7 Ways to Earn More with Mobile Commerce this Fourth Quarter

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 29, 2014

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It has been forecasted that mobile commerce is going to frame 16% of all e-commerce sales in the last quarter of 2013, toting up more than 42 billion dollars. If you are into online business, make sure you arm your site with mobile integration set ups and optimized in a way to fetch the most out of your mobile traffic.

Bank on these 7 tips doled out by experts to make the most out of M-Commerce this festive season.

1. Track mobile shopping behavior via Google Analytics.

The different requirements and buying behavior needs to be considered when creating M-Commerce campaign. With the help of Google Analytics, you first have to find out how your mobile target-customers look like. Follow the step that will make your task easy:

  • Set a mobile campaign goal.
  • Find out how much mobile traffic is your site getting and what are the miss out factors
  • Segmenting your mobile customers based on how much time they spend on your website
  • Make your website compatible with the most popularly used mobile device

2. Find out mobile user engagement

In order to determine which mobile customers are your existing buyers, use your Analytics insight and try segmenting your traffic to shell out more for those users. Divide the traffic which will not convert and bid low. It will be icing on cake if you can identify groups which are alike to your core changing customers and formulate campaigns depend on that.

3. Look after easy mobile check out

First let us peep into the reasons due to which mobile users abandon the checkout process.

  • Too complicated mobile site design
  • Very expensive products as compared to competitors
  • Probably they prefer shopping in some other device
  • Complex brief of the offerings confuse customers
  • Site security issue
  • Complex payment methods

Try to avoid these checkout errors when planning your mobile campaign.

4. Do some mobile SEO with hummingbird

Have you heard of the latest Algorithm update of Google – Hummingbird? The search results are customized to verbal search. Advance business persons and SEOs are benefiting from the huge traffic that purchases mobiles.

Follow these SEO steps if you are a beginner:

  • Test the performance of your mobile site on some tool like mobitest.
  • Outline keywords in Analytics to customize your mobile Ads.
  • Sketch out mobile keywords that you are not ranking which are related to your services or site.
  • Optimize page content, meta descriptions and titles for meta description
  • Take care of the mobile screen size
  • Customize URLs, contents and responsive designs

5. Take care of mobile bounce rate

Research says that 30% of mobile customers discard transaction if the process is not optimized for mobile. They go half the way, and then find it very difficult, so they bounce back. Mobile customers do not like sites which do not size to their gadget or have complex navigation. Use a flexible grid, images and CSS media files. This will speak of simplicity and user friendliness.

6. Compact and precise offers

Just like e commerce visitors, mobile customers also take interest in sales and promotion. So you should feature daily deals, specific time-period discounts. At the same time, do not forget to highlight big sales offers on special days. Try to utilize the festive periods.

7. Embark on social networking

Do you know that above 76% of mobile users’ access social networking sites from their smart phones! You can encourage mobile users to share product info with one touch posting, engaging games and activities in Facebook, Istagram etc.

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7 Ways to Earn More with Mobile Commerce this Fourth Quarter, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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