Amazon paves way for App Developers as Affiliates

Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2014

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Amazon says the new program will widen the scope for Amazon associates and it will simultaneously help app developers better monetize their apps and games. Amazon did not forget to mention it will pay app developers commissions which will range between 4% and 6% for any sales they generate.

Mike George, vice president of Amazon appstore, games and cloud drive claimed with this modification, developers now will have the ability to create an even deeper connection between their app and the products customers usually value and purchase through It has been observed that the developers will be able to utilize the program in three ways:

  • They can sell a single item from Amazon within the app or game. For example, if a consumer encounters a giant three-headed wolf at the end of a game, it can then sell that user the “Three Wolf Moon” T-shirt from Amazon.
  • They can showcase a product category. Such as, a nutrition and fitness app developer can sell its users vitamins, supplements and fitness gear within the app from Amazon.
  • They can bundle a physical product from Amazon with digital content within the app. This will allow a developer to sell a toy version of a game character and then automatically enable the user to play as that same character.

Days of Wonder Inc., the producer of both physical and app-based games, is making new moves and utilizing new techniques as it is launching updated version of its existing mobile app. The modernized and revamped app automatically induces consumers to buy the board game version of its Ticket to Ride game via Amazon as the users play the digital game.

Eric Hautemont, Days of Wonder founder and CEO has highlighted this as a developmental outcome of the company’s business progress model which connects high quality physical and digital board gaming close to each other.  He was also proud to announce that they were in a right position to grab the advantage of this unique kind of physical in-app shopping experience offer which Amazon is apt to provide.

Previously also Amazon made such type of efforts which helped developers to encourage consumers in making purchases while playing a game. In April 2012 Amazon launched an in-app purchasing service that let app developers sell digital content and subscriptions from within apps and games together.

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Amazon paves way for App Developers as Affiliates, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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