3 Easy Steps To Control Ecommerce Integration Costs

Stephen Posted On - August 24, 2017

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Ecommerce integration, a process that involves automating and harmonizing ecommerce activities between shopping carts, marketplaces, multiple marketplaces, comparison shopping platforms, affiliate marketplaces etc, can often get very expensive for undeniable reasons. Very often integration of shopping carts with one single marketplace or comparison shopping platform can cost as much as 800$ to 1000$ or more. This is especially when the process involves top names like Walmart, Amazon, eBay Google Shopping etc.

Spending an enormous amount as this may often get burdening for small to medium businesses making it imperative to look for avenues that help in cutting costs to manageable levels. Here are three tried and tested ways to achieve this otherwise challenging goal…

Choose affordable providers with good reputation – You may have to spend some time researching online or offline on all available options to shortlist dependable providers of ecommerce integration that offer services at price packages compatible with your interests. The good news is, it is possible to locate affordable providers that will not fail you in terms of effective and productive syncing.

Always read through the reviews and ratings of the chosen provider as posted by previous users of their services. This way, you will get a clear idea about exactly what in terms of cost quality harmony you are buying into.

Opt for buildable features in tools and softwares – Integration tools and software solutions like Magento Google Shopping integration systems etc. usually come with a list of features that cater to immediate operational requirements, secondary requisites and more. Some of the so-called ‘best’ integration tools that come at very high costs accommodate a massive set of evolved features many of which may not be of any use to sellers at the time of purchase. However, they may be relevant later when the business grows.

Therefore, when you buy an uber sophisticated tool at sky high prices and use only 50% of the available features, you are basically spending 50% more than what you should otherwise be spending. On the other hand, when you opt for buildable tools, you pay only for the features that you will use while accessing ample flexibility to improve and add on the tools as and when you require.

Check the scope of free services made available by the providers – Lastly, you should check the scope of free services that can save you money by the penny. Free trial services, add on features, free updates / tools, complimentary trouble shooting services etc. can be mentioned as examples.

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