Amazon Walmart Pricing Confusion – Hassles Simplified

Daniel Posted On - December 24, 2016

Walmart selling
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has presented all Amazon sellers with a very long list of qualifying criteria most of which is based on performance and pricing. It is the latter though that has a quicker and more effective impact when it comes to making it or breaking it in this marketplace. For Amazon sellers who are presently in the process of setting up their presence in, here is a quick look at the possible pricing confusions that may crop up sooner or later…

  • Lowest prices v/s best prices Do you get it yet? wants the lowest prices and Amazon wants best prices and deals which may not often be the lowest. But when the list price for the same product reduces even by a cent in either platform, the other will take offence without a second’s delay. Questions will be asked; warnings will be meted out and ranking will be scrapped in both platforms equally.
  • So you price the lowest while selling on and you gain visibility… what exactly happens to profits thereafter? In ideal circumstances, your product pricing should be such that it brings you an acceptable level of profit after offering a good deal to the buyers. However, if you feel the urgency to sell your products with price tags which will eventually bring nothing but losses to you, your visibility could be your ultimate downfall. This is applicable in both marketplaces equally.
    • So, what can you possibly do to make the most of each of these marketplaces without falling into the price pit? Let’s say, approaching the Buddha could help in many ways because the answer may lie in taking the Middle Path which include
  • Controlling over-ambition in the beginning,
  • aiming for gradual growth and profits in comparison with steep upward curves and
  • playing it safe by investing in high quality integration between the platforms…
  • By following the middle path in Walmart Amazon selling you may not become the best all at once or you may not also fetch phenomenal profits as you may have expected, but you can be rest assured that you will go a very long way to fortify your ecommerce future for the better.

    Lastly, the question you need to ask yourself is, are you OK with low profit levels even at a pennywise level? In all honesty, you should be in the beginning at least. As you gain better reputation, better repeat buyers, better reviews and rankings, the light of sustained growth will smile on you. It is seriously more fulfilling than a month long hot sale followed by a no-recovery crash.

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    Amazon Walmart Pricing Confusion – Hassles Simplified, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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