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The Why and How Of Walmart Amazon Product Feed Management

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

Sell on Walmart
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The obvious Advantages of being present in Amazon and Walmart together…

The advantages of selling in Walmart and Amazon together are not new to sellers in general. The primary benefits involve receiving unique traffic from both platforms that can accelerate clicks and conversions many times over. While it is true that the traffic has been overlapping to a great extent over the past few months, it still is a wealth that not many e commerce sellers can willfully overlook.

Why should you be extra cautious Amazon Walmart Data feed management?

With the advantages in one side, sellers have to face issues with respect to certain critical operational basics like listing in both platforms. Basically, you will not be able to survive in either of the two platforms if the list price of one exceeds the other. This also applies to other aspects that are associated with enhancing the overall value of the products in the eyes of prospective buyers. It usually gets very difficult for sellers to harmonize their Amazon product feed with Walmart specifications when it comes to strict multichannel operations involving both of these marketplaces.

How can you achieve best Walmart Amazon product feed management?

Achieving a healthy listing practice in compatibility with the requirements of both platforms does not necessarily have to be difficult. Here are three unchallenged ways to harmonize price and listing while you sell on Walmart and Amazon at the same time…


Bringing these two platforms together necessitates the approach to infallible integration to the last word. You must carry out end to end integration of Walmart and Amazon for the sake of staying in tune with the overall activities in both platforms through one single interface. It is necessary to remember than integration is not an option but lifesaving urgency.

Use added automation softwares if necessary

This is applicable mostly when it comes to managing price variations in these marketplaces. Integrated pricing and re-pricing tools along with variable pricing management systems may or may not be available in the basic integration package. If not, then you will have to bridge the gap with added software and tools.

Call in for managed services from third party e commerce solution developers

Thirdly, your best approach to smooth management of Walmart Amazon listing and other operational basics lies in hiring high quality third party e commerce solutions developers. Walmart has already partnered with some of the best professional services in this field. Seeking their assistance can be your route to easy success.

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Walmart Performance Checklist For Amazon Sellers

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

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If you are an Amazon seller wanting to sell successfully in as well, here is a performance checklist you cannot ignore. This super comprehensive checklist can go a very long way in helping you decide your scope as a seller in this marketplace if at all your application gets accepted…

Reseller or brand owner –

Walmart prefers brand owners in comparison with resellers. Therefore, if you are counted among the latter, your wait could be a little too long with Walmart as your biggest competitor. Chances for you to get your desired level of success or getting a chance to get into platform in the first place can be very bleak.

Amazon performance history with reviews and ratings –

Walmart does not want to bring its quality down with poor performers. It is therefore in the lookout for only the best performers not just in Amazon but eBay as well. So, if you wish to sell in Walmart eBay Amazon together, you will have to convince the former with good reviews and ratings in the latter.

Order defect rates –

This is one of the main reasons for losing customers. If your order defect rate is less than a percent, you must be the cream of the selling lot in Amazon marketplace. Walmart may therefore welcome you with open arms.

Buy box compatibility –

Your presence in buy box determines the strength of your strategies. If your products have or do feature regularly in this window, you can make a good candidate for Walmart selling.

Returns policies –

Buyers always have more faith in sellers that offer lenient return policies than those with stringent ones. Walmart takes return policies very seriously and determines your trustworthiness as a seller with the same.

Pricing and order completion –

To become a Walmart seller, Amazon price management is a critical requirement. Walmart wants to ensure that its buyers get the best prices in comparison with any other e commerce marketplace especially Amazon. So, if your Amazon prices look compatible, Walmart will be more than happy to have you.

Why is Walmart so specific about Amazon sellers?

Amazon is the biggest competitor of Walmart and it appears that the latter wants to ensure that it can beat Amazon with its own sellers. It can be said with confidence that it has managed to achieve a part of this goal with its stringent set of requirements for Amazon sellers to perform in this marketplace.

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The Good And Bad Of Selling On Amazon And Walmart Together

Stephen Posted On - October 21, 2016

Selling On Amazon And Walmart
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A healthy tug of war seems to have materialized between Amazon and for the race to e commerce supremacy. Enthusiastic e commerce sellers on the other hand, appear to have their hands full deciding whether to continue selling in Amazon or make a switch to Walmart or establish presence in both. Of late though, the common seller motive of including alongside Amazon to propel multichannel ventures has been amply evident. While this looks like a dazzling deal, the fact is this move is gripped equally with a darker side that needs to be taken urgently into consideration.

