Amazon products Ads can be one of the best retail channels in 2014

Daniel Posted On - March 20, 2014

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Amazon is the most sought-after advertising channel all over the world. Amazon products Ads can provide a great advantage for the retailers to build their brand exposure in 2014. If you have not yet taken a positive decision about Amazon Product Ads, this is the high time to take a prompt action.

Amazon Product Ads are advertisements on the Amazon marketplace that enable retailers to drive shoppers directly to their e-commerce site on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Product Ads link shoppers directly to the seller’s site, to facilitate the transaction. These ads give you the opportunity to offer a great online shopping experience to the consumers.

How to start

Setting up an Amazon Product Ads account is similar to opening an account on Amazon Marketplace. The retailers are to submit their detailed product information along with some basic seller information like product type, category, product title, a unique SKU for each product, a URL for the associated product page on your website and an image. It is also mandatory to add a product price and the delivery charges to be paid by the customer.

Other information to include

The retailers are supposed to include few more details to make their products attractive which can draw the attention of the consumers. It should carry all the features including the key advantages. Amazon Product Ads is unique in this respect which allows the retailers to include all these details without charging any thing.  This influences the customers to make effective buying decisions, which drives the traffic clicking through to your website. Therefore if you are a retailer opting for Amazon product ads for the first time or an existing advertiser wants to get a higher benefit from your existing Amazon ad account, you need to pay serious attention towards the quality of the information you provide about your products. This will surely affect your ROI and it will also help Amazon to best target your ads.

Take help of keywords

To best utilize Amazon product ads you can also add up to five keywords for each product you advertise. While selecting the key words try to research well and try to match with the same terms that are popular on your own web store or in your paid search campaigns, so that it works most effectively.

Cost Benefits

Amazon Product Ads provides you a special facility to set a daily budget and cap your spending which is not available with many other CPC advertising programs. This particular feature helps you to avoid traffic spikes than can drain a monthly budget within a short period of time.

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Amazon products Ads can be one of the best retail channels in 2014, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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