Amazon planning to sell Fine Arts Online

Steve Burns Posted On - August 2, 2013

Amazon planning to sell Fine Arts Online
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If the creative urge has made you to glance through a string of fine art pieces in the exhibitions and art galleries, you have some sensational news! Living life king size where you can take your finer sensibilities a notch higher, is Amazon, a name to reckon with as an online marketplace.  A painting costing some whopping dollars with its abstract art value grabbing the eyeballs of the people is picked up by the buyers only after they can feel and see it, physically. Its value cannot be gauged and felt like any other book, attire or a gadget, bought online. However, the retail giant Amazon has some different plans and it has ripe plans of selling fine arts online to appease those who love to have an exclusive piece of art at their personal haven and want to buy it.

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The Brand Name matters

When a brand which breathes credibility and trustworthiness has some plans up its sleeves, it has a higher chance of hooking the customers. The art world is buzzing with the news that the wide variety of fine arts is going to be available online. The exclusive pieces of fine art will find a place in people’s home with the convenience and flexibility of buying online giving an edge to book that piece of art not from any e-marketplace, but Amazon. When such a brilliant business idea hits an innovative mind, it is on the basis of the strength of its loyalists and the trust it has on its long queue of customers who accept the leadership of the retail giant unquestioningly. When it’s Amazon, thoughts of being in a fix does not come to the mind of the customers, even if it involves spending some whopping amounts, online. The rare pieces of fine creative inputs are getting shifted from the auction houses and art galleries to the online screen.

Reports of Amazon’s move Circulating

Though Amazon has not pronounced this business move, the art world is caught by the storm. It has been reported that Amazon is on talking terms with some galleries in the US. These galleries will facilitate the process of selling art online and earn a commission as the middleman.

The “Art” Pieces that Customers got till now

As a loyalist of Amazon, the online destination you have gone to make the most of the purchases, you must have a fair idea of the items that you get a s a part of the ‘art’ section. It consists of the very simple things like posters, prints, watercolors and the like. If you compare in terms of the price tags in the art category on Amazon, the figures remained under $400. It is the general tendency of the buyers to be more cautious when they are paying more.  If Amazon goes for six-figure or even seven-figure paintings, Amazon will create a huge uproar in the industry, making the professional galleries to walk that extra mile, think out of the box to stay in the fierce competition.

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Amazon planning to sell Fine Arts Online, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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