The Good of Selling on Amazon and

Let’s start by saying that everyone knows Walmart. This is the first reason why, people will not take very long to decide if they would want to shop from the online destination of this globally recognized name. The number of visitors to is in the process of touching 100 million per month with a very healthy number of unique visitors. Also considering the fact that Walmart shoppers are usually not Amazon shoppers, sellers can benefit from two different and very unique sources of traffic at the same time. This in itself can boost sale and chances of conversions by double if not more.

Secondly, has been very serious about making the process of API integration very easy for sellers so that performing members can experience smooth operations from the very first day on. The platform has also partnered with some of the most renowned e commerce developers that can offer instant assistance to sellers as and when they need. Walmart API integration has been a practical bliss for new sellers all thanks to these third party partners. The latter have also proven their mettle as far as offering complete multichannel integration with Amazon is concerned.

The Not-So-Good About Selling on Walmart and Amazon together

Everything seems good and healthy till the time the price factor comes into play. Walmart and Amazon are unrelenting as far as offering the best price is concerned. Amazon has a reputation of not tolerating multichannel sellers that price their products lower in other marketplaces of presence in comparison with their listing in Amazon. On the other hand, has also shown intolerance for sellers that price their products higher in Walmart. So, at all times, sellers will have to be very cautious about how they price their products in both platforms. The smallest error can result in losing visibility in both.

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3 Ways To Attract Profits Into Your Walmart Online Store

Stephen Posted On - October 21, 2016

Sell on Walmart online
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Walmart is presently on an acquisition drive to that is primarily dedicated to maximizing its online presence and offering Amazon a competition of a lifetime. While this king of all retailers in the process of making the best of opportunities, the new sellers who have just started selling in the platform are looking for greater avenues to push sale and profits beyond expected levels. Being basic does not work in and sellers by now have had a very good experience with this rather undeniable fact. Attracting maximum attention of the 90 million strong visitors that throng the platform every single month and growing, is usually not as easy as it may sound.

Attracting profits when you sell on Walmart online can get easier if sellers learn how to strategize right from the time of launching presence in this marketplace. Basically, there are 3 pillars to making the best of from the first day you go live…

What you sell

Walmart attracts a very large group of buyers that basically enter the marketplace to have their all inclusive requirements catered to. This could be home and utility products, affordable clothes and accessories, electronics and devices and most importantly, groceries as well. Did you know that bananas are one of the top selling products in Walmart? This basically means that if you are selling something of everyday relevance, will be more than happy to house your products.

How you price

Walmart offers best price guarantee to its buyers and there are no two ways about it. Therefore, you will have to ensure that your product list displays the ‘best price’ only before you send the same for approval. The prices of your products and value attached with the same goes a very long way in determining your way to the Walmart buy box which is one of the easiest ways to drive sale and resultant profits.

How well you have integrated

Whether it is the API integration or Amazon FBA integration for order completion or multichannel marketplace integration if you are a multichannel seller, you will have to make sure that your approach to syncing is not compromised. Selecting integration providers who offer special features like variable product and pricing management, immaculate category mapping, complete automation of price and listing management etc. are most likely to assist in long term gains.

To stay on the safer side of odds, approaching third party integration partners is always advised.

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4 Ways Walmart Is Just As Good As Amazon For Sellers

Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

Walmart marketplace
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has risen to become one of the most promising platforms of online sale that sellers must consider as a part and parcel of their multichannel e commerce ventures. For those who have devoted 100% faith in Amazon and none others also have good reasons to establish their setup in this growing e commerce marketplace, 4 of which can be mentioned as follows…

    Firstly, everyone knows Walmart simply because it is the largest retail chain in the world and has risen in popularity through decades. Therefore, gaining trust from buyers while performing in the online branch of this retail giant will never be an issue.

The fact that Walmart marketplace sellers already receive over 90 million visitors every month which is growing by the passing days is suggestive of the successful future that this platform is assured to witness.

At present, there are a handful of entities that have expressed gaining more sale and profits in than in Amazon.

