especially when your stock is large and spread over multiple platforms of sale. Poor inventory management has often been the cause behind suspension of sellers in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The solution to this otherwise massive life and death issue lies in using the right softwares and tools for the purpose. In fact, it has been mentioned by nearly 100% of happy users that inventory management tools have actually improved their performance and profits by over 30% (on an average).

At this very moment, there are hundreds of different varieties of tools and softwares designed for controlling inventory. Each of these multichannel and Omni channel softwares have specific functions and features that are compatible with different types of sellers depending mainly on their volume, their spread, their motive to grow in the next few months or year and most importantly, their present ability to invest to feature packed solutions. Choosing unsuitable solutions can often lead to very disheartening results some of which are as follows…

  • Sellers may land with features that they don’t need at all and pay for them at the same time.
  • Face excess expenditure that can severely compromise on average profits
  • Have high quality software installed in a system that cannot support it (this is a massive waste)
  • Does not support integration with all platforms you are present in or wish to establish presence in the near future
  • Putting it in very simple words, it never takes too much to find your ideal inventory software soul mate. A little self interview on determining your priorities, your long terms / short term goals and your present financial status to determine the quality of investment in these solutions is usually all that it takes.

  • The first question that you need to ask yourself is where exactly you stand in the world of e commerce and what are your short term goals? Do you wish to continue your venture as a single channel seller or do you wish to spread over one, two or more e commerce marketplaces over the next 2 to 3 years? Are you or are you not considering opening a brick and mortar establishment besides your online stores? Once you know where you stand and where you wish to stand in the next couple of years, you can confidently pen down your priorities and make your move for the best suited software solution.
  • The next question you need to ask is, what type of features do you expect in your software that will address your current issues in the best possible way? These are the days when features like bringing inventory movement from multiple channels into one single user interface are considered basic. Besides this, you can also access features like built in shipping management, listing and pricing aid and many more. From solutions that support multichannel tools to Omni-channel softwares, there is everything that you can avail from e commerce solution providers.
  • Last question that you need to ask is also the most important. It is all about how much you are willing to invest in the multichannel tools and inventory management solutions and how do you wish to make your payments. Taking it from winners, paid options are always more feature packed than the free ones so going for them will only benefit. At the same time, you need to determine how you wish to pay for your inventory software. Do you wish to pay monthly, quarterly or annually needs to be answered at the onset.
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    Few Tips To Make Your eBay Listing A Little More Interesting To Cassini

    Stephen Posted On - June 11, 2016

    multichannel retail software
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    eBay listing is known for being more accommodative than listing in any other marketplaces or comparison shopping platforms today. This opens up golden opportunity in the part of the sellers to pitch their products better and gain a profitable edge in competition. Good old Turbo Lister with scratch basic listing strategies is sadly on its way out. With Cassini unfolding its revolutionized arms to search for the best products for buyers, it is time sellers to embrace evolved strategies along with evolved tools to rise in charts in terms of product visibility and conversions.

    In order to achieve optimum levels of performance through right listing, the first steps need to involve the most suitable eBay listing softwares. This applies mostly to store owners who have large product categories and inventories to handle. Using automation softwares to upload listings while optimizing them at the same time make products more visible to target buyers while leaving enough time in the hands of the sellers to improve their performance in other aspects of eBay selling.

    Secondly, the idea of relisting should not be overlooked by eBay sellers who have certain listing that have not done well over the past one month or more. By relisting these products, the previous history of the listing which is essentially bad will get wiped out offering a fresh new chance to the products to feature at the top of search list. This can make a massive difference in terms of positive buyer engagement and conversions which is something that sellers should never miss out on.

    Thirdly, these are times when using innovative tools should be considered from the very onset. Many third party providers of e commerce solutions are presently offering solutions that enable your listing to display ‘only 1 product left in stock’ to the buyers even if you have many in stock at that very moment. This creates a sense of urgency among the latter to make their purchase before stock runs out thereby creating sale in your favor.

    Although this appears more like tricking your buyers to make a purchase, at the end of the day, there is no harm being caused to anyone. In fact, many multichannel retail software users are already using this feature to the fullest to drive maximum conversions in favor of their listed products. Last but not the least; it always works to focus upon ‘value per listing’ to make the listing more interesting to buyers than ever before. This includes free shipping, extended return period, special offers etc.

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    eBay Listing Tools That Can Make Business Easy For Startups

    Stephen Posted On - June 10, 2016

    eBay Selling Manager
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    Starting business in eBay or any other top performing marketplace for that matter entails a good lot of hard work. From initial research to managing basics like inventory, order completion, returns, transactions and most importantly listing, things can get very tough for a single soul to handle and that too without flaws. Maximizing efficiency is impossible when sellers insist upon making a manual approach to address all these business basics especially when the marketplace in question is known for its speed. In very simple words, using proper tools is the only and the easiest way to march your way towards profits and growth and there could be nothing more relieving than commencing with eBay listing tools.

    Listing solutions is the first that all sellers much consider. There are a number of free and paid listing solutions available in the market each of which have their own set of features to offer besides the basics of creating eBay friendly listing. Turbo Lister is the present favorite among all start ups considering the fact that it is free, user friendly and compatible with small to midsized businesses. Turbo Lister can also be accessed offline which can be bliss for many. Features like duplicating existing listings, changing formats etc is easy with this solution that has also established itself somewhere in the top of the best free eBay listing software 2014.

