Amazon comes up with a Pinterest-Inspired Feature called Collections

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

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With the growing rage of the social media site, Pinterest and the visual impact it is making, the big shots in the retail industry is trying to incorporate that social commerce essence in their mode of operation. Inc. has come up with a Pinterest-like feature called Collections. This new feature facilitates the process of pampering the e-shoppers to catalogue products that other consumers can check out and even use their spending power to buy, so much like the pinning process in Pinterest.

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How this New Feature can help?

A consumer or an interested buyer can access ‘Collections’ by glancing at his account, which is located in the upper right hand corner of Then he just needs to go to “Your Collections.” Once he clicks, he can scan through the consumer’s collections and keep a vigilant eye on shoppers’ collections as well. “Collections” the new feature mirrors the look and feel of the Pinterest, the social network.

The New Feature for the e-Buyers

The interested e-shoppers who have the inclination to buy more and more can add products to their collections. All they need to do is click the “Add to Collection” button on product pages. Amazon has spelt out that all the product pages do not have this button without specifying on the numbers. However, the consumers have the option to drag a collect button to their desired product page so that they can successfully add a product to their well-sketched collections.

The Thematic Feel

The buyers who have a fetish to shop their choicest products can organize their collections in tune with the various themes like “My Style,” “Want List” and “Possibilities”. The consumers have the scope to have a category of their choice, which they can add. The management of their “Collections” can de deftly done by the consumers who can edit and remove items. The Amazon account page makes the organization and management of the collections, an easy process.

Making the e-Shopping Process Smoother

Once a potential buyer clicks on product images in ‘Collection,’ it sends consumers to Amazon product pages and then he can dive into shopping via clicks! It is the level of engagement on the part of the consumer which has made Amazon Collections to be the latest buzzword. Amazon Collections has received positive reviews from the aces in the e-commerce field.  It is a masterstroke on the part of Amazon to add this social feature which is just like the eye-grabbing topping over its commendable product database.

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