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How one Amazon store went from zero to $1000 profit in less than a month?

Thomas Posted On - February 24, 2017

sell on amazon store
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Making riches on Amazon is dream of many. However, only a handful of people have really managed to pull this off, while the rest struggle with marginal return. If you sell on Amazon, you would know just how difficult it is to climb through the competition on this marketplace and to woo the customers with not only a remarkable product but a striking price.

Yet, even with all the challenges, there are stories – real, believable and practical – that shows making quick sales on Amazon is quite easy if you’re smart enough. Here’s how one Amazon store managed to go from zero to making $1000 in profit in less than a month—6 proven ways on how you can boost your Amazon sales easily-

1. Optimizing the Amazon store

Over 55 percent on online shoppers in USA begin their product search on Amazon; meaning, this marketplace has emerged to be a default product search engine, taking over even Google. So the first task at hand is to optimize the Amazon store to rank better on its internal search engine. Few important SEO steps include using relevant keywords in the product titles and descriptions, providing as much information about the product as possible, pricing the products competitively and encouraging buyers to leave reviews.

2. Engaging with the potential customers

Directly communicating with the target audience is the surest way to increase the conversion rate. Reaching out the potential customers from the front, engaging them, addressing their individual needs and issues, this not only boosts immediate sales but also builds lasting relationship between the seller and buyer, often triggering word-of-mouth marketing. Social media platforms can be of great help to initiate direct conversation.

3. Blogging

Blogging is perhaps one of the most underrated marketing strategies on the retail scene. Amazon sellers must have their own – either free or self-hosted – blog that reach out the target audience and communicate with them personally. Although write-ups can result in direct sales; if not, they build a long-term relation between the two parties that promises better return in the future. Also, blogging plays a significant role from a SEO perspective. If done well, it can easily boost store’s visibility on search engines and, hence, the sales.

4. Investing in Facebook advertisements

One of the biggest differences between the successful Amazon sellers and the not-so-successful ones is that the former group don’t shy away from spending on paid promotion. Facebook advertisement program, much more targeted, can help Amazon store owners reach the relevant target audience in a relatively short period of time and offer better conversion. In fact, if done well, the paid advertisements can boost immediate sales easily.

5. Pricing product a cent less than the competitors

Pricing the product is the most important part for Amazon sellers. From helping products rank better on search results to affecting direct sales, the right pricing can do wonders. The flawed part, however, is that Amazon sellers often have to be the “cheapest” to appeal the search engine and customers. Being strategic here is the key. Instead of thoughtlessly lowering the price to appeal the mentioned two and axing the profit margin, the sellers must look to offer their products at a cent less than their competitors to have a winning edge.

6. Hiring professionals for additional assistance

Often, for many online sellers, hiring professionals and outsourcing additional help is a distant idea. However, if hit all the notes correctly, the decision can help climb the vendors from making zero to $1000 profit in the quickest possible time. Today, some of the top e-commerce solution providers, aside from facilitating seamless integration of API Walmart and Amazon with other marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, are also offering managed services. Helping vendors handle backend tasks – including order fulfillment – with much more efficiency and quickness, this can indirectly boost sales and revenue.

These are 6 ways you can increase your profit—6 ways that has helped Amazon sellers go from making zero to $1000 profit in less than a month. Now you know, hustle-up and do what needs to be done; take your Amazon store to the next level and enjoy high-flying profit easily.

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5 Opportunities That Contribute To Third Party Seller Success In

Thomas Posted On - February 16, 2017

Walmart market place
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As per ecommerce gurus and successful selling entities, is the place to be in 2017. Even though the online marketplace of this retail giant has experienced a very slow start, things have begun to gain pace after the platform was opened to worthy third party sellers. The wait is usually long and not all applying entities are allowed entry into this marketplace; but for those who make it, a world of opportunities opens up almost instantly. Here is a list of 5 such opportunities that contribute to seller success almost instantly…

Exposure before a very different section of buyers –

Any seller Amazon who may have won a place in would understand the difference. invites a very different section of buyers who look for specific items at the lowest prices which is very different from the type of buyers that frequent Amazon. So, sellers performing in and Amazon at the same time can gain visibility before two different sets of buyers that do not overlap.

Integration support –

Unlike many other top performing e commerce marketplaces, has already partnered with some of the best ecommerce integration solution developers that can offer flawless optimized solutions to sellers almost instantly. This saves a whole lot of time in the part of the latter that could otherwise have been lost to trial and error.

Buy box competition –

Yes. There is a Buy Box in If you can make your way to this window of opportunities, you can experience a steep improvement graph in terms of sale and profits in the shortest possible time. By far, the law of maintaining the lowest prices in Walmart market place listing in comparison with all ecommerce marketplaces in the world is considered to be a good start. This should be followed by maintaining order completion standards to levels of excellence.

Walmart ads –

Third party display ads are available in and no, they do not direct buyers to the official website of the concerned sellers. On clicking, the ads direct buyers to product pages in itself which goes a very long way in enhancing traffic in favor of the latter in this platform.

Optimized security and seller protection –

The optimal security and seller protection offered by to its sellers whether third party or otherwise is commendable. For example, if Walmart detects fraud in certain placed order, the order is not forwarded to the sellers and is immediately cancelled while notifying the involved parties.

