Amazon enables you to Tweet and Add to Your Cart

Daniel Posted On - June 12, 2014

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Amazon is no doubt one of the most popular online retailers which offer great shopping experiences. Recently to add more value for its customers, they have decided to make shopping easier and simpler which will be just like tweeting.

To implement this idea the online retailer is introducing a special service that will allow the Twitter users add products to their carts without leaving the social media site. Twitter users are growing in amazing number in day by day. Automatically Amazon wants to capitalize on this and is looking at social media as a greater platform for conducting sales. This concept matched with the commercial aspiration of Twitter, which is also trying to generate more revenues by focusing on something more than just advertising services like promoted tweets.

As Amazon now lets you add to your cart by tweeting, the consumers will have to link their account with their Twitter account. Additionally they are supposed to add the hashtag #AmazonCart whenever they are replying to a tweet that has an existing Amazon product link. This process will automatically allow the products to be added to their shopping cart. Moreover, every twitter user will get an immediate reply or an email from@MyAmazon as soon as a product is added to their cart. This is just to recognize the addition. However, this new service is only applicable to U.S. customers. U.K. users already have a same type of facility like this with the hashtag #AmazonBasket.

CRT Capital analyst Neil Doshi has made an analytical remark that although Amazon and Twitter both are trying to incorporate newer strategies to enhance social shopping to a higher level, practically it will not create much of a change for either of the companies. But as more and more people will be displaying their purchasing items on Twitter, definitely it will have an impact on the society.  There is a high chance that the followers too will make a purchasing decision more promptly, depending on these facts.

It seems it has a direct impact on the share market also as shares in Seattle-based Inc. rose from $1.63 to $309.64 in afternoon trading. A share in Twitter Inc., which is based in San Francisco, has achieved a similar record too. It has rose from 9 cents to $39.11.

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Amazon enables you to Tweet and Add to Your Cart, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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