4 Things You Should Learn About Google Product Feed

Stephen Posted On - January 29, 2016

google product feed
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Google, just like lots of popular online marketplaces, such as Etsy, Amazon and ebay, has now also turned into a viable marketplace. Google Shopping is a unique marketplace which keeps on stocking new kinds of items. You will be able to upload and sell various items on Google Shopping, just like in numerous other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Read on and know all about Google product feed, and learn 4 things about it.

You have to create feed

Before you submit a feed, you need to create a Google feed. Google Shopping comes with a few limitations as of now, and it accepts feeds in formats like zip, xml and txt. The fields or columns in the product feed will be based on the type of data that you have to upload. However, there are a few basic fields that must be there such as availability, price, image, category, description, title and product ID.

Get expert assistance

Submitting or uploading feed on a Google account is similar to uploading items on any ecommerce store. The submission of a Google feed will not be difficult in case you have entered data into Magento Google shopping platform with the use of a CSV file. However, if you have not handled any ecommerce platform, you will like to get help from someone who is experienced.

Check the status

Once you upload Google merchant data feed to your merchant account on Google Shopping, you will be given a status for every item that you have submitted information about. With this status, you can easily understand whether or not a specific item is eligible. You can also understand whether there has been any mistake during the uploading of the items. Once you have uploaded the items in a successful manner, you will be able to track the product performance and make alterations in the product details and pricing at any time that you need.

Look for problems in verification

If you encounter any issues in product feed, check whether there have been any problems in the verification process itself. There are specific regulations and rules that you have to satisfy in order to upload items on Google Shopping. You will have to set up a Google merchant account, submit necessary details like personal info, customer service no and business information. Following verification, you can upload feed on your merchant account on Google Shopping platform.

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