5 Productivity Tips for Part-Time Online Sellers

Daniel Posted On - October 16, 2017

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Even after years, online selling seems like an uncertain idea. No wonder many people start on this journey as a part-time seller. And we get it! Yes, it’s a booming market but how can one leave her/his full-time, high-paying job for something that provides no assurance even after hard work.

For online sellers with full-time job, the biggest challenge is time management—to keep their day-job but also invest well in stores that eventually yield decent returns at the beginning. Meaning, short in time with hectic schedule, they must be at their productive-best.

Are you a part-time seller?

Here are 5 productivity tips for the part-time online vendors:

Cut back on the number of selling points

Isn’t this quite a no-brainer that the more number of selling points you have the more time you’ll have to spend handling them? So cut back on the number of selling channels. Eliminate those that aren’t yielding decent return on investment.

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution

Now the handful number of online stores you have, time to integrate them together. For that you would need to sign up to a good third-party e-commerce solution that supports multi-channel integration. Find a nice solution provider, sync everything from Amazon eBay inventory to Jet.com-Shopify listings, and enjoy higher convenience and efficiency.

Automate your marketing activities

“Marketing includes a lot of manual work,” says a top Walmart marketplace seller. And he’s right. So to save time in this department, it is best you leverage marketing automation tools. Push emails and social media updates automatically, without running to your computer every time.

Leverage analytics to save ‘guessing’ time

You must regularly conduct A/B testing to find that sweet spot where investment-return balances off optimally. However, this doesn’t means, in name of testing, you make ineffective moves. Rely on analytics tool and rich data to make sure your strategies hit problems at the right spot.

Hire managed services

Have people working for you. Yes, hiring is much easier today—to that, it’s equally affordable. Many top e-commerce solutions offer managed services these days. So you can have professionals handling manual and time-consuming activities for you while you focus on more important tasks. You can save ridiculous amount of time here.

Balancing your day-job and online selling responsibilities is difficult. But if you know the art of time management and know how to be more productive in a given time, things would become much easier. And your sales will jump seamlessly.

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