7 Things That May Be Eating Away The Productivity Of Your eBay Listing Silently

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2018

eBay listing management
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The Devil lies in the details and so does productivity. This applies to the last word in eBay Amazon listing, which, as has been expressed by innumerable sellers that presently perform in these marketplaces successfully, is extremely sensitive to otherwise miniscule details that often go unnoticed. Here is a gist of some of the most common mistakes that sellers make, usually, the new and inexperienced ones that can cost them just about everything, starting from visibility to purchase motivation in prospective buyers…

Wrong spellings –

This is one of those termites that bite their way imperceptibly into the very core of Amazon eBay listing management practices. Wrong spellings often raise doubts in the mind of buyers about the genuineness of the products that eventually leads them to look for other sellers instead.

Poor quality pictures –

Crisp white no nonsense setting is the norm when it comes to posting pictures of products in any top ecommerce marketplace. Images with a thumb sticking out from the background or picture of bedspreads and pet dog’s tail for that matter will be viewed with lesser purchase motivation than images that are professionally taken in neat white background.

Inadequate / mismatched descriptions –

Products that don’t match their descriptions or products with incomplete descriptions are never seen in the top ten pages. Say for example, if you have listed a bottle of body lotion and have not mentioned quantity of product in every bottle, be assured that buyers will look elsewhere.

Lack of product identifiers –

This basically refers to mentioning the MPNs, GTINs, UPCs etc so that locating the product becomes easy for the platform when product search is conducted by prospective buyers.

Lack of reviews and ratings –

Buyers today, can filter their search in top ecommerce marketplaces on the basis of reviews and ratings posted in their favor. Therefore, products that have not gathered a good amount of customer feedback can get pushed into invisibility. A number of high quality eBay Amazon listing software offers organic review generation features that yield tangibly productive results.

Products that are not market fit –

Listing products that are least likely to sell or products that may be way out o season can render the concerned listing completely nonresponsive to target traffic.

No deals and offers –

Deals, offers and ability to make the most of every purchase is the primary reason why buyers flood into eBay and Amazon in the first place. Therefore, if sellers choose to sell at marketplace and then top it up with handling and shipping charges, the entity can be rest assured that his / her listing will gather nothing but dust.

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