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The Shortest Selling Guide For 2017

Thomas Posted On - February 16, 2017

sell on walmart
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Third part sellers have everything to gain from their presence in this year, not to forget that the product categories and other selling opportunities have been expanded widely over the past 12 months. The only thing that the former need to bear in mind is their approach to selling in this promising ecommerce marketplace which could be slightly different as compared with selling in Amazon or even eBay for that matter.

Here is a short, crisp yet productive set of guidelines for newer sellers to sell on more profitably in year 2017…

  1. Lowest prices means lowest prices – Reasonable, attractive, affordable or best, do not describe the price policies of Here, you will have to offer ‘the lowest prices’ and there are no two ways about it. And yes, the comparison could also get to a pennywise level. Maintaining lowest prices is by far, the best way to make it to Walmart Buy Box which can be your ticket to bag maximum sale and profits.

  2. Introducing popular products is a must – Walmart attracts a certain section of buyers that usually look for certain Walmart specials. Cheap basic household items, grocery, kitchen utility, cheap electronics, discontinued yet popular products etc can be mentioned in this respect. On the other hand, mid range or super brands whether in clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics etc is not sought by frequent / repeat buyers. So, choosing your stock wisely could help you move the same faster and with better chances at profits.

  3. Integration through proper channels could be a favorable game changer – You cannot go far in Walmart selling this year without initiating end to end integration of basic operational processes as well as inter-channel integrations. For example, if you are a Shopify powered seller with Amazon presence, you will have to initiate Shopify Amazon – Walmart integration practically flawlessly. If this matter is not taken seriously, problems like price inconsistencies and performance mismatch is bound to follow.

  4. Directing outside traffic to – If you are putting in conscious efforts in directing outside traffic into, you are certainly in the right track. Directing traffic from social media, associates and other platforms to will not just improve your chances at greater profits but will also put you in a more favorable position with the marketplace per se.

Following it up with respecting Walmart policies for enhanced purchase experience in favor of buyers, you will have everything set to achieving maximum success in terms of growth and profits in this marketplace.

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Speed Up Amazon Selling With These Super Tools

Thomas Posted On - February 16, 2017

Amazon selling tool
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In Kung-fu, speed determines everything… and this applies to Amazon selling as well. It is amply evident in the history of evolution of this marketplace that taking it slow and easy when it comes to completing orders can be more than just devastating. It does not matter whether you are a small seller, midsized entity or a very large business, the rules of pace maintenance applies to each and all equally. For newer entities that still feel that they have the luxury to experience a honeymoon period, it is time to face grim facts which has got everything to do with being in pace from the first day on.

Keeping all this in mind, Amazon sellers from the word over have found it wise to give the word ‘manual’ a fond farewell while introducing the usage of intelligent Amazon selling tools for the sake of maintaining a profitable presence in this marketplace for long.

And yes; these tools usually cover way more than basic operational integrations. Here is a list of tools that sellers in Amazon (irrespective of their volumes) usually swear by…

Profit calculation tools – You have to offer attractive prices to your Amazon customers and there are no two ways about it. However, you will also have to maintain your profit margins to compatible levels while counting in expenses like marketplace fees, commissions, FBA charges etc. Using profit calculation tools can help you achieve this tiring and time consuming task in seconds.

Listing and inventory tools – All basic integrations whether Walmart integration, or or eBay or multichannel integration services for that matter, come with specific listing and inventory support solutions. However, when you are functioning in a marketplace like Amazon, it always pays to introduce Amazon specific listing and inventory solutions. This way, you will have a more focused business improvement than a more generalized approach.

Shipping and supplies tools – The quality of shipping and supplies tools you own can make a massive difference in the speed of your Amazon efforts. Using high quality label printers, tape dispensers, packing bags and sheets, barcode scanners and even sticker peelers for that matter, has been infinitely beneficial for thousands of growth based endeavors.

Cash back tools – This only adds to the happiness of the sellers when they are making their bulk purchases. Cash back tools can be activated at the time of making the transaction and the outcome could be anything from saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017 [PART 2]

Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017
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Jump to [PART 1] of 6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017

  1. Hunt for niche influencers

Influencing marketing is possibly the most underrated approach in the online retail market. But if all the chords are hit the right way, this practice can bolster your sales easily—and that, in a quick span. So look around for top influencers in your niche market (bloggers and social media personalities) and approach them from the front to promote your products to their audience. Some are going to review your products personally, while others will charge you for the ‘good words’. Also, you’re going to hear lots of “NO”. So stick to your plan and be persistent. If things go perfectly, few top names might agree to help you in pro quo.

  1. Infographic marketing

Number says Infographics are liked and shared on social media platforms 3 times more than any other type of content. And as we move forward, these visual contents are going to enjoy much more attention. So create infographics to promote your products or talk about things in your niche market. Approach it as a normal blog but only much more visual and crisp. Today, you will find many tools available online – most of them free – to help create beautiful infographics rather easily.

  1. PPC Advertisement

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement, particularly on Google, is a tricky business that, if not mapped well, can yield low ROI. However, things are much easier on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms with heaps of easy-to-use tools available for the users. Conversion is high with a relatively lower Customer Acquisition Cost. So if the sales are down and other strategies aren’t really working out well, don’t shy away from PPC.

These are 6 high-converting marketing strategies the online sellers must pay attention to – other than just caring about the internal search engine of the marketplaces – to beat the high market competition and boost sales easily.

