6 Smart Habits of Pro Amazon, eBay sellers that wins them higher sales

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

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Ever wondered what’s the difference between the top online sellers and the ones who struggle to make decent sales? Are the former ones gifted? Do they know any kind of secrets? Or is the later group too dumb to make high sale?

You’d be surprised to know that the answer is not as complicated as it may look like. Successful Amazon and eBay sellers have few smart habits that the rest don’t. Or in other words, over the course, they have managed to inculcate few habits that now reward them with higher sales and profit.

Are you an online seller yourself?

No, you don’t have to go through that natural ‘over the course’ period to learn these habits of the pros. We’re here to help!

Here are 6 smart habits of successful online Amazon and eBay sellers that win them revenue than the rest—habits that you too can introduce in your business (and life) to enjoy high sale-

  1. They automate the time-consuming tasks

When you’re selling on two of the world’s biggest marketplaces, there’s a lot to handle at the backend; right from products listing to feed optimization, inventory management to order fulfillment. While some needs special attention, others are of less importance, time-consuming and can be automated. And this is what successful eBay and Amazon sellers do. They avoid all the manual work and automate most of their backend tasks with easy eBay fba & Amazon selling integration facility of reliable e-commerce software solution. With now more time at hand, they focus on more important tasks.

  • They consult experts when needed

  • The expertise and efficiency of one person is limited—something that successful online sellers know and understand well. Hence, they never shy away from consulting niche professionals or outsourcing few people for additional help. So if involving others in your online endeavors was always out of question for you, change that approach. Make a positive habit of seeking help from multi-channel sales experts when needed to boost your sales or to fix any critical technical problem.

  • They regularly analyze sales data

  • Gathering and going through the pool of data is tedious and quite boring—but it’s very important nonetheless. Knowing your facts and numbers correctly helps map winning selling and marketing strategies with less loopholes that guarantees higher conversion. Successful online sellers make it a point to analyze their database regularly and make changes accordingly to their boost sales performance. Many take help of e-commerce solution for more detailed (but easy-to-understand) report.

  • They learn from their competitors

  • Successful competitors could be more than just a source of envy. They can be a great source of learning, helping you with better sales and marketing strategies with a smaller ‘trial and error’ process. Top Amazon and eBay sellers learn from their competition to get better in their overall approach. They regularly conduct competitive analysis to know what the rivals are up to and how they are making higher sales.

  • They are highly active on Social media

  • Being active on social media platforms has emerged to be a winning strategy for the online sellers—contrary to the old-school approach when sellers solely relied on internal search engines of marketplaces. Facebook, Twitter and more are a big pool of potential customers that can be easily engaged and converted with the right investment and strategies. Successful Amazon and eBay sellers are quite active on social platforms; reaching out to new potential customers every day, communicating with them, and hence building store credibility in the process. So if you’re not leveraging on the wide reach of social media platforms, you better start doing that right away.

  • They stay in touch with the old buyers

  • Customer retention is an integral part of the strategy of successful online vendors. They are always in touch with their buying customers with a sweet and simple post-sale follow up. Why? Statistically speaking, repeated customers make up for a major portion of the revenue of the sellers; plus, their acquisition cost is relatively lower. So if you believed that sale is over after the transaction is made, you couldn’t be more wrong. Design a decent strategy to stay connected with your old customers—strategy to push them for more purchase.

    These are 6 smart habits of successful eBay and Amazon sellers; habits that you can easily take up for better sales and profit.

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