4 Ways To Prep Your eBay Listing For Better Festive Sale 2017

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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Top ecommerce marketplaces like eBay often face tremendous rush through the festive season that can be a little too overwhelming for sellers that are not prepared to face such high volume traffic. However, just because the platform attracts phenomenal levels of purchase motivated buyers it does not mean that the traffic is distributed equally among all sellers.

In fact, there have been many occasions when sellers ended up incurring losses during festive seasons for failing to win buyers towards their stores. This applies not just in eBay but when you sell on Walmart online, Amazon, Rakuten or any other top performing platforms for that matter.

To stay on the safer side of things and to generate optimum profits from the festive traffic, sellers will therefore have to prep their listing and make them compatible and responsive to the latter. Here are 4 tried and tested ways to approach this task and that too with assurance of sizeable success…

Add fresh yet relevant products –

The fourth quarter of the year is perhaps the best time to introduce fresh and relevant products to your eBay endeavors. Fresh listing always gains better visibility and search rankings in this marketplace, which will further ensure that your presence will be felt among target buyers when they are in their best purchase mood. Using quality eBay listing softwares is recommended in the process.

Brush up on head to toe optimization and add more images if necessary –

Touching up on the titles, descriptions and images and improving upon relevant keywords can make a significant difference in instant traffic generation. While it is true that head to toe re optimization of listing is best done prior to the commencement of the festive selling season, touch ups can be done just about any time with the assistance of potent tools and software solutions.

Spice up on purchase advantages –

You cannot cheap out while offering deals in eBay festive selling. Purchase advantages are critical when it comes to gaining a retaining ranking in the marketplace for best traffic generation that eventually converts into sale. High discounts, attractive deals, free shipping, easy returns, discount coupons for next purchase etc can keep buyers hooked for more.

Maximize presence on comparison shopping sites and affiliate networks (if any) –

Pushing presence in relevant CSEs and even affiliate networks for that matter can divert voluminous traffic from other sources. This can contribute to enhancing sale by 50% to even 100% for that matter.

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