However, things are easier said than done. With their schedule already overflowing with so many tasks to handle of their multiple storefronts, online sellers really save less time to live, let alone mapping the mentioned strategies.

So what do they do if they sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and so many other platforms?

Amazon, eBay sellers: Make time for marketing strategies

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce software solution! Helping vendors handle everything on a centralized platform – right from products setup and feed optimization to inventory management and order fulfillment – with its seamless integration of various marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, you can save plenty of your time with these solutions by your side. Meaning, no more spending hours and days understanding Walmart partner API and no more problems syncing eBay and Amazon.

So, look around and signup to a good e-commerce solution— and save your time (and yourself from all the tedious manual work) to plan winning marketing strategies for your online stores.

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6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017 [PART 1]

Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

marketing strategies for online sellers
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If you’ve just launched your online stores (finally!!), save the joy and ecstasy. The hard part’s up next—making sales.

Today, starting an online store is easier than ever; more so if you’re just planning to sell Walmart on eBay and few other selected marketplaces. Climbing through the market competition to win customers’ attention is a monumental task that new sellers often fail to achieve. No wonder, while thousands of online stores are opened every day, so many others dwindle; and so many store owners have to settle for meager profit margin.

Marketing your products and store is essential!

Look beyond the SEO Guides for marketplaces

Many online sellers get too hung up in the SEO aspect of their storefronts. While admittedly, wooing Google and internal search engines of marketplaces is very important, overlooking other avenues of marketing can be fatal. Why? Because ranking high in search result pages is really difficult given the market competition. And with less sales pouring from poor visibility on the result pages, you need various other mechanisms to keep your revenue high and consistent.

So what kind of “mechanisms” are we really talking about?

Well, if you’re an online seller, here are 6 high-converting marketing strategies you must take up in 2017-

  1. Become a blogger

While as big of an asset is blogging, majority of businesses are still failing to capitalize on it optimally. For online sellers, it’s a great avenue to not only rank better on search engines (provided they have done a decent keyword research), but also to communicate with their target audience directly— engaging them and addressing their issues personally, and then selling them on the products. This strategy almost always guarantees better conversion. So if you aren’t already blogging, start from today. Whether use free platforms like and Blogger or host the blog on your own personal website.

  • Create beautiful videos

  • A study found that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rate by 80 percent. In fact, Forbes has already declared 2017 as the year of Video Marketing. So accompanying your products with nice descriptive videos can easily boost your sales. Now you don’t have to be a pro video editor to create a perfect video. With free and cheap video-making tools available online, you can make a nice, clean and simple video easily and quickly.

    1. Build a solid Email List

    Successful vendors who sell on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces believe that email marketing goes parallel to your overall sales strategy. And rightly so! Not all of your target audience is ready to purchase. They need to be engaged and pushed to make their purchasing decision. And the more personal the communication channel is, easier will it be to influence them. And what’s more personal than e-mails?!! So building a solid email list of your audience (whether with subscription form, social media campaigns or more) should be one of your top priorities this year.

    Besides e-mail campaigns are important for your customer retention strategy; to communicate with your buying customers and encourage them for repeated purchase.

    Jump to [PART 2] of 6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017

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    5 Key Metrics new sellers must keep their eyes open to

    Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

    gift cards
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    How do I boost my online sales? How do I cut higher profit margin? How do I derive more traffic to my e-store?

    These are few very common questions new online sellers often ask. Less they know, while as complicated as the answer might look, it’s rather quite simple and straightforward—by making informed decisions.

    Shooting in the dark is a recipe for failure

    More relatable to new online vendors, they often make crucial business decisions without following key facts, figures and trends—only to realize later that it was a poor choice. Maybe it looks like a right thing to do or maybe that’s what the others are doing, basing important decisions on intuitions and shooting in the dark is a perfect recipe for failure.

    In fact, one of the foremost tips and advices of successful online sellers is to analyze sales data and other metrics to “know for sure” – whether eBay selling or having multiple storefronts – before making any move that could potentially steer your direction either to success or disappointment.

    But on the flip side, while as important as it is to regularly evaluate database to map future strategies accordingly, there’s just too many metrics to care about—from sales KPIs like average margin, competitive pricing to Marketing indicators like unique visitor volume and page views per visit to customer service metrics like average resolution time and email counts.

    It’s a big dark jungle of numbers that even the experienced sellers might find themselves lost in, let alone the new players. While many top sellers opt for professional help in this department, the new ones can’t really spare the cost.

    So what the new online sellers should do? Do they spend hours gathering all the relevant (and irrelevant) data and then spend few more days to understand it all?

