3 Ways Walmart eBay Integration Can Multiply Your Productivity

Stephen Posted On - November 16, 2017

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Sellers that are present both in eBay and Walmart can face a number of hassles associated mainly with operations and productivity. Keeping track of voluminous orders pouring in every single day, aspects like inventory management, order fulfillment, listing management etc can get really taxing. Manual involvement in such demanding setups can lead sellers to face often irrecoverable damages.

End to end all inclusive multi channel integration involving shopping carts as well, like Magento eBay Walmart integrations however, can change the course of events for the better. Here are 3 ways in which end to end syncing can help in multiplying productivity in Walmart eBay performance many times over and that too in the shortest period of time…

Enhanced automation will cover all core multi channel operations –

With end to end integration, the level of automation increases dramatically to speed up core processes like inventory management, listing management, order fulfillment / completion and more while ensuring complete faultlessness in all. Sellers have claimed to have been spending very less time in these essentials and focusing more on decision making with end to end integration in place.

Assistance with respect to pricing will keep both marketplaces happy –

Pricing is a dreaded aspect in Walmart especially when the third party sellers are also present in other top marketplaces. At all times, the entities are expected to keep their prices in Walmart the lowest, a practice that can come into a direct clash with eBay and Amazon. End to end integration often comes with pricing assistance that helps sellers price their products smartly and competitively while not inviting the wrath of the involved marketplaces.

List of added features to make elevated competitive performance possible –

High quality integrations like eBay Magento Walmart integration offered by top ecommerce solution developers offer a list of added features, tools and softwares that are equipped to enhance productivity of the endeavor without the sellers having to try too hard. These features can be dedicated towards performance tracking, tax / currency management, revenue management, review generation / management, profit calculation and more.

End to end Walmart eBay integration can be availed from top 3P ecommerce solution developers some of whom are also the official integration partners of Walmart online marketplace. Sellers though, must be aware of the fact that complete and all inclusive syncing processes usually come at sizeable costs that can go up to thousands of dollars depending upon the level of automation and support features required. But, at the end of the day, are worth the expenses.

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