4 Valuable Lessons Sellers Can Learn From The Amazon Logo

Stephen Posted On - July 27, 2017

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Logos are often more than a tiny symbol that signifies the name of companies, institutions, organizations, corporate / business houses, political parties etc. More often than not, well designed logos speak miles about the motto, purpose and aim of the respective entities that they represent. Amazon is one such entity that speaks out through its logo; something that sellers in this marketplace can learn amply from.

What the name says…

The marketplace is called ‘Amazon’. The name itself symbolizes vastness and all inclusivity. After eBay, Amazon has the largest range of selling categories allowing sellers of all natures and volumes to perform in the platform. Sellers on the other hand are expected to ensure that they list relevant products that buyers will be interested in. In short, it should not happen that buyers come to Amazon and don’t find what they are looking for.

Simple and comprehensive –

The logo of Amazon is not a piece of art. It is simple, comprehensive yet impactful at the same time. For buyers, searching for products is very easy and there are infinite filters that they can apply. As far as sellers are concerned, they are required to maintain excellence in their operations to facilitate such purchase advantages.

Initiating end to end integration like Magento Amazon and syncing involving other shopping carts and marketplaces etc can help sellers significantly in this direction.

The arrow from A to Z –

The arrow from A to Z often goes unnoticed, but it has phenomenal significance. This basically signifies that buyers can locate just about anything in Amazon that can be delivered in a parcel. Sellers too need to ensure that the A to Z assurance made by the marketplace is always adhered to.

The smiley –

The arrow in Amazon also forms a smiley which is perhaps the most important aspect of the logo. The smiley symbolizes the smile that Amazon assures to bring in the faces of buyers during and after every purchase. Sellers need to ensure that their selling standards are high enough to live up to this assurance. Offering attractive prices and deals, maintaining high value of listing, easy and extended returns and refunds etc; all matter in this respect.

As far as multichannel sellers with Amazon presence is concerned, it is expected that Amazon is treated as the first preference. Sellers that are present in competing marketplaces like Walmart, carrying out productive integration including shopping carts like Magento Walmart Amazon syncing etc can be practical life savers.

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