    Sure it can be quite rewarding if they know all their metrics well, decision-making would become much efficient. However, to keep things sweet and simple at the initial stage and help them save their time for other important tasks (inventory management, store optimization, marketing, and more), here are 5 key metrics the new online vendors should prioritize atop-

    1. Daily sales You won’t make grand sales right from get-go. It’s going to take time to accelerate. So it makes more sense to not to be obsessed with your daily sales; something that everyone recommend. However, to have realistic expectations of future growth and to conduct A/B testing with your strategies, you should check the amount of the sales you’re making every day and then compare the data week-on-week for a bigger picture.
    2. Conversion rate– Don’t get too hung up on your stores’ daily traffic. Even when high, you might not be making as much sales. Keep an eye open to the conversion rate—the number of visitors to the number of sales. When down, know something on your store isn’t right and needs fixing, whether the overall aesthetic, content or something else.
    3. Customer acquisition cost (CAC)– It’s how much are you spending to gain new customers or to make one sale. More relevant when you’re spending on advertisements and other promotional efforts. If your CAC is too high, you need to bring it down to cut higher profit margin.
    4. Shopping cart abandonment rate– How many people are actually adding your products in their shopping cart but aren’t actually buying? This is one important metric that shows the loopholes on your store, in your transition steps; maybe you aren’t offering the right payment options, maybe the potential customers aren’t sure of their details’ security. Identify the problem and fix it!
      Did you know the average shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers is 67.91 percent?
    5. Email CTR– Running email campaigns parallel to your sales strategy is one of the most important tasks. For customer retention, having a winning post-sales follow-up is important and this is where emails come in. You must communicate and engage your customers, and push them (sensibly) for another purchase. But what if you’re sending them emails but they aren’t actually reading it—and the ones who are, in fact, reading, aren’t clicking on the given links (your CTA)? So it is important that you know the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your emails. If it’s low, there’s something wrong with the content of your email.

    Of course collecting and analyzing even these selective metrics would be no less easy. It’s going to take some time and a bit of brainstorming. To save your time and more stress, you can sign up to e-commerce solution—more so if you’re selling on, Amazon and numerous other marketplaces and storefronts together. Aside helping you handle all your backend tasks quickly and smoothly, the top ones also provide with regular sales report. It’s much detailed and easy to understand, which can save you more of your time.

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    The secret life of successful online sellers

    Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

    online sellers
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    A lot has been written about successful online sellers over web—how they started with zero investment, how they are making millions today, the luxurious life they are currently enjoying, and just how rocking their lives are right now. While as exciting as it is to read these ‘success stories’, fact is that they often skip so many important details, offering only the ‘goods’ the readers want to read. This leads to false and unrealistic expectations that new sellers hold close to when making important business decisions. And needless to say, this turns out fatal for their business over the course.

    Here are 6 crucial truths about the journey of successful online vendors that you don’t get to read in these purported success stories-

    1. They spent countless sleepless nights

    These successful Amazon and eBay sellers were once but a beginner rather like you. However, to complete the journey from where they were to the current spot where they are, they spent countless sleepless nights, working hard to face the challenges and make things work out—something that the regular ‘success stories’ sidestep, focusing solely on the ‘success’ part.

    They are more serious about marketing than you

    Marketing is the key to success for every business. And the successful online sellers know this very well. Aside optimizing their stores for the internal search engine of marketplaces, they still spend a ridiculous amount of time promoting their products and store across platforms, from social media to IMs to search engines. And unlike the new sellers, they don’t shy away from investing in advertisements and PPC.

    1. They offer personalized experience to the customers

    Given the high competition in the market, successful online sellers strive to offer personalized experience to their audience and customers, whether with marketing, selling or post-sales follow up. This helps not only boost their sale, but also build customer loyalty, who acts as “fans” of the store, often triggering Word-of-Mouth marketing.

    1. They always strive to scale their business

    Started from the bottom, now they are at the top—one of the reasons why that is because they always strive to scale their business. They always plan and map strategies how to reach more audience, how to make more sales, and how to expand their business beyond.

    1. They make time to ‘live’ by using e-commerce software solution

    One of the biggest secrets of top vendors, in fact, is they are never alone in their endeavors. While they often hire professionals and experts for additional assistance, for all their backend tasks, they rely on multi-channel e-commerce software solution. Handling everything of various storefronts from a centralized platform, including products setup, real time inventory management and order fulfillment, they end up making plenty of time for other important tasks and luxurious activities.

    1. They enjoy a location independent life

    Yes, few part of the cliché ‘success stories’ are true. Top online sellers do enjoy a dreamy life. Some even live a location independent lifestyle—more common for the affiliate Amazon and eBay seller. Working from Thailand this week while in Rio de Janeiro, soaking sun on an exotic beach the next week.

    So have you been reading the success stories of successful online sellers for some beat of motivation, know that they often skip crucial parts of the real stories. Prevent from forming any unrealistic expectations. Enter the market – sell on Walmart online, start an Amazon storefront – with the right facts and numbers.

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    How online sellers can leverage on ‘Content’ to boost their sales?

    Thomas Posted On - February 2, 2017

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    Content marketing has become the ‘it’ for top marketers and brands across the world—and that for all the right reasons. The facts and numbers from reputable research agencies speak loud and clear-

    • The conversion rate of content marketing adopters has jumped nearly 6 times higher than the non-adopters.
    • Content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing but generates more than 3 times as many leads.
    • 52 percent of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rate that transcends into better sales.
    • Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more website traffic than non-leaders.

    So were you skeptical to this form of marketing, now you know what the hullabaloo is all about.

    Content marketing for online sellers

    Contrary to what many small and new online vendors believe, there’s a big room for them to leverage on contents to bolster their sales and profit.

    Are you an online seller?