Secondly, product categories are just as vast in as in Amazon. Being the largest retail chain in the world, this level of expansiveness is only expected. The categories that are active in Amazon are also active in making it compatible with all types of sellers. While it is true that the latter usually prefers brand owners in comparison with retailers, the marketplace allows equal opportunities for growth and profits to all.

Thirdly, as far as commissions and fee structures are concerned, there is not much difference between and Amazon. A percent or two may differ from category to category, but the general layout seems to be similar.

Fourthly, sellers in as well as in Amazon can reap order completion benefits through FBA. This is an added bonus to sellers who perform in both the platforms together.

The advantages of can be further fortified with the assistance of third party e commerce solution providers especially at the time of set up and integration. These are also the entities that help sellers deal with hurdles like handling / maintaining price parity, listing import and export, synchronizing inventory movement of with other platforms of sale and many more almost flawlessly.

In fact, multichannel integration through third party services allows Walmart sellers to sell on eBay Amazon or any other platform for that matter with a professional level of smoothness from the very onset of business.

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How Rising Competition Impacts Amazon Selling

Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

Amazon Selling
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The world of ecommerce appears to have gathered together to dethrone Amazon from its present unprecedented position as the King of Online shopping platforms. can be mentioned as one of those shining examples that have based their very structure on this purpose and seems to have done remarkably well from the very first year of its establishment. Offering the lowest price guarantee, improving the shipping advantages in favor of buyers who spend 35$ or more and fulfillment facilities to match the likes of Amazon is only the beginning of the march to ultimate glory. too has commenced its endeavors to pull Amazon down and has embraced the price policy as its first line of attack. Acquiring has also been named as a phenomenal push to success in this direction. In the mean while, with so much going around it and often against it, the fast and continuous pace of Amazon selling still seems to be getting bigger and better by the day. It somehow appears that Amazon is only resting and relaxing through the drama. To all who still don’t understand how Amazon is managing to stay in place with this dramatic rise in competition, here are a few factors that should be reflected upon…

  • To begin with, playing the price game may not always work favorably for sellers especially those who are present in Amazon as well as in competing platforms. Basically, Amazon does not entertain sellers that list products at a higher price in comparison with competing marketplaces. An act as this can invite suspensions from Amazon almost instantly. So, when invites Amazon sellers and expects them to drive customers from Amazon to, the process can be a bed of nails for the sellers which again will not work in favor of Walmart. Same applies with
  • Secondly, no sellers can deny the fact that Amazon has bagged the faith of millions of buyers at a global level. Competing platforms are yet to gain the same levels of trust from global customers. This again puts Amazon very high on competition level which cannot currently be matched with seller invitations or price games.
  • Besides this, the nature and quality of integrations and other e commerce support solutions designed in favor of Amazon far supersedes competing platforms. Although it is true that high quality integrations like Magento Walmart, Shopify etc have made significant marks in the recent ecommerce history, things still appear stunted when compared with Amazon.

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    Walmart Selling Myths All Sellers Must Be Cautious Of

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart Selling
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    Myths and rumors are not uncommon in the world of e commerce especially when new and rather unexplored marketplaces make themselves available to willful and cynical sellers alike. Irrespective of the level of truth in these myths, people who lend their ears to these fragments of information need to be very cautious while making their decisions based on the same., which seems to have risen very suddenly to fame has also been shrouded with rumors for a while which may have been reflecting the platform in a very different aura.

    Here are some of these rumors that need to be dispelled so as to help sellers make a more informed decision while creating their presence in this marketplace…

    Walmart is not compatible with Amazon sellers

    This is one of those ongoing myths that are on the verge of getting perpetuated. The aspect of price parity can be mentioned as the primary reason behind this belief. Basically, assures lowest prices to its buyer and expects sellers to maintain their pricing accordingly. On the other hand, multichannel sellers who price their products higher in Amazon in comparison with other marketplaces they are present in are dealt with iron hands.

    In very simple words, if you wish to make it big in Amazon, sell products at the lowest prices; and this will never be digested well by The truth is, using professional assistance to maintain variable pricing can help alleviate this circle of misfortune. And yes, this is as easy as it sounds.

    API integration can claim your sleep offers its own API integration which may have been a little tricky for inexperienced sellers a while ago. However, with the assistance of third party e commerce solution developers, the process can be very easy, hassle free and flawless as well. If someone says that Walmart API integration will claim your sleep, not believing them is the best thing to do.

