5 Things That Can Impact Your Race To The Amazon Buy Box

Stephen Posted On - November 25, 2016

amazon buy box
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If you have been lusting for gaining a place in the buy box some way or the other, you are probably an enlightened seller who understands the importance of this window of opportunities. However, you also need to understand that the eligibility criteria for the Boy Box in Amazon are still elusive to even the best of performers in this platform. With a few good years of trial and error, sellers have come to understand certain factors in Amazon selling though, that can impact the race to the boy box significantly. 5 of them can be mentioned as follows…

Listing optimization

Optimized listing, especially organically optimized listing is the primary criterion for search engine visibility. From titles, to images and descriptions along with competitive prices that are dedicated to offering the best purchase experience to buyers are critical in this respect.

Enhanced value of listing

Value of listing basically refers to factors like minimal or no shipping / handling charges, extended return period, instant refunds and associated matters that enhance dependability of sellers in Amazon and cater to the cause of customer satisfaction completely.

Your views on FBA

FBA has always been a phenomenal factor for winning the race to the buy box. When you choose FBA as your order completion facility the quality of your order fulfillment improves almost instantly. High quality order fulfillment is one of the ruling factors in Buy Box eligibility and you would not want to miss out on that.

Quality of reviews

Besides this, what buyers are telling about you and your products through reviews is taken very seriously by Amazon. In very simple words, if you have more positive reviews and ratings in your favor, you may win an edge in the buy box race and vice versa. Using review generation tools are thus, advised to sellers to encourage and generate maximum positive reviews in the shortest possible time.

Low order defect rates

Low order defect rate is critical when it comes to making yourself eligible for the buy box. In fact, if you are an Amazon seller waiting to create presence in Walmart.com, the latter will also take a close look on your order defect rates and expect it to be less than 1% and maintain the same level in this new marketplace. With proper Walmart API integration, this is possible. As far as managing Amazon order defect rates are concerned, you will have to ensure uncompromised A to Z integration from day 1.

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5 Things That Can Impact Your Race To The Amazon Buy Box, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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