    Much like the top players in the market, you too can join the growing bandwagon of content marketing (yes, even when you don’t have any prior experience) to take your online retail/wholesale business to the next level. Here are 8 different types of content you can leverage on-

    1. Product titles and descriptions– Of course the product titles and descriptions of your Amazon and eBay listing are the obvious content. Sadly, many sellers overlook its importance. A lot goes into to come up with a perfect title and description that converts well, including the keywords and search behavior of potential customers.
    2. Personal Blogs– Blogs, today, synonym content, which in itself reflects just how important blogging is. So maintain a personal blog, whether on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress (.com) or self-hosted website. You can write on a variety of topic to target different groups of your potential audience more efficiently and personally.
    3. Social media posts– Posting and engaging your audience on social media platforms is the key to build a group of loyal audience, who might not necessarily buy from you in the short-run but can help you give boost to your business in different ways; by triggering word-of-mouth marketing and more.
    4. Facebook Instant Article– Launched last year on Facebook for publishers to promote long-form content, Instant Article has already become a big thing—at least too big to be overlooked. So while you’re posting on your personal blog, you must also create long-form of tailored content specific for your Facebook fans.
    5. Infographics– Infographics are liked and shared on social media three times more than any other type of content. This number speaks for itself the relevance and benefits of creating Infographics. There exist many online tools these days that can help you craft beautiful these beautiful graphic quickly and without any cost.
    6. Guest Blogging– Sadly, guest blogging is perhaps the most underrated practice. But by no means is it low yielding. Writing for other popular blogs not only increases your website’s direct traffic, but also improve your ranking on search engines.
    7. Emails– For every $1 spent, email gives back $38 in ROI. So incorporating emails campaigns in your overall content marketing strategy is very important. Besides, post-sales follow-up usually includes emails.
    8. Videos– 60 percent of marketers and small business owners said that they plan to increase their investment in video marketing in 2017. In fact, this year, video content well represent 74 percent of all internet traffic. So creating videos to promote your products or put forth your idea can help you improve your sales by a significant margin.

    Aim of these Contents?

    The main idea of creating so diverse range of contents is to appeal the widest section of your target audience, engage them with the right channels and convert them into buying customers quickly and easily. In the process, great contents also have a range of other positive effects, like building credibility, fostering a community of loyal audience and opening gates for viral marketing.

    What to write?

    One of the biggest problems of creating content for your online retail store is not actually ‘creating’ but brainstorming the ideas of what to write on. After all there’s only so much you can talk about.

    This is where being creative comes in handy. You can write on a host of topics, ranging from your own products and their features and usages to the current trends in your niche and market predictions; all must be relevant to your readers’ interest.

    One basic approach you can take up when creating content is ‘filling in the gap’. Listen to what your target audience is actually saying, understand their concerns and address them personally in your write-ups.

    Of course, at the end, all these – the content types, aims and ‘what’ – really depends on your own business model and individual goals. Point is, content marketing has become an important asset for the top online sellers and you can leverage on it too, rather easily, for higher sales and profit.

    How to make time to write?

    Admittedly, online sellers already have a lot to handle—from product setups and feed optimization to inventory management and order fulfillment. And the more number of sales channels they have, higher is the stress. This leaves them with very less time to do anything. So it is important that they make time to create content.


    Signing up for multi-channel e-commerce software solution can be an easy way out here. Offering to handle all your backend tasks from a centralized platform quickly and conveniently – with their seamless integration of various marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, from eBay Amazon tool to Walmart-Netsuite sync up – you can manage to save significant amount of your time to create content, enjoy life, easily.

    Good luck!

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    Why Blogging is important for online sellers? 5 Reasons

    Thomas Posted On - February 2, 2017

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    In recent times, with content marketing becoming an epicenter for marketers and big brands, blogging has got all the attention that it so truly deserves. Particularly for the smart online sellers, it has emerged as an asset to beat stiff market competition and make higher sale rather easily.

    If you’re an online vendor who doesn’t leverage on blogging, you’re missing out on a great deal of sales with the cheapest Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

    In fact, here are 5 important reasons why online sellers should start blogging in 2017, if they don’t already-

    1. It boosts visibility on SERP– Perhaps the biggest benefit of blogging is its positive impact on SEO; it boosts search visibility of pages, making your stores and products more relevant on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Of course, for better outcome, one needs to do a thorough keyword research and be more sensible when writing blog posts that trigger all the right factors, which not only increase products visibility but also ensure conversion.
    2. It informs the target audience– The foremost goal of blog posts is to engage the readers and inform them about your existence and your products. Letting the potential customers know about your products and addressing their concerns and queries more personally almost always ensure improved sales.
    3. It builds credibility– Better ranking on SERPs subsequently improves other KPIs, including stores’ credibility. Seeing more of your products on their search results, potential customers are more likely to be drawn towards your website even when they aren’t planning to buy anything. So while conversion remains down in the short-run, your niche authority perks up significantly.
    4. It fosters community of loyal audience– Niche authority fosters a community of loyal audience, which directly translates into higher sales. In a way, blogging builds a group of fans that swear-by your products; this often triggers Word-of-Mouth marketing—the cheapest form of promotion that guarantees improved revenue.
    5. Conversion becomes easier and quicker– Blogging (sensibly) is a personalized form of communication between the sellers and the potential customers. Mentioned already, this improves the credibility of the store. All these combines to convert better and increase sale in a quite short span.

    These are 5 important reasons why online sellers – whether they sell on Amazon store, personal website or multiple channels – must start blogging in 2017.

    Too much to handle already?

