Amazon Discontinues Product Ads For Beer, Wine And Spirits

Steve Burns Posted On - December 2, 2013

Amazon planning to sell Fine Arts Online
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Amazon provides one of the best e-commerce platforms to retail brands and individual sellers. With the help of this e-sellers can greatly increase their revenue by catching the attention of a large number of customers. Since, Amazon is such a big company; every move it makes not only impacts its own business but also affects many other online merchants. Its recent decision to cancel products ads for beer, wine and spirits is one such case whose ripples are felt by many online retailers.

What are Amazon Product Ads?

Amazon Product Ads is a pay per click advertising program. These ads are displayed on the Amazon website and are linked to the product pages on the merchant website. So, the transaction takes place on the retailer’s website. This is very useful for such online merchants because due to this they can get more information on customers and boost sales in future.

Now, sellers of beer, wine and spirits will longer be able to avail the Amazon Product Ads service. But, wineries and vineyards can continue to sell their products directly at the Marketplace.

Time to try out other websites

So, if you happen to be a beer, spirits and wine merchant then, there is a host of other options that you can try out. You can list your products on alternative shopping platforms by considering factors like cost and traffic generation ability.

In the past, sellers of tobacco have faced similar problems with Google Shopping. So, such merchants have opted for other channels like Bing, Shopzilla and so on. If you happen to sell other products along with beer, wine and spirits then, you need to check the data feed and remove the restricted items to prevent any future hassles.

Why was this decision taken?

Amazon had to abide by complicated legal regulations when it came to selling alcohol. Moreover, these laws varied to a great extent across the different states. which is a leading online wine store has been battling legal hurdles for the past 10 years. This is Amazon’s third failed attempt at selling alcoholic beverages online. WineShopper and New Vine Logistics were its two other unsuccessful efforts.

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