A Check on The Social Quotient of Amazon

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 3, 2014

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The conversation or “engagement” quotient of a Facebook page is deemed as a core parameter to gauge the effectiveness of the brand in online space. Gauging by that parameter, Amazon is by far one of the most “engaged” brand in the social space. Third party posts make up a healthy percentage of the posts on Amazon.com’s Facebook wall. Retailers often post about relevant news and even ask industry oriented question to spark a conversation. What this effectively means that third party sources are choosing the medium as a promotional network. What that effectively means is Amazon is playing the role of a intermediary between the brands and their target audience.

Going beyond Facebook

Not only in Facebook, but the Twitter feeds of Amazon are also laced with promotional content. Amazon being a market leader is eCommerce, has provided the third party retailers and stake holders a righteous medium to garner some much needed exposure. A look at the Pinterest presence of Amazon makes the scenario even clearer. Showcasing a mere 17 boards and generic themes, the retail giant has by far kept a low profile as against its more active counterparts.

Promotional content Vs informative content

It is a common notion in the social media space that the promotional posts fail to garners as much engagement as compared to their more informative counterparts. Even the promotional posts in Amazon’s feeds are able to secure an average of 417 comments/ post. With an astounding average of 2916 likes per Facebook post, Amazon is surely at the top of the chart when it comes to social media presence. The re-tweet number stands at 48- quite impressive given the fact that many direct tweets are also in the mix.

Online conversion quotient of Amazon

The most important aspect of the whole phenomenon is that Amazon is able to drive considerable sales via social networks. In fact, about 3.67% of Amazon’s site traffic is originated from clicks on social networks. The scale of Amazon also plays a part in the whole affair. The online retail giant attracts over 89.9 million visitors/ month in an average. With over 3.6 million visits from social networks, the playground for Amazon is pretty vast when it comes to online conversions. With an estimated conversion rate of 4% from social media, Amazon still ropes in $336 million in sales proceeds. The sales figure from social media alone can place Amazon in a favorable ranking among the online retailers. The network website from Amazon also ropes in favorable returns from social media. It is not a one-way traffic from social network to Amazon site. Rather Amazon also integrates social interaction elements in their website. This makes sharing products with friends and family really easy in a real time environment.

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A Check on The Social Quotient of Amazon, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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