    Online vendors already have their plate full with ample of backend tasks. Adding to that the stress of blogging might seem to be a tad too much. However, given its importance today, it shouldn’t be sidestepped. And this is where multi-channel e-commerce software solution comes to play a messiah. With a centralized platform that offers seamless integration of various marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines – right from Magento eBay to Amazon-Shopify – handling all the backend tasks, including product listing, inventory management and order fulfillment, gets much easier and quicker. This leaves with ample of time to blog.

    So have you been looking to boost your sales, blogging might just be the perfect answer for you.

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    6 Smart Habits of Pro Amazon, eBay sellers that wins them higher sales

    Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

    amazon pro
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    Ever wondered what’s the difference between the top online sellers and the ones who struggle to make decent sales? Are the former ones gifted? Do they know any kind of secrets? Or is the later group too dumb to make high sale?

    You’d be surprised to know that the answer is not as complicated as it may look like. Successful Amazon and eBay sellers have few smart habits that the rest don’t. Or in other words, over the course, they have managed to inculcate few habits that now reward them with higher sales and profit.

    Are you an online seller yourself?

    No, you don’t have to go through that natural ‘over the course’ period to learn these habits of the pros. We’re here to help!

    Here are 6 smart habits of successful online Amazon and eBay sellers that win them revenue than the rest—habits that you too can introduce in your business (and life) to enjoy high sale-

    1. They automate the time-consuming tasks

    When you’re selling on two of the world’s biggest marketplaces, there’s a lot to handle at the backend; right from products listing to feed optimization, inventory management to order fulfillment. While some needs special attention, others are of less importance, time-consuming and can be automated. And this is what successful eBay and Amazon sellers do. They avoid all the manual work and automate most of their backend tasks with easy eBay fba & Amazon selling integration facility of reliable e-commerce software solution. With now more time at hand, they focus on more important tasks.

  • They consult experts when needed

  • The expertise and efficiency of one person is limited—something that successful online sellers know and understand well. Hence, they never shy away from consulting niche professionals or outsourcing few people for additional help. So if involving others in your online endeavors was always out of question for you, change that approach. Make a positive habit of seeking help from multi-channel sales experts when needed to boost your sales or to fix any critical technical problem.

  • They regularly analyze sales data

  • Gathering and going through the pool of data is tedious and quite boring—but it’s very important nonetheless. Knowing your facts and numbers correctly helps map winning selling and marketing strategies with less loopholes that guarantees higher conversion. Successful online sellers make it a point to analyze their database regularly and make changes accordingly to their boost sales performance. Many take help of e-commerce solution for more detailed (but easy-to-understand) report.

  • They learn from their competitors

  • Successful competitors could be more than just a source of envy. They can be a great source of learning, helping you with better sales and marketing strategies with a smaller ‘trial and error’ process. Top Amazon and eBay sellers learn from their competition to get better in their overall approach. They regularly conduct competitive analysis to know what the rivals are up to and how they are making higher sales.

  • They are highly active on Social media

  • Being active on social media platforms has emerged to be a winning strategy for the online sellers—contrary to the old-school approach when sellers solely relied on internal search engines of marketplaces. Facebook, Twitter and more are a big pool of potential customers that can be easily engaged and converted with the right investment and strategies. Successful Amazon and eBay sellers are quite active on social platforms; reaching out to new potential customers every day, communicating with them, and hence building store credibility in the process. So if you’re not leveraging on the wide reach of social media platforms, you better start doing that right away.

  • They stay in touch with the old buyers

  • Customer retention is an integral part of the strategy of successful online vendors. They are always in touch with their buying customers with a sweet and simple post-sale follow up. Why? Statistically speaking, repeated customers make up for a major portion of the revenue of the sellers; plus, their acquisition cost is relatively lower. So if you believed that sale is over after the transaction is made, you couldn’t be more wrong. Design a decent strategy to stay connected with your old customers—strategy to push them for more purchase.

    These are 6 smart habits of successful eBay and Amazon sellers; habits that you can easily take up for better sales and profit.

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    How to DOUBLE your Amazon sales in less than one month?

    Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

    amazon seller central
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    Breaking the ice on Amazon for higher sales and profit isn’t rocket science. But neither is it any simpler. Thousands of sellers are struggling to make decent revenue on this largest marketplace today.

    If you have a storefront on Amazon yourself, you would know the amount of work and countless hours it takes to maintain a high and consistent sale. But what if we tell you that you can increase your sales – double it, in fact – with few smart ways in a month or less?

    Exciting, eh?

    They aren’t secrets by any mean. Top and successful Amazon sellers know about these ‘smart ways’ well. And you’re about to too.

