6 Step Guide For Amazon Sellers To Handle Poor Reviews

Daniel Posted On - April 17, 2017

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Selling in Amazon is not always a bed of roses. There are times when the bomb drops in the form of ugly reviews that can bring even the best of sellers with the strongest of nerves to tears. Besides the foul interplay of words, poor receiving reviews in Amazon can spell a number of disasters starting all the way from warnings and loss of ranking to outright ousting from the platform. The only silver lining lies with the fact that it is possible to handle poor reviews in Amazon with tact and positive outcome.

Here are 6 steps in which Amazon sellers can do the needful without much difficulty…

Don’t lose your sleep or go into depression –

Being calm is the first thing to do after receiving stinging criticism from the concerned buyer. You should be aware about the fact that poor reviews can be handled and plan your next step instantly.

Don’t slap a rude or intimidating reply in your defense –

While it is basic human nature to defend, you don’t have to do it in the lines of intense drama. Bad mouthing or intimidating the customers while replying to their comments is usually not entertained by Amazon.

Don’t bribe the customer to take the review back –

Even if you are tempted to bribe customers in terms of dramatic rebates discounts or free products in lieu of taking their review back, be assured that the action will be counter productive.

Communicate with the customer immediately in a polite and professional tone –

This is perhaps the most responsible action that all sellers must take after receiving poor reviews. Asking the customer about what exactly went wrong preceded by an apology for whatever has caused them inconvenience has always worked in favor of the sellers.

If you can correct the damages, do it instantly with an apology –

If there has been an unintended slip in your part, apologize and make amends instantly. This can be with respect to offering complete reimbursement for the product or replacing the same along with partial reimbursements etc.

If however, the issue is no fault of your own, you can request Amazon to remove it –

There is a complete process for review removal which sellers can initiate and succeed in as well.

At present, there are many ecommerce solution developers that offer high quality integration solutions like Volusion Google Shopping / eBay / Amazon etc. that offer quality review management systems as well. Approaching these professionals can ease the matter of poor reviews by miles.

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