3 Factors That Matter Equally In eBay Amazon Selling

Stephen Posted On - December 26, 2017

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Even though the nature and ambience of eBay Amazon selling is widely different from each other, there are a number of factors that are equally relevant in both platforms. Sellers that perform in either or both of these top marketplaces must therefore ensure maintaining these factors to the utmost so that they can achieve productive and profitable selling experience. Here is a small roundup of 3 such factors that are critically important at all times…

End to end integration –

Be it Shopify Amazon or Bigcommerce eBay or any others for that matter, end to end seamless integration is a must for achieving optimum performance levels in these marketplaces. Without proper integration, it will be impossible for sellers to stay in tune with the pace of eBay and Amazon, leave alone gaining an upper hand in competition. End to end syncing of Amazon and eBay with respective shopping carts can enhance the levels of automation of core processes by as much as 90% which can be a blessing in terms of saving time and protecting from errors.

Optimization –

Smart optimization of feed is a must in both marketplaces. From titles and descriptions to images and pricing, just about everything needs to be optimized for enhanced visibility and high search rankings. More often than not, evolved integration processes that are offered by top ecommerce solution developers like Magento eBay etc. come with some basic optimization features that do contribute to enhanced performance. However, in order to remain in top visibility, integrating with advanced optimization solutions would be wise.

Software quality –

The quality of seller softwares chosen for eBay Amazon selling can make all the difference when it comes to increasing effectiveness and productivity in the endeavor. As has been expressed by top sellers in these marketplaces, it is always wise to opt for paid softwares that come with customizable features that are flexible enough to grow with your business. Paid options also come with robust customer service backing that free softwares often lack.

The matter of professional intervention…

Allowing professionals to handle the process of integration, optimization and suggesting the right software solutions for the business can offer a massive payoff that can give you an instant edge in competition. Employing professionals for endeavors in both eBay and Amazon can be practically lifesaving for newer and less experienced entities that do not have any time to go through the trial and error process.

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