    Here’s how you can 2x your Amazon sales in a month—without even doing anything exceptional-

    1. Automate listing and save time– You first need time to do things, right? So cut back on all the tasks that are irrelevant, time-consuming and that can be automated, like Amazon listing, feed optimization, inventory management. Bank on top (and affordable) e-commerce software solution to integrate your Amazon store with various other marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, right from Magneto Amazon to Amazon-Google Shopping.
    2. Get active on Facebook– Facebook is the largest pool of potential customers, regardless your industry. Sadly, not many online vendors use it to the fullest. Don’t be one of them! Get active on Facebook, if aren’t already. Reach out to your target audience, engage them—address their specific needs and promote your products strategically. Don’t shy away from investing in Facebook advertisement.
    3. Talk to your old customers– If customer retention ranks at the bottom of your priority list, time to give that list a reshuffle. Get connected to your old customers; have an impressive post-sale approach for your buying customers. Talk to them via emails (or Social media, IMs). Ask them about their overall experience and address their issues personally. This increase sakes and also builds good store credibility and can even trigger Mouth-of-Word marketing.
    4. Push customers to leave reviews– When approaching your old/current customers, push them to leave good reviews and ratings on Amazon. Of course, you don’t want too pressing though. Be strategical and try to ‘win’ their reviews. When confused, look at your successful competitors and understand how they are gaining more reviews.
    5. Get ready to compromise on your profit margin– Being competitive on Amazon is one of the important success factors for online vendors. So to make higher sales, you must be ready to compromise with small profit margin. Set the price of your products low; Amazon and customers both would love it. To that, low priced products have more chances to win ‘Buy Box’, which could be a big thing.
    6. Offer sensible discounts– Offering continuous discounts throughout the season is one of the biggest mistakes new online sellers make. Map a decent pricing strategy and offer your products on exclusive discounts only when it makes more sense—only when you’re sure of higher ROI.

    These are 6 smart ways with which you can double your Amazon store sales in one month or less. Of course, there’s a lot more you must be considerate of. If you’re thoughtful enough when making crucial decisions, you would be able to boost your sales rather easily.

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    6 (Hushed) steps for a successful Amazon store launch

    Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

    amazon seller central
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    For business minds, looking to venture the online retail market, Amazon possibly stands as a go-to destination today. World’s largest marketplace that strives to deliver finest of customer service, selling on Amazon is as easy as it gets. Totally different, however, given the current high market competition there, cutting a decent profit margin is a bit difficult. Thousands of vendors already struggle to make desired sales.

    Are you planning to soon launch an Amazon store?

    To help you put forth the right step in the right direction, here are 6 important yet overlooked steps you should take before the official launch of your to-be money making Amazon store-

  • Do a thorough keyword research

  • About 55 percent of online shoppers start their product search on Amazon; meaning, you can make a great deal of sales if only you rank higher in the search results. This makes doing a thorough keyword research very important. There exist a range of online tools and guides to help you find relevant keywords in your niche. Look around for such tools and find high traffic-low competition keywords for your products.

  • Learn how to optimize your Amazon store

  • There’s a lot more than just the keywords to rank higher on the search result of Amazon. There’s a range of factors that comes into play, including (rich and) descriptive product titles and descriptions, product reviews, right product categorization, competitive pricing, and additional discounts. So learn beforehand how to optimize your Amazon store for better visibility.

  • Understand terms and conditions of FBA

  • Since beginner, it is best to leave the hassle of order fulfillment on Amazon. Of course you need to qualify to become Amazon FBA seller. To that, there is also a range of terms and conditions that you must be careful of to avoid any future confusions and complications. So read all the official policies and agreement terms of this marketplace to understand things better.

  • Start blogging

  • In recent times, blogging has emerged to be an important marketing asset that top and successful brands and sellers leverage on. So even before the official launch of your Amazon store, start blogging about your products and about your niche in general with a goal to pool more and more interested consumers and win their loyalty.

  • Analyze your successful competitors

  • You haven’t start selling yet; meaning there’s less or no personalized database to analyze. In such scenarios, relying on the data of successful competitors (whatever’s available) is a good idea. So learn from them; see the kind of marketing channels they are using, their pricing strategy, when they are offering additional discounts, their post-sales approach and so forth. Know these and map your own strategies accordingly.

  • Sign up to e-commerce solution

  • At the backend of your Amazon store, there’s a lot more to handle than what meet your eyes. Plus, few things on your Amazon seller central are difficult to understand and handle. And this is where top e-commerce software solution comes in. With their user-friendly centralized interface, you get to handle everything quickly and conveniently- right from feed optimization to Amazon inventory management.

    These 6 important steps you must take before the launch of your Amazon store for a smoother path ahead with high sales and high profit. Good Luck!

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    Amazon sellers – How to tackle high competition on this marketplace?

    Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

    amazon seller central
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    In recent times, competition on Amazon has seen a significant jump. More and more third-party sellers are joining this growing bandwagon. To that, customers have become even more demanding than ever. This has left many vendors with marginal sales and profit.

    Are you an Amazon seller? Not happy with your revenue?

    While there aren’t really any magic tricks that can fix this wrong for you, there do exist few smart ways that can help you overcome this high competition on Amazon (and even other marketplaces) like a complete pro. Here are 5 of such ways-

  • Carefully read store optimization policies of Amazon
  • Today, 55 percent of online shoppers start their products search on Amazon; notably, the number is higher than Google. This means, caring about the internal search engine of Amazon is more important than ever. Meaning, optimizing your Amazon store isn’t optional anymore; it should be an integral part of sellers’ strategy.

    There do exist many guides and “tricks” that supposedly teach you how to make your products/store search friendly. However, it is best to stick to the official guidelines of Amazon to stay on the safer side and to avoid penalties. This marketplace offers plenty of resources to assist you to optimize your store. Read and follow them carefully. Avoid trying to trick the system with black-hat approach; it does more harm than good.

