5 Productive Ways To Resuscitate Dying Amazon Listing

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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A dying listing in Amazon often shows a number of symptoms that can seldom go unnoticed. Here are 4 key symptoms which if missed by the sellers can result in traumatic loss of overall business performance…

The listing is nowhere in first few pages of search ranking –

It may have featured in the top pages a few months or even a year ago. But, as per recent performance reports, your listing is no where to be found. This is a reason good enough to know that something is seriously wrong.

Your Amazon listing has generated very less or no sale –

If the particular listing has failed to generate expected sale within a financial quarter or more, it may be time to pull up your socks and get ready with some serious corrective processes. The longer you wait, more you suffer.

Serious accumulation of poor reviews and rating –

This can be with respect to product quality, order management errors or even shady attempts in the part of competitors to pull you down. Be it what it may, if you have gathered way too many poor reviews with more pouring in, you should be prepared for action.

No movement of associated product from the inventory warehouses –

Stagnation of inventory associated with the dying listing often remains stagnant in warehouses. They end up adding to operational costs while generating no profits at all.

How to resuscitate dying Amazon listing

The process to resuscitate a dying listing in Amazon can be easy with the following steps…

Re determine the relevance of the product –

Determine if the product is still relevant to target buyers in Amazon. If the products are relevant, you can start move into the next step.

Re optimize –

If the product is still relevant, try re optimizing it with superior inputs. Use data feed management tools, software solutions and even professional assistance to improve the feed to make the listing best compatible with Amazon.

Deal with poor reviews and ratings with a positive approach –

If you feel you can address poor reviews and ratings in a positive and organic manner, get into action right away. Amazon appreciates sellers that address the grievances of purchasers than ignoring them.

Try adding the products to combo deals at attractive prices –

This is a tried and tested way to move stagnant inventory profitably.

Scrap and re list if necessary –

Lastly, if you feel nothing can be done about the listing, it is best to scrap the same and re list. New listings get better visibility in Amazon and you can always access a fresh start.

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