2Checkout And Shopify To Help E-Retailers For Expanding Foreign Markets!

Daniel Posted On - July 8, 2014

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Very recently the global online payments provider, 2checkout has made an announcement that Shopify has integrated their global payments option into its platform. Shopify is a leading commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, in-store and anywhere in between. Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, a point of sale system to power retail sales, and a card reader to accept payments through a mobile phone. Presently, Shopify is serving over 100,000+ retailers in 122 different countries, including: Tesla Motors, Gatorade, Amnesty International, Google, CrossFit, and many more. 2checkout, on the other hand, is a trusted name by over 50,000 merchants.

2Checkout supports transactions in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages, forming one of the leading processors of online transactions in the world. So it is clear as 2Checkout integrates with Shopify, helping online retailers expand into foreign markets, Shopify customers will have the access to payments in 196 countries.

Shopify always targets accessibility to new market segments as the key driving force behind their continued growth. So with this new step of tying up with 2Checkout, Shopify will be in a better position to offer a more trusted and accepted payment solution to its customers, in new and emerging markets.

Louis Kearns, director of payments at Shopify, has made a remark, that 2Checkout delivers a local buying experience that scales globally for merchants and customers alike. And he also added that Shopify’s 100,000+ merchants from around the world will now be able to get the benefit of 2Checkout’s secure, responsive, localized payments page to maximize checkout conversions in hundreds of markets.

Shopify will highlight 2Checkout’s payments service in their platform in countries where their own payment solution, ‘Shopify Payments’ is not available. This will enable 2Checkout to utilize the advantage of being one of the only available payments option in many emerging markets. Shopify’s platform, on the other hand will remain available to existing 2Checkout customers side by side. This will provide an industry-leading commerce system on which their online stores can be founded.

Kevin Gallagher, SVP of business development at 2Checkout said that Shopify is always ranking on top in cart requests in their website. He therefore confidently expressed his opinion by saying this partnership will be doubly beneficial for both the parties. According to him as 2Checkout will provide the payments, it will literally be like a single integration to reach the world.

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2Checkout And Shopify To Help E-Retailers For Expanding Foreign Markets!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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