5 Things About Amazon That Are Not As Amazing As They Appear

Stephen Posted On - August 23, 2017

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Amazon is the unchallenged leader in the world of ecommerce that is open to all selling entities irrespective of their nature, volume and experience levels. With over 2 decades of dominance, this marketplace attracts millions of purchase motivated buyers every week and that too, from all over the world. The structure of the marketplace as well as the features and assurance of performance especially with integrated efforts like Amazon Walmart Magento etc. evokes a sense of infallibility in favor of the platform that selling entities find a little too attractive to resist.

This is perhaps the reason why almost any new online selling enthusiasts harbor the desire to start selling with Amazon irrespective of whether the marketplace is favorable to their interests or otherwise. However, it is very necessary for this lot to remember that Amazon is neither all inclusive not free of faults. Following are 5 things about this King of marketplaces that are not as amazing as they appear…

  • Traffic – While it is true that traffic is literally overwhelming in Amazon, it is also true that because the marketplace has very high competition levels, it can be extremely difficult for sellers to attract the traffic towards their store leave alone converting the same for tangible profitable sale.
  • Amazon seller central – This may be the first comprehensive step to launch efforts in Amazon, but it is not without its share of shortcomings. Seller central subscribers are usually seen to fight a visibility battle with vendor central entities that are often seen to get the lion’s share of sale maximizing facilities.
  • Profits and growth – Becoming an Amazon seller does not guarantee profits and growth. Sellers that wish to make even a penny through this marketplace need to clear infinite hurdles like beating tough competition, maintaining impenetrable operational excellence, updating integration and optimization efforts, understanding the complexity of fees and commission structures, learning the art of profitable pricing and re pricing and more.
  • FBA – There is no doubt about the fact that FBA is the best order fulfillment apparatus available not just to Amazon sellers but sellers in all other e commerce marketplaces as well. However, its suitability to sellers is still a big question. Some of the most common issues with FBA involve loss of control on inventory, complex fee structures, inapplicability to certain types of products / categories etc.
  • Seller security – Lastly, it is wise for sellers to know from the very onset that Amazon favors buyers over sellers irrespective of anything. Therefore, if you feel that the buyers are being unfair and so is Amazon, it is best to forget the incident and move on.

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