5 Image Management Tips To Maximize Visibility Of Google Product Feed

Daniel Posted On - April 27, 2017

Google product feed
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Every aspect of your listing in Google Shopping is critically important when it comes to maximizing and maintaining visibility and traffic generation. While titles, descriptions, CPC strategies etc bear phenomenal significance in this respect, the matter of perfect and optimized image presentation should never be ignored by sellers. Images enhance the impact of Google product feed as far as creating trust and generating purchase motivation among target buyers is concerned.

Here are 5 image management tips that can help sellers maintain a long and profitable presence in this comparison shopping platform…

Images should neither be too big or too small –

Google Shopping has mentioned certain acceptable dimensions of product images that need to be maintained by sellers at all times. Images that are too large may not load properly and images that are too small may not be visible at all to the buyers. Either case can compromise purchase experience in the part of the latter which can impact seller interest negatively.

They should not contain watermarks or promotional texts –

Google Shopping has very strict policies on inorganic Google product feed optimization which includes images as well. Watermarking images and adding promotional texts are dealt with iron hands in this comparison shopping site with the guilty party facing loss of ranking or even suspension from the platform when caught.

‘Image not available’ will make your listing not available –

You cannot take the liberty of adding images later. Proper images should be added while creating the listing and should be clearly visible when the listing goes live. If your image is not available in an active listing, you can be rest assured that your presence will be invisible as well.

Always avoid image mismatch –

While most sellers are very careful about image mismatch, there are a few that still struggle with the issue. Adding wrong image for the listing that describes otherwise can be awarded with irrecoverable loss of visibility that no seller in Google shopping can afford.

Broken links must be avoided –

Broken links spell doom for listing in Google Shopping. Simply put, if Google cannot scrawl through your links to get to your images, there is no way you will find visibility in this marketplace.

Besides the mentioned, initiating end to end integration with shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like Google Shopping Shopify Walmart integration etc. can add to creating robust listing standards in this platform.

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