3 Things Amazon Sellers In Walmart Need Not Fear Any More

Daniel Posted On - March 21, 2017

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Walmart ecommerce marketplace has been named as one of the fastest growing platform of opportunities especially after opening up to third party sellers, with special focus on performers from Amazon and eBay. With the stringent set of requirements specified by this marketplace a raging sense of fear had been prevailing particularly among Amazon sellers in terms of creating and maintaining presence of both marketplaces without inviting the wrath of either.

Issues pertaining to maintaining very high levels of performance in Walmart.com in comparison with Amazon has been one of the deadliest reasons that has caused many sellers to lose their sleep week after week. However, with improved selling aid and integration advantages, the past couple of months have been complete bliss for integrated Walmart Amazon performance. In fact, here are 3 things that no Amazon performers need not worry about any more while operating in Walmart.com…

Acceptance, Set up and integration –

It is true that Walmart.com has opened up to third party sellers, but it certainly does not mean that it is open to anyone and everyone that wishes to walk in. In fact, there have been infinite occasions when sellers have to wait for months to gain approval for commencing set up and operations in this marketplace.

This phase of uncertainty however, has been fading rapidly, all thanks to the fact that sellers these days have a very clear perspective about the preferences of the marketplace and best ways to approach the same for quicker and effective approval and set up.

Price parity –

Nothing has scared Amazon sellers in Walmart.com more than the evil of price parity. Walmart.com expects all sellers to sell at the lowest prices irrespective of anything. Amazon on the other hand, cannot accept their sellers to sell the same products in a different marketplace at lower prices. Suspensions are awarded in each case. However, with the introduction of innovative software solutions for maintaining price harmony, this fear is now pushed to the recesses.

Excellence in order completion / maintenance of low order defect rates –

Walmart.com expects sellers to offer excellence in order completion at par with Amazon. Order defect rates should also be maintained at lower than 1%. Product value, return and refund policies should also be equal to or greater than Amazon. While the burden of such requirements often pulled the confidence of sellers down in Walmart.com, at this very moment, high quality order management softwares can be used to handle these necessities successfully.

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