5 Retail Website Design Mistakes that E-Sellers Cannot Commit in 2013

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

5 Retail Website Design Mistakes that E-Sellers Cannot Commit in 2013
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For the e-commerce merchants, a well-designed website is one of the powerful tools. A website that is designed in a simple yet catchy way, offering enhanced user experience can help the users to spend more time on a site. It, in turn, cuts down on the bounce rate and the exit rate of a business site, which is good news for the webmaster. Though liking a site’s design is somewhat subjective in nature as, for instance, a color might appeal to one of the users while the same color can be considered as a source of botheration for another. The rule of thumb for the e-commerce merchants is to play safe and have a neat and intuitive website design.

When an interested buyer amidst his hunt for the best products and services land up on a website, its design should be aesthetically pleasant, building trust and credibility. It is the rich and informative content, product information in crisp details that make a customer to be an informed buyer, when he decides to seal the business deal.

Go Mobile

With evolving time, trends have changed and it is no longer static website design that the webmasters crave for. In 2013, the surveys show that the smartphones and the mobile devices are pulling steady traffic and the e-retailers cannot afford to go wrong in this sphere. Optimizing their business site for the mobile devices is pivotal as this trend is catching up in frenzied proportion. This is because of the convenience offered to the customers to check out the products, rummage through the exciting offers and indulge in a buying spree when they are on the go.

Boost up the Checkout System

Shopping to heart’s content is not always an easy job for many buyers as most of them tend to be fussy while picking things up. It is not only the preference of the buyers, but the budget, brand, category of products- all has to fall in place. In the emotional e-shopping journey, when a customer makes a journey till the checkout process, an e-seller must not put off a buyer by keeping the checkout system a tedious or a very elaborate one. The checkout system should be simple, secure and fast enough with the minimum fields mentioned that the customers need to fill up. Ensure that you do not claim for the personal details or other required customer information repeatedly. It is always wiser to offer to the customers a number of payment options, instead of keeping one or two.

Offer the Visually-Stunning effect with Quality Images

When you are trying to attract the buyers on the virtual realm, ensure that your website is sparingly decked up with top-quality images. A site without the visual appeal will not be potent enough to pull steady traffic and will fail to deliver also in terms of having higher conversion rate. Populate your product page with high-end images. A word of caution is the excessive use of flash and graphics can have an adverse effect on the users coming to site, making the buyer to flock away. Do not use chunkier images that will involve higher loading time of a web page. It is the right use of the high-quality images in a website that can make a site for attractive, nabbing the attention of the interested customers.

Swear by Keeping Things Simple

A minimalist web design that is devoid of obstructions with fly-outs, pop-ups and excessive use of Flash, will work wonders for a retail website design to hook customers. In a bid to be unique if your site reflects a complex structural pattern leading to navigational confusion, then it can drive away the potential customers. So as an e-seller be judicious in the way you choose your site design. Do not verge on being very clumsy or elaborate.

Play with the Fonts Aptly

Fonts should be selected in such a way that the interested online buyers do not have any problem whatsoever in going through the business propositions, product information and the like. Do not compromise on legibility or the simple factor while trying to add a more artistic touch to your website. Your website is your key sales pitch where you need to directly approach and connect to the target audience via your appealing design and high-quality content.

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