  • Be different from your competitors when it comes to marketing
  • One of the biggest differences between the top Amazon sellers and the rest is that they know how to market their products outside this marketplace, efficiently and at cheap. So have you been reluctant to reach out your target audience outside SEO, shift your strategy. Make use of different marketing channels to communicate and convert your audience.

    Be different from your competitors. If everyone is having a Facebook fan page, you go with private groups; if everyone’s on Instagram, go with Pinterest; if they are using WhatsApp, pick SnapChat. Of course, be different, not just for the sake of it, but to find new, cheap and high-converting avenues.

  • Don’t blindly sell your products at the “cheapest price”
  • On Amazon, being competitive in your pricing is one of the most important success factors. However, blindly following this approach helps less that leaves you with meager return, and even financial loss. Another thing many new sellers misunderstand is that “Cheapest price” always wins ‘Buy Box’. To win Buy Box, a host of other factors come into play; and competitive pricing is ONE of those many factors that alone don’t guarantee these boxes.

    So having a full fledge pricing strategy is very important for the Amazon sellers. Other than own preferred profit margin, other aspects should be carefully looked into as well, like competitors’ pricing strategy, buyers’ shopping behavior, Amazon’s seasonal traffic fluctuation, holiday seasons and so forth. Remember, lowest price doesn’t always tackle the competition well.

  • Make informed decisions
  • When the competition is high, often the online sellers take up ‘follow the crowd’ approach – use marketing channels others are using, sell at prices that others are selling at – completely overlooking their own individual situations and needs.

    One of the surest ways to boost your revenue is to gather and analyze all the data available, from marketing to sales. Making informed decisions, instead of shooting in the dark like others, guarantees high conversion. Sadly, making sense of this pool of database can be daunting and time-consuming task. And this is where e-commerce solutions come is. Other than helping in listing, inventory management and handling Amazon seller central, the top ones also provide detailed calculus report to help you analyze your sales performance and make improvement accordingly.

  • Increase the number of your sales channels
  • Of a range of tips and advices that successful Amazon sellers give, being on various other marketplaces top their list. Relying solely on Amazon traffic to ‘earn riches’ isn’t a great idea, given other platforms like eBay, Walmart and more too offer a large pool of potential consumers. More the number of storefronts, higher will be the sales.

    While handling so many online stores was a difficult task few years back, it isn’t today, courtesy of top multi-channel e-commerce software solution. In partnership with many marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, they provide a centralized platform to help you handle everything of your stores at a single place, quickly and conveniently; from real-time inventory management to Google product feed optimization to order fulfillment. So get on other platforms, reach out to more number of consumers, beat your competitors and increase your sales easily.

    These are 5 simple ways to beat high sellers’ competition on Amazon. Now you know, plan to get ahead of your successful competitors and welcome more revenue in 2017.

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    Sears, Walmart sellers- 5 simple ways to multiply your sales EASILY

    Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

    sell on sears
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    With thousands of stores crowding Walmart and Sears, competition on these marketplaces is super-high. And often the new sellers, in particular, have to be at the receiving end of this highly competitive market where toeing with the successful and resource-equipped rivals if difficult. For them, sales remain low—and so does the revenue.

    Do you sell on sears? Are you an online seller?

    Give your 2017 a great start; make this year when you write grand success stories for your online stores. Here are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales rather easily-

  • Get on other marketplaces

  • The calculation is simple- if you want more revenue, you must be on multiple platforms to reach out more of your target customers. So if you’re just on Sears and Walmart, get on other marketplaces as well; open new storefronts. Of course it really depends on what suits your business model, but eBay, Amazon and BestBuy are some top names that boasts huge monthly traffic that can easily boost your sales.

  • Leverage on Social media platforms

  • Optimizing your stores to rank better on the internal search engine of the marketplaces is important. However, you need to make additional marketing efforts to reach more of your potential customers—efforts that has low customer acquisition cost. Social media platforms are usually your best option. With a large pool of consumers and heaps of targeting tools, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can easily help you reach, communicate and convert your potential customers.

  • Be more careful when pricing

  • Pricing is more than just about the profit margin you want to cut—something many new online sellers often overlook. A host of factors come into play when pricing your products and offering additional discounts; like buying behavior of your audience, the market competition, your product type, season, the economy at-large and so forth. So spend more of your time and resource to map a decent pricing strategy.

  • Make use of multi-channel Ecommerce solution

  • Multi-channel ecommerce solution not only helps you handle all the backend tasks of your storefronts at one place (like inventory management, product setup, order fulfillment and more) with its seamless integration including that of Magneto Walmart and eBay-Sears, but the top ones also provide to boost your performance with their regular sales report. Detailed and easy-to-read, the calculus reports can help you analyze different metrics of your sales and marketing, and make informed decisions accordingly.

  • Strive to deliver top-notch after-sales service

  • While it varies from niche to niche, repeated customers hold a major chunk of revenue for the online vendors. No wonder top brands and sellers spend a significant amount of their resource in customer retention. So have you been neglecting your old customers, stop! Have a good post-sales follow up that communicates and engage your customers and encourage them to make another purchase. This will not only increase your sales but also build customer loyalty, which can trigger word-of-mouth marketing.

    So, if you sell on sears and/or Walmart, these are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales quickly. Say goodbye to the marginal profit margin and stop complaining about high market competition as well. Give your online stores a fresh start this year with fresh and smart strategy.

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