4 Ways eBay Scores More Than Walmart For Sellers

Thomas Posted On - November 17, 2017

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Sellers that perform in top ecommerce platforms like eBay often find themselves over burdened with a number of hassles and hiccups, the origin of which can be traced to ever rising competition and complexity of the marketplaces. This is probably one of the reasons why many eBay sellers are in the process of shifting their base to Walmart.com, the newest star in the online selling firmament.

Walmart.com is widely known for low competition, easy visibility, high traffic and smooth operational set up that makes it a practical heaven for any selling entity. This gets better with high quality end to end integration like Walmart Magento etc. that can be availed though their official ecommerce partners at very affordable prices.

However, while it is true that there are way too many uncertainties in eBay that can make sellers fall on their face without any prior warning, there is a long list of reasons why eBay is still a more attractive selling platform to consider in comparison with Walmart.com …

  • Firstly, Walmart.com is only for a handful of sellers that are the best in their respective categories and have very attractive sale history. This is something that smaller sellers and newer sellers seldom possess. Therefore, even if certain sellers nurture the dream of selling in Walmart.com, they may eventually witness their applications rejected.
  • Secondly, competition in eBay may be very high, but the voluminous inflow of traffic allows every seller to have an equal chance to bag the best of purchase motivated buyers. Proper listing, organic optimization and end to end integration with shopping carts like Bigcommerce eBay integration is all it takes to maintain a healthy and productive future in eBay.
  • Thirdly, unlike Walmart.com, eBay allows a wider range of product categories that is almost all inclusive in nature. People can list anything from Harambe shaped cheetos to jet planes in this marketplace, making it compatible with just about anyone that has something to sell. At the same time, eBay also allows sellers to sell in fixed price categories as well as auction, an advantage that is rarely seen in many top e commerce marketplaces.
  • Fourthly, eBay has lived over 20 years in the world of ecommerce and is the oldest online platform of buying and selling. Its evolution thus has very strong roots making it the old-reliable in online selling that no other marketplaces can match. Dependability and scope comes very easy with eBay especially at a global scale, something that Walmart. Com is yet to catch up

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