5 Step Guide To Profitable Inter-Channel Feed Management

Stephen Posted On - December 28, 2017

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Inter channel feed management refers to managing product data feed across multiple platforms of sale that surrounds not just marketplaces but comparison shopping platforms, affiliates and more. This is one of the toughest tasks that any multi channel ecommerce enthusiast can possibly take up for the sake of better health and growth of his / her business.

However, considering the fact that each individual platform of sale is different and has different feed requirements, exporting the same list into tens of different platforms in tune with their stipulations can be highly time-consuming and erroneous making the process rather unproductive.

The good news is, this otherwise daunting task can actually be made quick, easy and error free in nothing more than 3 simple steps that can be mentioned as follows…

Integrate end to end –

Managing feed across multiple channels of sale gets infinite easy with end to end integration of the respective platforms. This is one of the easiest and safest ways of automating the entire process especially those involving top names like eBay Amazon listing and more. Through complete and seamless integration, store listing can be exported across all chosen marketplaces, CSEs, affiliates etc in tune with their specifications in nothing more than a few clicks.

Besides this, end to end integration is also known for minimizing any scope of errors and flaws that can creep in through manual endeavors.

Use feed management softwares and tools –

While it is true that integration propels ease and effectiveness in the process of inter-channel listing, using added tools and software solutions can inject infinite other valuable features that can boost listing endeavors to levels unimaginable. Optimization advantages, real time pricing and re pricing benefits, tracking and performance reporting, currency management for international endeavors etc for every individual feed in every individual platform can be mentioned as examples.

Be it Magento Amazon feed or any others for that matter, there is practically everything that evolved listing solutions of these days can achieve for you.

Update your softwares frequently –

More often than not, top providers of integration services or listing solution providers offer software updates on their own. Users do not have to make any manual efforts in this respect that goes on to save plenty of time and hard work in their part. Keeping listing / syncing solutions updated ensures that sellers to stay in tune with the changes in the constantly evolving marketplaces and maintain their competitive edge without hindrance.

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