5 Rules To Chase Cassini Successfully With Evolved eBay Listing

Stephen Posted On - September 11, 2016

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Every time you feel that your listing in eBay is taking a dip in the deeper side of the pool, you may need to refresh your lessons on what Cassini, the latest eBay search engine actually considers worthy. In a macroscopic view, there are basically 5 rules that can keep your eBay listing in the good books of the latter…

Use product identifiers

There is a range of different product identifiers like MPN (manufacturer part number), GTIN (global trade item number), ISBN (international standard book numbers) etc that are critical in increasing compatibility of the listing with Cassini. Easy identification of products also contributes to better buyer experience which again goes a very long way to please Cassini.


Optimization is non-negotiable in all respects. If you wish to score a point or two with Cassini, you will have to ensure that the titles and descriptions in your product feed meet the standards with the right set of keywords. Malpractices like keyword stuffing or adding promotions in titles or images can be awarded with punishments raging from warnings to suspensions. To stay in the safer side of things, sellers are advised to use proper tools for the purpose.

Enhance value of listing

Cassini takes ‘value’ of eBay listing very seriously. This not only includes competitive pricing of the products but also other associated buyer benefits like extended return dates, free shipping, post purchase services etc. If your listing is complete with these advantages, you can be assured that your products will find an enviable place in this platform.

Manage your reviews well

Cassini is very conscious of reviews and ratings. In fact, it is expected that sellers maintain at least 3.5 to 4 in rating to even wish for a decent ranking somewhere around the first page. For sellers who may have received a handful of bad reviews should address the matter at the earliest with the necessary steps in order to maintain position in the new search engine.

At present, there are a number of eBay Amazon tools that help with review management successfully. Using these options can be enormously helpful.

Focus on quality of order completions

Timely completion of orders, quick shipping and perfect packing are matters taken with due seriousness in eBay. Cassini favors sellers who abide by the shipping policies to the last word. Using the best available order management systems is thus advised.

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5 Rules To Chase Cassini Successfully With Evolved eBay Listing, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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