4 Factors That Make Your eBay Listing Stale

Thomas Posted On - November 17, 2017

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Nature and quality of listing plays a very important role in fetching healthy traffic and sale in eBay. However, there have been many occasions when sellers in this marketplace have faced the chronic condition of stale listing that not only took a toll on their visibility but revenue generation as well. Learning the causes behind listing going stale is the first step to avoiding this otherwise unfortunate situation.

Here are 4 critical causes that lead to listing stagnation and should thus be avoided by sellers at all costs…

Forgetting to refresh your listing –

If you wish your listing to survive the test of time in eBay, you will have to keep refreshing the feed at very frequent intervals of time. Altering titles with relevant keywords, adding more descriptive images of the listed products, changing the nature of deals and discounts to make them more attractive etc. are only a few to mention in this respect.

End to end integration with shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like eBay Magento Walmart integration etc. where core operations are faultlessly and seamlessly synchronized, is also a good way to prevent listing hassles.

Housing irrelevant products –

Keeping products that have lost their relevance to buyers can result in some serious stagnation of listing. These are also the products that will clog your warehouses making you spend more for storage space while gaining practically no profit out of it. To address such chronic cases of stagnation, it is best to pull out the products from your endeavor altogether.

Saying no to softwares –

eBay listing softwares these days are equipped with performance tracking features for every individual feed even at a very basic level. This helps sellers in keeping track of products that have been fetching sale and those that have not been gaining any response from buyers at all making it easy to take corrective decisions at the earliest.

However, sellers that do not use effective listing softwares in eBay are often oblivious about non responsiveness towards specific listing till the time some grave damage is done.

No reviews, no ratings –

Listings that have been around for a while and have gathered no reviews or ratings for the past few months run the risk of becoming stale and non responsive to traffic and conversions. This is mostly because buyers these days can make their search on the basis of ratings; higher the better.

Therefore, if your listing has not gathered any response from previous buyers or has gained poor response from the same, it is possible that the listing will not feature in search results at all, thereby rendering it outright stale.

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