    Competition is very low

    It is true that was experiencing a really slow phase of growth in the early years of this decade. It is also true that the number of sellers performing in this platform is nowhere close to Amazon. However, to believe that competition is blissfully low in this marketplace so as to give you an instant edge right from the very beginning of your setup, would be a little too much to expect. has been in news for inviting a flood of sellers over the past two years that has given a massive boost to the growth of the platform. At this very moment, competition is active at a healthy pace and sellers will need to work hard to gain visibility and trust in this marketplace. By the end of the next year, competition can literally reach cut throat levels and every performing member must be prepared to face the same.

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    How To Become A Walmart Marketplace Retailer In 4 Simple Steps

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart marketplace api
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has been in news lately for all the right reasons. This online endeavor commenced by one of the biggest and the most noteworthy retail chains has suddenly picked up pace after almost half a decade of lull. Inviting more and more third party sellers to the platform, acquiring and partnering with some of the most reputed e commerce solution developers for making the process of set up and operations easy for sellers are reflective of the indisputably promising future of this marketplace.

    Topping it with over 90 million unique visitors thronging every single month, there is no reason why this platform should not be included as an essentially important part of multichannel e commerce ventures. As far as entities that sell on Amazon already are concerned, the process of approval and setup can get truly easy if they have good reviews and ratings posted in their favor. In more general terms, becoming a Walmart marketplace retailer can be accomplished in 4 simple steps…

    Determine your suitability with Walmart

    To begin with, it is necessary to determine your suitability with This basically refers to establishing product compatibility with the platform as well as determining your scope in competition as a retailer or brand owner. This way, sellers can stay at a safe distance from learning the odds through the trial and error process.

    Get your account

    Getting your account involves placing a request with for your own merchant account. After reviewing and signing the Walmart merchant agreement policies, you may have to wait for a couple of weeks to get authenticated. After authentication, you will have to get your merchant account activated to initiate the process of setup.

    Get your listing approved by Walmart

    Post activation of your account, you will need to get your listing approved by It may take about 3 to 4 weeks for to authenticate your product list after submission.

    Integrate and get going

    This is perhaps the most important thing to know for all enthusiastic entities who wish to learn about how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer. From API to multichannel integration, each and every step to synchronization is critical for achieving optimum productive performance. has already partnered with some of top e commerce solution developers of this decade who can be approached for assistance with the A to Z of establishing presence in

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    Things Amazon Sellers Need To Remember While Selling On

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Walmart marketplace integration
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    Selling on can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. However, if you are an Amazon seller wanting to make a mark in this rather new online marketplace, there are a great many number of factors that you will need to keep in mind before commencing with the process of set up. Here are a few of them that almost all Amazon sellers in have upheld as critically essential…

    What you sell

    Firstly, has always favored brand owners over retailers. If you have something specific to sell with your own brand name and ownership, you will gain more preference in If you are a general retailer, your first competitor would be Walmart itself. At the same time, you may also need to queue up for a while before you get inducted into the platform.

    Your selling records in Amazon

    The nature and the numbers of reviews and ratings earned through the course of selling in Amazon matters in every way while establishing presence in Walmart prefers the concerned Amazon sellers to be holders of ratings ranging from 4 to 5 and a very high percentage of positive reviews posted in favor of the products as well as the sellers themselves. The brighter your selling history in Amazon, the brighter your future will be


    Amazon sellers selling on Walmart marketplace also need to be very wary of price parity between the two platforms. assures lowest price assurance to its buyers and thus cannot have the sellers listing their products in this marketplace at a higher price in comparison with Amazon. Sellers will have to ensure maintaining the prices either at the same figures or use variable pricing assistance from professional ecommerce solution providers.


    Lastly, performing in Amazon and together calls for uncompromised and very high quality integration between the two platforms mostly for the sake of staying in tune with the rush of the platforms without falling apart. Staying in tune with matters like listing, pricing, inventory management, order processing and completion etc is known for becoming infinitely easy, effortless and flawless with perfect integration working in your favor.

    Determining compatibility with and establishing productive presence in this platform often becomes less hassling when proper e commerce solution providers are involved in the process. has partnered with certain top integration solution developers who can be approached for the purpose at affordable prices.

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