7 eBay store design tips to derive more sales EASILY

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

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The better the experience you offer to your audience – from any and every dimension – better will be the overall sales. So if you own an eBay store, while you may have a striking collection of products and you have also spent a ridiculous amount of money on marketing, if your store itself isn’t offering a satisfying shopping experience, a shopper might not only NOT return back to the store but even abandon his/her current sales.
The overall design and layout of your eBay store plays a major role in deriving sales; more than what you think. So have you been reluctant to how your store looks and performs, you better pull things together immediately.

Here are 7 eBay store design tips that can easily boost your sales in the long-run-

1. Don’t just pick eBay template from anywhere

There are so many websites where you can download some rather beautiful and highly functional eBay templates that are completely free. However, you must be cautious using any of these third-party templates that come from unknown source. There could be security issues; to that, it might not necessarily offer you exact features that you’re looking for. It is best you hire professionals to come up with a personalized eBay template.

2. Keep the page mobile responsive

Since more and more buyers are using hand-held devices, this is nothing short of essential. Have responsive, mobile-friendly pages and people will have a definite reason to lurk around your store for longer; hence, also increasing the chances of sales.

3. Ensure the store is easily navigable

A store, that’s disorganized, with no categories and sub-categories, confuse the shoppers. And guess what happens next? They leave your store quicker than you have any idea that someone was here. So ensure your products are sorted well into right categories. If there are too many products, sort them into multiple levels (three max, though).

4. Keep the interface clean

Keeping your eBay store busy, whether with too many features and pages or with unappealing colors and designs, is a recipe to shy away your audience. So make sure the interface is clean, smooth and fast. Get rid of anything that’s additional and unnecessary. Spend some time deciding on the color variations of the store; light colors are usually the best options.

5. Consistency is the key

Maintaining a consistency throughout your store is very important. More so, if you have multiple storefronts on eBay and other shopping sites; say you’re also a Walmart marketplace seller. It creates your brand’s individuality and helps it stand out the crowd. It is something, that if done correctly, can build your recognition and help your target audience identify you easily.

6. Optimize your images

Of course, for online sellers, product images are the most important part. So have high quality images on your eBay store; ensure it’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). But also be careful of the pictures’ size. The big ones can cause your pages load slowly. So optimize the images.

7. Look at your competitors

This doesn’t have to do anything with your store’s design- not directly, at least. But looking at the stores of your successful competitors can give you some really good ideas about your own design. See what’s working for them and what isn’t and decide accordingly to ensure the design of your store is the best.

These are 7 eBay store design tips that can help you boost your sales easily. Combine these tasks with your marketing efforts and post-sale services and see your sales quadruple in no time.

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