A Short Guide To Amazon Sellers Performing In Walmart

Thomas Posted On - November 16, 2016

walmart marketplace
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Over the past few months, e commerce sellers have developed a sudden liking towards Walmart online marketplace that has been showing a lot of promise in terms of seller growth and profits in the long and short run. Sellers in top performing marketplaces, especially Amazon have taken note of the fact that presence in Walmart marketplace can actually be the best possible decision they could take in favor of their multichannel ventures.

Walmart online marketplace on the other hand, has laid out a very stringent set of rules for Amazon entities when it comes to qualifying for Walmart presence. From excellent reviews and ratings to order defect rates as low as 1% or less; the requirements often seem unbearably demanding. However, accepted applications can be considered as half the task successfully achieved.

For the rest of the integrated journey, here is a list of guidelines that can assist Amazon sellers in Walmart.com to perform smoothly and flawlessly…

Integrate well

Walmart.com has partnered with handpicked ecommerce solution developers who are known for offering high quality set up and integration services that can help sellers commence operations at the earliest and that too at a healthy pace. The cost for integration is maintained at comfortable affordability which has motivated almost all Walmart sellers to approach the same.

Maintain your pricing strategies

Walmart offers the lowest price guarantee in all its products to its buyers and Amazon has never been tolerant of sellers that offer lower prices in other platforms while maintaining higher tags in Amazon. There could be some friction here that can be easily tackled by using proper pricing strategies along with tools and software solutions that are designed to address this issue.

Use tools and support solutions at the very onset

The applicability of tools and seller support solutions in Walmart marketplace often exceeds the scope of pricing. Tools and support solutions are called for in terms of multichannel order management, inventory control, systematic listing management, payment harmonization and many more. Proper and all inclusive integration services approached at the very onset can take care of all of these matters and more.

It is ok to spend a little now to reap good profits later

Integration, setup and performance optimization may call for some initial investment which is often worth the capital parted with. Being selective about the approach to performance optimization with the assistance of tools and support solutions can often lead sellers to lose their profitability in both marketplaces.

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