5 Factors That Make Jet.com Better Than Amazon

Thomas Posted On - September 4, 2017

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If jet.com really better than Amazon? Statistically speaking, the answer would always be ‘no’, that too for very long into the distant future. However, there have been a number of ecommerce selling entities in this marketplace that choose to believe otherwise. This is also the lot that has come out with the performance records in Jet.com that has clearly shown enhanced profits and growth in comparison with Amazon.

Following are 5 unputdownable factors that tend to settle the Amazon Jet.com debate in favor of the latter…

Promising growth statistics –

Jet.com has grown phenomenally in as little as 2 years time in terms of seller participation, inflow of unique visitors, expansion of selling categories and more in comparison with many top marketplaces besides Amazon. In fact, this marketplace was designed to give Amazon a tough competition, a goal that it is expected to achieve successfully in the foreseeable future.

Low competition –

Unlike Amazon that is thronging with thousands of sellers from all over the world, jet.com is far more relaxed and undemanding. This allows sellers access to easy visibility before purchase motivated buyers that converts to high sale and profits. A favorable situation as this works wonderfully for new and budget crunched selling entities.

Steady and assured inflow of unique visitors and purchase motivated buyers –

This can be owed to certain inbuilt advantages that the marketplace offers to its loyal purchasers. For example, products across all categories in Jet.com are up to 15% lower in comparison with Amazon. At the same time, dynamic pricing policy followed by the marketplace pulls buyers that come back for more.

Easy integration support –

There was a time when API integration in jet.com was a nightmare, but not anymore. Ecommerce support solution providers have excelled in offering end to end solutions involving top shopping carts like integration Magento Jet.com and many more with practically readymade tools and software solutions. In very simple words, understanding basic integration needs and selecting the right solutions without falling prey to confusion is very easy in this marketplace.

Ample space to grow –

Early presence in Jet.com can enable sellers to make an impactful presence in the forthcoming future. This is one of those advantages that may not be available in Amazon unless sellers are seasoned enough to tide over cut throat competition, engage in super strategies and maintain high performance operations with the assistance of top seller support solutions.

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