3 Growth Hacks for Your eBay Store To Crazy-High Revenue

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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Even in the mix of new players, eBay still holds a dominant position in the e-commerce industry—something that is quite evident when new sellers, above all, rush to sell on this giant marketplace without a second though.

However, even as great of a market credibility and consumer base eBay touts, rushing to sell here is only one part of a long process, which is followed by a bigger challenge for the sellers—how do you grow your eBay store?

Meaning, yes, selling on one of the largest and most trusted marketplaces is a lucrative idea but, on the flip side, success doesn’t come off easy.

So, congratulations you are an eBay seller. But you’re in for a long ride which calls in for consistency, patience and acing strategy.

To help you fuel your growth and get the ball rolling, here are 3 growth hacks for your eBay store that many experts swear by:

Optimize for Cassini

Cassini is the name of eBay’s internal search engine, which, unlike other marketplaces’, is much more robust and efficient. You can drive a great deal of sales if you manage to improve your visibility on this search engine. Contrary to what many say, there aren’t any tricks here. It takes time and you need to follow basic guidelines, like using keywords-rich titles and descriptions, as well as high-quality images, among several other optimization steps.

Encourage buyers to leave reviews

Reviews boost your sales. Period. The more feedbacks your products get, better it send signals to the search bots. Positive reviews will promote you up, bad ones will demote. On the other hand, a prospect is more likely to listen to others’ recommendation than sellers’ words. So with good customer feedbacks, you can significantly manage to improve your conversion rate.

Signup to e-commerce solution

Managing all the backend activities of your eBay store could get quite hectic and time-consuming. To that, if you’re selling on various other channels, things would be even more difficult. To bring quickness, efficiency and convenience on the table, you can (and must) signup to a good third-party e-commerce solution. Thousands of vendors sell Walmart on eBay and integrate eBay Jet.com and more using such solutions to grow and sustain their online stores.

These are 3 very simple growth hacks for your eBay store. Trust us, pulling them the right way is easier said than done. So start today and see you online selling business touch sky tomorrow.

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