5 Steps To Sell On Amazon And Walmart Harmoniously

Stephen Posted On - December 11, 2016

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Amazon and Walmart can form a very productive liaison in the world of multichannel e commerce only if the process is approached properly. Being two equal competitors, each of these marketplaces have established specific rules and regulations that are often conflicting and can make the process of harmonious operations tough and challenging for sellers performing in both. However, the past year has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of Amazon sellers in Walmart.com, some of whom have disclosed their secret to blissful integrated selling…

List products that is suitable to the platforms –

Both Amazon and Walmart.com have their individual sets of popular products that tend to sell out faster with loyal buyers. So, when it comes to listing in Walmart, it is not necessary to import each and every item that you sell on Amazon to this marketplace as well. All you need to do, is to start with the most popular products and enjoy quicker sales and greater profits at minimum investments.

Never breach price policies –

Walmart.com has very strict pricing policies that Amazon sellers need to abide by at all times. The former insists on the lowest prices in all listed products in comparison with all other marketplaces in which the concerned seller may be present. Keeping up with the pricing requirements between these two marketplaces may often call for the usage of advanced tools and software solutions that can keep sellers abreast with changes that can happen by the minute.

Integrate the two marketplaces –

You can never sell on Walmart marketplace and Amazon harmoniously if you don’t have the platforms integrated. Basically, Walmart Amazon integration can call for some professional involvement and expenses considering the intricacies involved in the process. Walmart.com however, has tied up with certain very well established e commerce solution developers that have made it phenomenally easy for sellers to approach integration in the first place.

You can use FBA for order completion in both –

FBA is a blessing as far as maintaining high quality order completion is concerned. If you use FBA in both platforms, it may reduce confusion associated with maintaining two different channels of order completion to a significant extent.

Use tools and software solutions from reputed providers for advanced services –

Amazon and Walmart are ever evolving platforms which experiences progressive changes in algorithms and associated matters very frequently. Using advanced tools and software solutions can help sellers stay in tune with these changes without having to succumb to sudden shocks and surprises, thereby aiding smoother and error performance over a prolonged period of time.

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