    At present, there are infinite different solutions for listing each of which offers different features that are compatible with different sellers of different volumes and of course, different nature of business altogether. Say for example, just like Turbo Lister is compatible with small businesses, File Exchange is more suited to high volume sellers. So when you as an eBay seller are looking for the best compatible listing solution, here are a few aspects that you much consider at all times …

    Cloud Based or Otherwise:

    Firstly, based on your priorities, you need to know if the concerned eBay listing manager software is cloud based or hardware based. In case of the former, you may not be required to create a backup listing to aid your effort is your hardware crashes.

    Bulk listing feature:

    The advantage of bulk listing cannot be ignored by serious sellers. The ability to create bulk listing offline and uploading the same in nothing more than a click of a button is always expected. The features of copying and editing listing in bulk should also be taken notice of.

    System Requirements:

    This usually goes ignored till the time the sellers come face to face with issues and place complains about their eBay listing managers are not working at all. for example, as far as Turbo Lister is concerned, sellers are required to have at least, Microsoft 2000, XP, Vista 7 along with Pentium II or above; 500 MB or above disk space; Internet Explorer v5.5 installed in their system. Every listing solution has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled before installation.

    Lastly, check the cost of the eBay listing management solution. Free is always the golden word for beginners and Turbo Lister is always the nursery!

    It is necessary to remember though that no tools or solution whether eBay listing tools or complete eBay selling software is complete by itself. So choosing according to priorities is very important.

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    Fight 5 Calamities In Amazon And eBay With Proper Inventory Management Softwares

    Steve Burns Posted On - June 8, 2016

    eBay Amazon inventory management
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    Amazon and eBay can often become a death trap for sellers who walk in unprepared. This goes out especially to those who are a little too confident about their manual or semi automated inventory management set up. There is no time to ease sellers into the fact that bad things often happen when eBay Amazon inventory management is treated as a side issue. On hundreds of occasions, the five deadly calamities had manifested one after the other till the time the concerned sellers thought it better to bid the platform a fond farewell…

    Over & Under Selling:

    This can be considered as the beginning of the end. If your inventory management system is not in place in Amazon or eBay, each of which is known for functioning in lightning fast speed, it is only a while before you get into the clutches of over selling / underselling and witness your performance decline almost helplessly.

    Order Cancellations:

    Buyers canceling orders from their end is more tolerable to eBay and Amazon than sellers doing the same. Overselling is one of the key causes of buyers having to cancel orders after they have been placed. Neither of these two top performing marketplaces holds back their red cards after identifying such issues.

    Bad Reviews:

    Sellers that compromise purchase experience in the part of buyers are often subjected to really nasty reviews from the latter. Unlike many other marketplaces that don’t affect seller ranking on the basis of reviews, eBay and Amazon can be very prompt in taking up the cause of the buyers. a handful of poor reviews down the line and sellers can expect a series of warnings from eBay and Amazon.

    Product Loses Ranking:

    Bad reviews and rating can also impact other buyers as they make their purchase. Say for example, if a certain product has been used by a certified buyer and the buyers says that the services of the seller has been abominable including late delivery, damaged goods and poor quality product. Later, when another buyer goes through the details of the same product and reads the review, he / she may not make their purchase. Eventually, when buyers stop putting the product in their cart, the product will lose its search ranking resulting in gradual loss of the concerned seller.

    Eventual Suspension:

    Clubbing mismanaged inventory, poor performance, bad reviews and loss of product ranking together, it is only a while that the sellers lose their footing in Amazon and eBay and get suspended. Using eBay and Amazon inventory management systems is the easiest way to fight these ills and remain in the good books of the platform forever.

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    Fee Calculating Tools For Amazon – Know Your Profits Before Amazon Does!

    Steve Burns Posted On - June 6, 2016

    Amazon fulfillment calculator
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    Amazon is not a free marketplace… it always takes its cut. While it is true that no other e commerce platform in this century can assure as much exposure, growth and profits as Amazon does, it is also true that operating here can often get expensive. If you are not informed about where and how Amazon claims a portion of your profits, you may end up on the losing side of the deal. There have been ample occasions when sellers had to quit selling in Amazon just because they could not manage their revenues after all those cuts made by this marketplace.

    At all times it is thus, advised that Amazon sellers commence their ventures with a very good idea about ‘how much profit will they make after completing one order’ especially when they use FBA services. If you have the details, you may manage to calculate your profits manually. However, if your math is weak and you value your time to the last second, we will always suggest using tools for the purpose. Yes… Amazon revenue calculators or fee calculators are presently reaping massive popularity among sellers for all the right reasons.

    These tools basically do as they are named. They calculate profits / fee / revenue that you will make and pay even before you make a sale in Amazon Say for example, you have a certain product listed in Amazon at the rate of 20$. Now you wish to find out whether you will make more profits if you fulfill through your own fulfillment network or through FBA. Running the details through the tools will give you instant and accurate figures which can help you choose the best option and get ahead with it.

    Amazon Fee / Revenue Calculator

    At present, there are hundreds of sellers who are making over 100% profits on each listed product in every sale with the help of these tools. The available options usually dwell within the categories of Amazon FBA Calculator, Amazon fee / revenue calculator as well as Amazon profit calculators. Each of these options is available in different names through different providers of e commerce solutions.

    The fulfillment by Amazon calculator tells the sincludes shipping as well. The profit calculators are a sum total of all. Here, all that the sellers are required to do is fill in all the details of the product and the tool will produce the exact amount of profit that the former will make.

    In all, these seller calculator tools are extremely beneficial when it comes to getting a hold on every nook, corner and crack from which you money may be seeping out in Amazon. Every seller whether small or large, established or newbie will have something massive to gain from the same.

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